Hi, this is Nekoyashiki AKA TheCatWalk.

I’m just a free person who has some free time to translate. Though I am not ‘that’ confident in my Japanese skills, I thought I should start picking up translations.

Mainly for 2 reason, to enhance my Japanese skills and (this is not for now but later: ) perhaps donations for steam, motivation and much more. I am currently not planning on taking any donations. And if I do take any later, it will probably be for sponsoring Web Novel chapters.

Anyways, have fun reading my translations and don’t forget to give some feedback on where I can improve.

Kyureki : 

I am one who has been referred to by countless different names, but my main one is Kyureki. An eternal slave to the culture of language and have done translation and interpreter work for as long as I can remember.

Doing TLC in my spare time and may translate a chapter here or there on a whim. Part-time translator, part-time interpreter, part-time novelist, and part-time researcher. A bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the work I do.

Ashikaider :


Cidra Inu :


Full-time gamer and part-time student, I aspire to become pro in CS:GO  while remaining a riajuu with a 4.0 GPA who loves anime everything related to it. Still, I try to find time to help the community by churning out chapters. I got started because I hate horrible grammar and want to release more chapters while expanding my Japanese along the way.

(P.S. -> Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan is Currently being translated (Volume 3 & 4) by KLSymph from Baka-Tsuki. I am hosting his translations here with his permission. You can also check them out on Baka-Tsuki as they are also being hosted there)

mystic tiger


Hello everyone. I translate Youhei Monogatari, and now a bit of Holy Maiden with LysUltima. I am a full time student studying at a university as a Japanese literature major, and at the same time I work the bare minimum hours at my part time job. I take classes all year round, 4 quarters per year, and have studied Japanese since high school. Up until now it has been about 6 years since I have began to learn Japanese. As for language skills other than English and Japanese, to varying extents if proficency, Cantonese and Mandarin. In the future, I hope to learn a bit of Korean as well. I translate J-E primarily to increase my Japanese language skills, and I do hope to become a professional translator in the future.


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