M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 0: The Outbreak

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From the records of the grimoire writer…

Day 0:

It was a fine evening as the city streets were filled with denizens ending their day at work, to either head home or to party the night away.

In downtown, a cozy coffee shop bustles with life as it begins to serve its nightly range of alcoholic beverages. Mugs were raised, and people happily cheered as they guzzled down the diabetic substance in good company.

Then it happened.

An angry NYOW fills the shop, so loud and fierce that not one soul could ignore it. A feline figure raises from a seat by the glass panel of the shop, followed by that of another burly man.

“I have tolerated the last of your insolence! Nyoo longer will I try to educate you plebeians of the only glory that is oppai main heroines! Today, you will all be assimilated or DIE!!!”

After that declaration, all that could be seen was a punch sent towards the feline figure from the burly man. Before it could hit, loud hissing from all around polluted the silence, followed by thick smoke that sent almost everyone in the city into a state of confusion and panic.

As if expected, military helicopters and tanks entered the city almost immediately along with supporting troops, but no one had prepared for the gas attack which occurred.

One by one, those who had inhaled too much of the toxic gas transformed into furry creatures resembling that of humanoid cat. Those who did not fainted, leaving few to resist.

This toxic gas came to be known as the C-Virus, which had the ability to turn a human, or rather denizen, into a mutated creature known as a CAT. CATs are completely subservient to the one known as the Cat Tyrant.

The Cat Tyrant, whose original name is Sumeragi VI Tirtha, sought to create a world that matches its ideals, starting from M-chan which had the potential to be anything.

Having teamed up with various true denizens for reasons beyond us, a terrifying battle took place in the city.

With many people just having been converted into CATs, the telepathic command given to them was long and mostly served to further confuse rather than to instruct. As a result, most newly converted CATs went on an insane rampage, attacking the incoming military which tried to hold back from harming M-chan denizens.

Screams filled the streets as anyone still human were attacked by these CATs, who in their madness, could be perceived as animals in heat. Raping anyone they could come across, it wasn’t long till bullets flew in an attempt to stop them.

Back at the coffee shop where the initial fight began, the entire half a kilometre block ceased to exist as powerful blows were exchanged between two groups of true denizens.

Any new CATs were promptly exterminated with single punches by the one called the leader of M-chan, Simon Walter, who perceived their hostile intent caused by the Cat Tyrant’s control.

Any survivors however, could not be saved as the hired hands of the Cat Tyrant mercilessly used explosives and all means of otherworldly contraptions in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

In the end, many blows were exchanged. And the Cat Tyrant came out victorious…

Day 1:

With the initial outbreak being successful and the Cat Tyrant beating Leader Simon, the city known informally as M-chan’s capitol was effectively taken over.

While its hired minions scoured the streets for any sight of resistance, the converted CATs were brought in for the Cat Tyrant to gain proper control over them as well as to get them organised.

At this time, brainwashed cat fanatics and saboteurs set off the numerous gas bombs in many other populated regions. The widespread outbreak of the C-Virus could not be contained, and any law enforcement came to a swift end like in some B-rated zombie flick.

Day 2:

By this time, the number of CATs outnumbered humans two to one, with any survivor being captured or killed.

Various outposts that were set up in a hurry still stands strong, with certain hot spots being filled with military forces attempting to fight back against the CATs.

Day 4:

Several outpost could hold on no longer, and the blood of virgins was spilled by horrible CAT unlike no other.

More powerful than regular CATs, countless survivors were briefly overpowered and hastily raped. Such a horrific trail formed that day, with the victims being rounded up by newly formed CAT troops.

Day 7:

Several fortified military bases were taken down today, with CAT troops led by the hired hands of the Cat Tyrant.

These hired hands are also mainly true denizens who chose to become mercenaries and had extraordinary abilities, which explains how the bases were abruptly destroyed with ease.

Also to be noted is that some drastic actions were taken by panicked commanders who refused to surrender, choosing to blow up their fuel supplies or ammunition, killing both themselves and whichever CAT forces that were around.

Day 9:

Almost all battles have come to an end, with most of M-chan being successfully taken over by CAT forces or left ravaged.

One more military commander went mad, attempting some form of dark magic which failed.

It is said that the cries and screams of hundreds of young girl soldiers could be heard for several minutes as it occurred, sending the nearby CATs patrols into hiding as well.

By the time a group of survivors went by to check things out, only a small reservoir of blood and bones could be seen along.

The record of extra key information ends here.

Records continues in the military files as stored in the archives…

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