M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant Chapter 5: Resistance Days, Part 4

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Day 50:

Phase 1 worked exceedingly well, with us having a minimal loss of 69 men, lolis and var-deres, who were unfortunate enough to run into a CAT patrol led by either COL Hitagi or CPT Kaiki; who to our surprise and anger of CPT Christian, was still alive.

Having secured 50% of M-chan mainland, it was safe to say continuing on might have led to victory. However, MG Simba was disturbed by the rapid progress we had, suspecting a plot to let our forces spread out too thin before a decisive attack on our HQ.

Declaring it was time, he rallied the troops in our expanded establishment, announcing the start of Phase 2, the real battle. Though there were whispers about the general going mad, no one dared to oppose him in fear of his potential fury.

As MRC DarkCloud has managed to modify her previous contraption, she now calls it an exoskeleton, allowing her to move once more despite being paralysed waist down. Swearing to rip Hitagi apart SLOWLY, she proceeds to practise in her “new body”.

And now, as our troops readied themselves from the invasion, I prepare myself for battle as well. Leading a platoon of Mayaderes, I have a feeling the battle will work out better than expected.

I must note however, I cannot stand the way they look at me with deary eyes at times only to find my locker full of wire traps that would have cost me an arm if not for my bad habit of throwing my books into the locker.

I’m starting to wonder if the CATs are going to die first or me…

Is this also moe? – 2LT Redshirt


-7 Days till Nyaa~vastator launch:

This morning, I found myself walking restlessly around the Church alone after a large breakfast of raw fatty tuna and milk. Not having found a particular answer to overthrow Cat without triggering his suspicion, I was perplexed by the fact that it was going to be less than a week till the Nyaa~vastator is fired.

Lost in my thoughts, I wandered into the underground segment of the Church where Cat has compiled a large collection of cats and senseless oppai manga.

As I walked into the Hentai section, I heard a scream coming from a far corner. Running in that direction, I soon found myself before a grand flight of stairs leading further underground.

Considering my given rank by the Cat Tyrant, I composed myself and walked down the stairs and arrived at a huge mess hall where a bunch of CATs were drinking freshly squeezed milk.

Looking around, I saw a human shouting at some CATs. Figuring he might be the commandant here, I walked over to attempt to make contact.

As I approached, he took notice of me, only to shout, “What the hell do you want?!” I stood there surprised till the CATs recognised me, shouting, “Attentionyaa~!” One of the CATs proceed to greeting me but I stopped it before it could, not wanting the pointless gesture.

Asking them to be at ease, I ask the human for his name and purpose here. Laughing at me, he introduced himself as CPL Syafri, the prison warden in charge.

Asking me in a sarcastic manner if I came down to inspect the prisoners, I firmly replied him with a “Yesaa!” only to him smirk at me. As his superior nonetheless, he leads me down to the cells, many of which were full of prisoners.

Getting to the point, I ordered him to bring me to the captives from the initial battle. Though he questioned my intents at first, he stopped when I grabbed the whip from his belt and said, “Someone is going to be whipped. Will it be you or the prisoners?”

He then quicken his pace and promptly led me to a wooden door. Opening it up, we walked in and I saw a few familiar faces. Chained to brick walls were MAJ John, CPT Sanjay and MSG Khairul.

Among the three of them, only MAJ John had the energy to lift his head up, giving me a cold stare and spitting at the ground. Though I was disappointed not to find SC Simon here, I was also relieved.

Looking at the warden, I said “Sonyaa~ Looking for a job with better prospects?”

– MAJ (CAT) Lurker


Day 54:

OH GOD WHY!!! Today I find myself trapped on the roof of a 70 stories high skyscraper with my platoon of Mayaderes. Not too sure why I took out my d-pad to write this either but we are way too high up to snipe at anything from here.

My situation aside, ever since MG Simba led the charge 4 days ago, the fighting has only end in meaningless dying for both CATs and us. The general himself has been said to having not stopped fighting since the start and is in the heat of battle even now.

As for my other comrades, MRC DarkCloud has been on a rampage since the start and a recent report states she has finally found her nemesis, COL Hitagi.

CPT Christian has also been tougher than ever, leading his company of 200 lolis. It is said that up till now, not a single loli under his command has even been scratched and that he goes into battle all by himself.

In a recent joint operation with two other squadrons, we came across CPT Kaiki. He has become a monster like no other, overpowering his enemies with a new gas type C-Virus. Though cowardly, I ordered my squad to retreat to prevent unnecessary causalities; which turns out to be the right choice as the other two squads were wiped out by the beast with a gas mask.

With no word from 2LT Mark again, I wonder how this campaign will turn out after all. And now I have a Mayadere tugging on my…what is that flash of light coming from the Oppai goddess?

Oh fudge. – 2LT Redshirt

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