M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Historical Log: A path to the Moon

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Many years ago, humanity created the Internet.

A network with the purpose of sending information at a faster speed than the other methods of message passing at that time.

As time went by, the technology behind it advanced quickly. From analog circuits to digital fibre lines, the speed at which information travelled went faster and faster.

Then, a great war happened. It was like none ever before. Long before bullets flew or even nightmares of orbital strikes, a fierce war raged over the Internet.

Networks went down everywhere. Even the smallest ones had their part as complex viruses attempted to invade national security networks.

Physical attacks were used by spies to shut down remote terminals, leaving no computer devices unchecked.

Finally, the warheads flew. Powered by energy sources that were much more lasting than any publicly known source, they flew around the world for two whole nights.

Leaving no sky unlit by the flames of their thrusters, no fighter jets could readily take them down as they flew over countries without fear of enemy retaliation or scorching their homelands with the toxic material within.

On third night, a terrorist faction succeeds in their hacking attempt, only to send the warheads plunging down into the Earth.

Billions perished, and the surface of the Earth as we knew it was wiped clean of humanity.

However, not all humans died. Those who had access to deep underground shelters hid while those who were in space stopped their conflict there as they watched their once blue world glowing red for years more to come.

Those who survived thought it was all over. Or at least most of them did.

As the underground faction and the space faction had no means to communicate, they acted independently.

Those underground came under the rule of a single government, linking up with the underground network that was extensively built over the years.

Those in space split into two groups. The first stayed in space stations and the city on the moon. The second chose to explore further into space, hoping to find another planet to live on.

Like did anyone expect, an elaborate plot was still in the works.

Those who had chosen to explore into deeper space were on a vessel that was doomed never to return, and the majority who remained on the space station were all part of the plan for world dominance.

Skillfully hidden technologies were revealed, allowing the Earth to be swiftly restored over half a year to a livable state.

Any dissidents in the space faction were promptly eliminated in that time, and the humans descend onto the renewed Earth to claim its lands.

Alas, it was but wishful thinking to believe that such an elaborate plot would go through so smoothly, as the humans from underground began to surface.

Although only one government was formed initially, led by those who were part of the entire scheme, many who survived were not part of it.

They gathered power, and by the time the surface of Earth was successfully reformed, they rushed out and took control of large part of the Earth too.

People in the space faction who were unhappy about the purge that was initially conducted took this chance, and secretly aided this underground faction in their attacks when they surfaced.

In the end, with military and manpower divided on Earth and in space, the world was successfully divided into two almost equal portions.

Those who had plotted this entire change became known as the Dominion.

Those who rebelled after became known as the Republic.

Tired of war and with lots of work left to do, be it building cities and exploring new territories formed, the two sides made a truce and end the fighting for years to come.

Once again, things did not go entirely as planned. The terraformed Earth is no longer the same planet as it used to be.

Within both sides, there are enormous areas that could not be scanned by satellites. Even the Earth itself has grown in mass after research was done.

Many years of scientific research and development took place before today, and many of these people were influenced by ideas and more importantly, lore.

The ones who developed the terraforming technology to restore the Earth after its destruction had crazy dreams. Our wildest fantasies, potentially realised after the usage of their technology.

When both sides established their capitals and took control of key locations, they were ready to explore.

One such country, formed by an extremely peculiar group of Republicans, is commonly referred to as BT

They voluntarily sent a large military expedition towards the largest area of unscannable territory on the Republic’s behalf.

Ending in failure at first, as the entire fleet sailed into stormy seas of immeasurable violence, it was later discovered by a second expedition that the first group did succeed in arriving at the other side.

By then, over a year had passed, and the original forces that went over established a new country of their own.

The country is called, Moon Channel.

Moon Channel, or M-chan for short, is unlike any country that currently exists in the world.

First, it could not be kept in check by satellites and hence, is hard to coordinate an attack against from outside.

Second, the soldiers who went there changed. Some become physically stronger to a monstrous extent, while others gained powers that were previously not found in this world.

Most importantly, its inhabitants are not all human. The fantasies that were once but dreams are now reality, as new species of demi-humans and monsters lived among them.

Simply put, M-chan is like a virtual reality game that came to life.

Outraged by this betrayal, BT refused to acknowledge this new country initially, placing embargoes of every sort on them.

Needless to say, their attempt proved pointless. More time passed, with M-chan being more and more developed, and BT watched on till they realised their method was futile.

Coming to a compromise, M-chan became a new country of the Republic.

Establishing a large port city known as Port BT, M-chan and BT develop routes of travel between them and started trades of all kind.

This story, however, is not about the world as it is now.

The people of M-chan are no longer regular humans. Like in a game, they discovered that some of them could come back to life by having a new body created. Some other became incredulously powerful and could no longer be killed.

Calling themselves denizens, those who gained this power referred to it as Chaos.

There are two main reasons. The first is due to the natives who they discovered. The natives called themselves the banished, and said that the ones who could have these kind of powers to be evil as they wield the power of Chaos.

The second reason is due to the denizens themselves. As the power manifested differently in each person, with some becoming insanely powerful and other remaining mostly normal, the denizens themselves took its nature into consideration and called it Chaos even before learning about it from the natives.

As to why the people of M-chan chose to call themselves denizens, is simply because of how they viewed themselves to be. Humans have habits. Some good, and some bad. The people in M-chan belong to the latter.

In M-chan itself, the people there fought against each other over the most insignificant things. Armed with their newly found powers, no expense was spared as mere words took form of actual happenings.

From mere skirmishes to chaotic battles, the only reason why a country could be formed in the end was entirely due to the efforts of various denizens who believed that their kind needed a new home where no other could be found.

And now, one of its greatest war is about to take place, starting from a trivial dispute in a small coffee place to the entirety of M-chan itself.

Trust me, it’s ridiculous. Do not try to make too much sense out of it. Just put aside your thoughts, and enjoy this crazy ride.

Oh, and if you scroll right down to this part, it’s fine. The lack of context now will probably be made up for in the future. In lighter hearted information updates, of course.

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