Spear of Thunder – Etranger of the Sky Prologue {Spear of Thunder}

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Translator : NYANewbie

Editor : Cidra Inu

TLC : TheCatWalk



I mean…

She’s such a beautiful girl, even if it was a dream.
“Let’s be together”– that being said while teary eyed, would make any man say– “Yes”.

But… That was a trap.

That time, if only I had peeked even deeper inside of those teary eyes.

If only I didn’t receive the ring and piercing….



In a dimly lit space, Artemia’s roar echoed which made the surroundings shake. A number of zombies had surrounded her.


As she snorted her nose at the zombies which had been agitated by her roar, she confirmed her surrounding .

Right now, we’re in an abandoned underground shopping center. Formerly, it should have been a place where people’s liveliness overflowed. Now, it’s just a relic of the past.

However, it also became a zombie’s nest. Speaking of zombies, they shouldn’t really have any use for relics of the past.

“Shall we do it!”

As she murmured that, Artemia’s body which was wrapped in a leather jacket began to flare up.

Then, after combining the Tonfas she held in both hands, she threw it at the zombies like a boomerang.

The bodies of zombies were burned when the flame clad boomerang mowed down on their bodies.

“Ace Evolution!”

Without even confirming the location of the boomerang, she shouted that while glaring at the empty space.


I became confused. Because I didn’t think we had enough points for an evolution.

“The points …. we don’t have enough… maybe.”

I timidly said that.

“If it isn’t enough, then we’ll just have to die!”

Artemia extended her hands out as she shouted.

After that, from under Artemia’s foot a violent gust of wind came forth. It wrapped her body, and just like that sent her flying like a tornado, breaking the ceiling of the subway and flying towards the sky.

Then under the sun, as she dispersed the wind surrounding her, a pair of white wings spread. The figure of her inside the winds………was like an angel.

She pushed both her hands down towards the hole she came out of, fluttering her seducing blonde hair.

“Umm…….. what are you going to do …….?”

“Silence! In any case, it’s just a ghost town!”

From Artemia’s palm, a huge fireball was blasted out towards the hole. After several seconds, it reached the underground shopping center through the subway and exploded. The aftermath? Not only the underground but the city extending out under our eyes collapsed like a landslide and vanished as it caved into the Earth.

The town became a big basin centered around the hole, and from the middle point even magma began to gush out.

In an instant, everything that I could see became a sea of flames.

“Y-you overdid it!”

After seeing that state, I complained my lamentation.

“Just for a crowd of zombies, to turn the whole city into this!! isn’t it even crueler than a certain shitty video game?!”

“What’re you talking about? It’s your world, I don’t care!”

Artemia glanced at the sea of blazes, and turned towards the sky.

From the sea of blazes, the boomerang came back and split into 2 tonfas.

“I didn’t receive a big deal of points though.”

Artemia took a card from her cleavage, and looked at the balance.

“Well~ whatever”

As she put back the card into her cleavage, she spread her wings and flew towards the sky. And that figure was definitely not only that of an angel…. but a demon in an angels form!!

Her name is Artemia. A person who came from a different world.

She tricked me inside my dreams with a confession and brought me to this world, a parallel world.

This world is called Blue World.

It’s a much more beautiful and pretty world compared to mine.

Even so, this world was not a place where humans dominated.

Because humanity’s natural enemy… A demon lord existed.

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