M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 1: Post Outbreak Days

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Day 34:

A loud roar from our underground workshop woke us up in the middle of the night. Running down, we saw MRC DarkCloud straddling her completed 12 foot tall light armored mecha.

Before we had time to rejoice or worry about the noise made however, a scout ran in with horrible news.

Our safehouse by Port BT just reported pieces of men, lolis and var-dere floating in from the sea. While we were not exactly sure how, but several survivors were found drifting nearby.

From the information gathered, our attempt to seek help has been lost as the convoy was decimated and the general now missing.

Status update below:

MG Simba: KIA; according to the last of the survivors, MG Simba fought bravely on his vessel to the last man/loli. In his final bid, he was seen standing on the engine before blowing the cargo hold of explosives. He will be dearly missed.

Day 35:

As regrettable as our loss is, the battle must go on. Today, we lost 2 newly established safe houses. It is rumoured that former COL Hitagi and CPT Kaiki led their respective assaults and left no survivors.

In spite of these happenings, we were low on resources and needed to go into the inner depths of the cities to retrieve more resources.

During our escape, MSG Viniance found a terrified loli saying “No more, Captain. I will be a good girl…” and in his attempt to save her, alerted a CAT patrol.

It was also due to this that we accidentally knocked a case of catnip over a fire, which distracted the cats enough for MRC DarkCloud to use her 10-cuts sword to rip them all to shreds in relative silence.

With this new found knowledge, we brought back with us as much catnip as we could, hoping this will be the weapon to balance out this conflict.

We also chanced upon a 2LT Redshirt, who wasn’t killed off during his platoon mission to back up SC Simon in the initial battle.

With the additional people and weaponry, this might be the first turn in the tide of the battle…

Day 40:

Much has happened since. From the time of the departure of our general, MG Simba, we have set up a total of 52 safe houses.

Of which, 30 of them have been discovered, raided and by chance, a survivor turns up from under a cardboard box. To our surprise, CPT Christian walked right into our safe house recently, with bloodshot eyes and eye bags so dark we thought he was a panda.

Knocking MRC DarkCloud unconscious before she nearly decapitated him, he declared his quest for revenge and how Cat was going to suffer beyond an eternity.

While we celebrated the return of a mighty ally, we lost yet another important one. MRC Lurker was last seen out on the roof the night before, smoking a pipe of catnip. As I sat next with him, he talked to me about never giving up the fight as Eros mustn’t be lost to the likes of the Cat Tyrant.

Not knowing exactly what he was rambling on about later on, I retired for the night only to have MRC DarkCloud announcing the next morning that he left us a note about his “defection to Cat”.

I still do not understand what is going on too well. But I know this is all real.

Due to his sudden betrayal, I will take over his role in reporting from now on.

FOR EROS, 2LT Redshirt.

Day 43:

At the break of dawn, a high pitched siren screeched over M-chan mainland. Not having slept, I ran outside immediately to see a titan-sized statue rising from the back of the Church of Cat.

The statue has the figure of a woman with boobs so huge that I couldn’t imagine something like that till MRC DarkCloud walked up from behind me, saying “That’s bigger than H, ain’t it?”

When the statue completed its ascend to the surface, a large “screen” appeared from above the Church. Sumeragi VI Tirtha, first Cat Tyrant, made his announcement of the Nyaa~vastator, a device that would convert any in moments.

Declaring that his super weapon would be completed in 2 weeks, he nyaa~ed so loud that we thought we would have died just from it.

Fortunately, he choked on a furball and had to be saved by MSG Putra. Concluding his message, we knew the final battle was to be soon. Real soon.

Status as follows:

Cpt Christian: Alive; since the initial battle, CPT Christian has ventured through the ruins of the city, brutally tearing apart any CAT found and trying his best to save any lolis he found. Despite saving a few and bringing them to a hideout, they were discovered by COL Hitagi when he was out and he returned to find all but one missing. The last one had experienced so much **** that she was practically dead. Enraged, the Captain went on a rampage till he ran into our forces.

MRC Lurker: Traitor; having defected to Cat one night, he has not been seen ever since. If there was one thing we would do when we find him, it would be to beat him up so good that he turns back or die.

More statuses in future…

Day 45:

Ever since the announcement of the Nyaa~vastator, CATs have been a lot more active, as if inspired by their leader.

Our former allies now converted, or otherwise, also ravaged through the mainland as if their time of pleasure is about to end.

Down to 10 safe houses, our time is running thin. In addition, as we rested at another safe house when returning to resistance HQ, we were discovered by CATs.

MRC DarkCloud fought bravely against COL Hitagi, but his developed CAT abilities overpowered her speed and weaponry, and he took her from behind. Just as he was about done, MSG Viniance intervened by showing COL Hitagi some anal beads and running off with them, causing Hitagi to chase him.

CPT Christian fought against CPT Kaiki, who was immune to Catnip grenades as he joined Cat willingly and wasn’t changed. The battle was almost lost till CPT Kaiki began boasting of his exploits and loli abuse count. Enraged, CPT Christian charged at him yelling, “GIGA MOE PILEDRIVER!!!”, sending CPT Kaiki blasting off into the skies.

Upon our return to HQ, morale was beneath rock bottom as our remaining men and lolis began all manners of funny business in view of their impending doom.

With MRC DarkCloud severely injured in the spine, CPT Christian downing all remaining bottles of Jack Daniels and MSG Viniance potentially KIA-ed, I readied my pistol to end my journey when our ray of hope appeared.

The voluminous sound of running filled the air as companies of yanderes, mayaderes and men formed up outside our base.

As we headed out to see what this was about, we saw a man standing tall on a jeep as it drove towards us.

I still can’t believe it…but MG Simba made it back with reinforcements after all. As we received the general, his first order was to stand down and rest.

We are to brief him tomorrow at 0430 hrs…I still can’t believe…

Signing off, 2LT Redshirt.


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