M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant Chapter 4: Resistance Days, Part 3

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Day 47:

As per our orders, we set out in various groups.

Group A – L:
Silent assault squadrons. With Yanderes in the lead, CAT patrols are taken out swiftly and quietly. Having been ordered not to attract unnecessary attention, all such groups are ordered not to attack CATs led by a KOM (Key Opposing Minion).

Group M:
Led by 2LT Mark, this squad has been specifically ordered to find still missing SC Simon. To optimise mobility, the group is armed only with knives and a silenced one-shot. They consist of one commander and five elite Yanderes.

Group N-W:
Frontline technical support squadrons. Their main objective is to secure the area recaptured by Group A – L, by picking suitable locations for safe houses, mobile ops centres and supply routes.

Group X-Z:
Reserve groups on standby at HQ. In the event HQ comes under siege, these groups are to alert all other groups of the situation, except Group M that is focused on finding Leader.

As much as I wanted to set out in a group, MG Simba has given me specific orders to remain in HQ to keep things in order. As such, I will remain here till the battle goes past Phase 1. From which, my role will be reassigned.

May the Eros be with us, 2LT Redshirt.


-10 Days till Nyaa~vastator launch:

I arose from a huge comfortable cushion this morning, surrounded by women with G-sized Oppai. Disgruntled, I let out a loud NYAA, waking them up and causing them to run out of the room in fear.

Through the opened door walked in a CAT, greeting me with a salute that I casually waved off. Before having a chance to gather my thoughts, the CAT asked me what kind of milk I would like for breakfast.

Taken back by that suggestion, I told him that I didn’t need breakfast and asked him for an update on the current situation.

The CAT replied, “MAJ Lurker nyaa~ The weapon is in its final stages. We are currently having COL Hitagi contribute his final container of Mayo Milk to power the device nyaa~!”

Shocked at this revelation, I quickly instructed him to leave, saying I will call for him in a few minutes. The CAT obeyed, reminding me of a meeting with CAT high council in a hour.

Not being able to piece together what just happened, I got up and looked around. Seeing a mirror, I prodded over and took a good look at myself.

I was me. With fur, two pointy ears and a long tail.

Smashing the mirror in disgust, I realised that I must have fallen to Cat’s will and fully converted. Despite my mental resistance, I knew I wouldn’t last long and left the resistance before I could damage it from within.

As my head began to throb in pain, I decided to hold back on digging up memories and rather write this down somewhere.

I do not know how and why. But I seem to have regained my human consciousness…though my speech seems to be completely Nyaa~lified.

For now, I will attend this meeting. Hopefully I will get some idea of how to stop this madness.

Nyaa~ MAJ (CAT) Lurker


-10 Days till Nyaa~vastator launch (Night):

Having made it to the night,the meeting earlier today gave me quite a bit of insight to the current scenario.

Convening on the Oppai of Cat’s Divine goddess, Tyrant Sumeragi made his physical appearance before his “high council of CATs”. Among the 10 others besides Cat and I, only three were familiar faces.

The first was former Alliance Colonel, Hitagi. With a golden beard covering his furry face, he looked more like a lion than a cat. Disturbingly, his shtick has not lost any of its prowess, remaining long and tall throughout the meeting.

The second was the one of the two only humans in the council, CPT (CAT) Kaiki. Though no other members brought anyone else, CPT Kaiki alone had two lolis in chains next to him, who he would give an occasional stiff kick to hear them yelp.

The third was none other than MSG (CAT?) Putra. Why he was in the council was a question itself. Why he joined Cat another.

Starting the meeting was a CAT in a red hood, who nyaa~ed out the agenda halfway before being interrupted by Cat Tyrant, who said “NYYAAA~vastator nyaa! Is it readi-nyaa~~?!”

COL (CAT) Hitsun replied with “Why so seriouranyaa~? Let’s have more fun before using it, nyaa?”

MSG (CAT) Putra followed with “Profits since I have laced the popcorn and drinks with catnip has not stopped raising! Of course we are going to need more CATs to raise my margin!”

Slamming the table, CPT Kaiki added “Tirtha. No point in rushing now, is there? As the colonel said, let’s take this slow. Who can stop us now? Besides, I have a debt of blasting away to repay Christian. Don’t ruin it for me, right b*tch*s!?” before giving the two girls a kick each in the belly.

The next slam came from Cat itself, saying “ENYAA~~! If the Nyaa~vastator is nyaa ready, then I don’t give a NYAA!” before storming off.

Looking at each other blankly, COL (CAT) Hitagi, CPT (CAT) Kaiki and MSG (CAT?) Putra walked off as well, leaving the rest of us to continue the pointless meeting by ourselves.

While their discord gave me some relief, I knew that the time of reckoning still loomed upon us as the Nyaa~vastator was in its final phase. I will have to help from within…but how?!

Must stop with the…Nyaa~~~ MAJ (CAT) Lurker

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