M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 3: Resistance Days, Part 2

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Day 46:

This is by far the longest day in the course of this battle till now.

Starting from a briefing to the returned MG Simba in the wee hours of the morning to preparation throughout the day, I finally made time to complete this report an hour before midnight; when Operation Catassacre will commence.

From top down, the briefing started out rough as we tried our best to bring the general up to speed on the situation. When the general had a clear sitrep, he stated that time was of the essence and that the earlier Cat is denied, the sooner order will return.

Announcing his plan to lead several strike forces to counter Cat’s rapid advance, we spent the next 8 hours over the geography of M-chan mainland, noting key changes while putting together a feasible plan.

Despite our efforts, MG Simba noted that our losses by Day 50 will be over 9000 even though we take back 70% of M-chan mainland. As CATs were zombie-like in reproduction, every men lost is a new enemy should Cat play its yarn right.

With Mercenary DarkCloud Asuno Hatsuko out of combat duties due to spine injury, our leading officers are few in numbers with CPT Christian having taken moderate damage himself. As such, MG Simba has assigned a special squadron with the sole purpose of finding missing Supreme Commander Simon.

Since it is not certain that Leader will be found in time, the General has also declared M-DEF SS level to be issued to all remaining forces.

In the event of Day -1 of Nyaa~vastator completion, all forces are to gather up at point Holy Grail, which is the entrance before the Church for one final act of desperation.

All troops gathered will rush in under the command of the highest ranked officer remaining at 0600hrs in a final bid to stop Cat. As failure will result in the loss of M-chan universe, all troops are authorised to kill Sumeragi Vi Tirtha on sight during the attack.

Concluding the meeting, we went on to prepping the equipment, briefing the troops and say our final prayers before the all out battle begins.

I conclude this segment to provide a status report as appended in the following annexes.

May Eros be with us, 2LT Redshirt


Day 46 Status Report:

SC Simon: MIA; not having appeared once after his direct confrontation against Tyrant Cat, Leader is believed to have been KIA-ed. After the return of our general, a search party has been formed to find our missing Commander-in-chief, who might bring immediate balance to the Force.

MG Simba: Alive; having survived the explosion after the CATfish attack, he is rumoured to have rode on the engine of his former vessel through pure hotwiring to reach base YAN-DA-RAE. Establishing connection with our external forces, he has since returned with a Division of 15,000 elites in hopes of turning the battle to our favour. His personal outlook on the matter however, is not positive.

COL Hitagi: Converted; having been converted directly by Cat in his final burst, the former Yaoi Master now walks on fours, pouncing onto any non-CAT he finds with great ferocity and giving them the buttsecks for their life. He was last seen pulling out from MRC DarkCloud after being lured away by anal beads held by the brave MSG Viniance.

MAJ John: Captured; due to his initial breakdown after being affected by the lethal C-Virus, MAJ John was last seen being ferried into the inner depths of the Church, never to be seen again. MG Simba theorises the possibility of his sanity returning, making it a key objective should Operation Final Desperation take place.

CPT Sanjay: Dead; the first critical loss in the Alliance Key Officers (AKO), CPT Sanjay tried to break free from Cat’s will by taking the desperate measure of blowing up his own base of operations. The act could be considered traitorous, but no one is willing to bother in view of the greater danger at this point.

CPT Christian: Injured; in his recent battle against CPT Kaiki, who defected over to Cat after the release of the C-Virus, he suffered severe injuries but managed to defeated his perverse nemesis who provoked his inner loli by boasting about the numerous lolis he had brutally raped and murdered.

2LT Redshirt: Alive; given orders to cover SC Simon at all costs in the initial battle, 2LT Redshirt watched as his platoon were murdered or mutated into CATs. Spending his subsequent days lost, he struggled to survive in the ruins till he was found by a scavenger squadron led by MRC Lurker. Since then, he has been part of the resistance and recently took over MRC Lurker role after his sudden betrayal.

2LT Mark: MIA; last seen moments before the end of the initial battle, 2LT Mark was seen abandoning his position in order to look of the Yandere Task Force. With the return of MG Simba, 2LT Mark was seen leading a squadron of Yanderes, presumably the Task Force to search for missing Leader, SC Simon.

MSG Ahyaa: Deserter; prior to the start of the initial battle, Master Sergeant Ahyaa took his declaration of hatred for COL Hitagi in action by abandoning his position. His current whereabouts are unknown.

MSG Khairul: Captured; in his attempt to protect MAJ John, Master Sergeant Khairul suffered a lethal shot of C-Virus, making him amongst the first to get converted. Through sheer willpower, he resisted Cat’s influence and was last seen in chains like a mindless doll. His valiant efforts were made futile as MAJ John fell to Cat’s C-Virus shortly after.

MSG Viniance: MIA; rejoining the Alliance after the initial battle, MSG Viniance has proven himself time and again to be a valuable asset to the resistance. In his last act of valor, he discarded his man’s pride by distracting COL Hitagi from his buttrape of MRC DarkCloud with anal beads. He was last seen running off into the distance with COL Hitagi HOT on his ASS.

MRC DarkCloud Asuno Hatsuko: Injured; joining up with the resistance on Day 32, she has since contributed greatly to the arsenal with her innovative tool of mass murder. However, her last confrontation with COL Hitagi ended badly as she was overpowered in her retrofitted mecha, causing her to be paralyzed waist down due to a spine injury from violent assrape. Fortunately, she was not infected by the C-Virus due to MSG Viniance timely intervention.

Tyrant Sumeragi: Alive; the sole perpetrator of this war, Tyrant Cat begun with a false announcement of M-chan mainland history. Due to his usage of all known media resources, citizens were greatly disturbed, which led to the immediate response by the Alliance to arrest the fiend. Cat resisted with feline might and fought fist to paw when SC Simon stepped in to put the Cat down. In its bid for victory, it released the terrible C-Virus, resulting in the scenario today. Currently, he is awaiting the completion of the Nyaa~vastator, which will reported convert everyone into CATs with no exception.

COL (CAT) Hitagi: Alive; formerly COL of the Alliance and Yaoi Master, he now purrs to the nyaas of Cat tyrant, feeding on milk in the day and hunting men in the night. His double entry is only to emphasize his deadliness as one of the Key Opposing Minions.

CPT Kaiki: KIA; joining Cat promptly after the release of the C-Virus, he is one of the few around the Tyrant to remain human while serving as a minion. With his personal goal of endless sensual pleasures, he has led many a hunt to fulfill his own urges. His downfall was swiftly delivered after his days of chaos by CPT Christian, who was enraged by his boasts of loli rape. He was last seen flying into the distant skies shouting, “I’M BLASTING OFF AGAIN~!!!”

MSG Putra: Alive; missing since the initial conflict, he was last seen saving Cat Tyrant from a killer furball in the throat by giving it a kick in the back. He is believed to have teamed up with the fiend to “achieve greater ends”. His actual combat abilities have yet to be seen…

CPL Syafri: Alive; having been working behind the scenes, CPL Syafri has yet to appear in any key events whatsoever. He is rumoured to be the prison warden of the Church of Cat’s inner depths.

MRC Lurker: Alive; being one of the first to join the initial battle, MRC Lurker was infected by the C-Virus when fighting alongside COL Hitagi in the surprise buttsecks on Cat. Having failed his mission, he went on to forming the resistance while resisting the C-Virus. Discovering the effectiveness of Catnip with MRC DarkCloud and MSG Viniance, they developed the Catnipade; a grenade that releases a cloud of deadly catnip. He then disappeared from resistance HQ overnight, leaving a message stating his betrayal to the Alliance by defecting over to Cat Tyrant. He has been missing ever since.

..End of report…


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