A Chivalry of the Failed Knight Volume 1 : Afterword

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For those who know me through Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, this is our first meeting. For those who purchased Danzai no Exceed[1] and Kanojo no Koi ga Hanashitekurenai![2], and are also reading the current work, it’s great to see you again. Thank you very much for purchasing an installment of my new series, A Chivalry of the Failed Knight.
The premise of the current work is “superpowered battle sports”.
As a matter of fact, I’ve wanted to try a story about a sport rising in the world ever since I won a prize with Danzai no Exceed[3], you know? Something that feels like Sekkou Awamura-sensei’s Mugen no Linkage[4] in GA! Now that this volume’s complete, I’m as pleased as can be! I hope all of you readers are satisfied too? If so, I’d be happy to continue presenting this story of a Failed Knight walking the road to knighthood.

In writing this work, I’ve once again collaborated with many people. I’ll take this opportunity to acknowledge them and express my gratitude.

First, the fantastic Won-san, who created the illustrations for us. Oh dear, tearing the tights, oh dear, attaching a garter belt to the tights, I wanted to see not just the bra but the panties too, you knooow! I wanted to write the panties too, you knooow! Really, thank you very much for answering my fussy requests (about the Stella strip show illustration and everything else)!

And the supervisor Kobara-san, who I’m always, always obliged toward. Thank you very much for polishing my work this time too. The outline especially was due to Kobara-san, and I think it has the highest craftsmanship!

After that, the sales department that helped precisely identify our audience base very much saved us! You have my gratitude!

Lastly, to all of the readers of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, I offer my greatest thanks.

It’s because of every one of you that I’ve published this work. Truly, thank you very much!
Well then, let’s meet again in volume two!



  • Danzai no Exceed, 断罪のイクシード: Publisher link
  • Kanojo no Koi ga Hanashitekurenai!, 彼女の恋が放してくれない!: Publisher link
  • Danzai no Exceed won the 2nd annual GA Bunko award for excellence in 2010.
  • Mugen no Linkage, 無限のリンケージ: Publisher link


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