M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant Chapter 6: Resistance Days, Part 5

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From my previous fortunate discovery, I have since been actively taking charge of CAT forces. Part of my eagerness was due to the recent promotion of CPL Syafri to 2LT and having him come under my command.

Under the pretext of training him for active frontline hunting, I had him resume his post as prison warden in order to treat the captive MAJ John, CPT Sanjay and MSG Khairul in hopes of having them rejoin the Alliance in due course.

Another reason was to gaining insight on Cat’s internal management. As expected, he rarely gives attention to anything that did not interest him, leaving the rest of the council to do as they deem fit.

Hence, putting in place ridiculous loopholes like stockpiling barrels of various types of fuel through the Church has been a simple task of issuing the command to do so.

The rest of the council were too busy in their respective duties and were more than glad to hand over these chores to me. This said, the general in the council has queried me once on my actions already…though it will be too late for him to do anything by the time we strike.

But my plans were for naught when a CAT ran into my office in the afternoon. Informing that the Tyrant had gone mad, I rushed to the control room of the Nyaa~vastator with a few of the council members.

Upon reaching, we saw Sumeragi VI Tirtha looking at us with a wide grin, saying “It’s to fire nyaa~~~” and pushed a button.

A loud screech could be heard for a second, followed by a few second of complete silence. At the end of the silence, we saw the results of the first beam fired. An area the radius of 8 miles has received a direct blast, turning all in that area into CATs or Oppais.

Letting out a displeased Nyan, Tyrant Cat yells at a CAT engineer, complaining that the beam wasn’t powerful enough before walking off proudly.

As I recovered from shock, I realised that Cat has to go down. NOW.

– MAJ (CAT) Lurker


Day 55:

As I staggered along the streets after waking up from yesterday’s blast, I still could not believe that I survived a fall from a skyscraper. My squad wasn’t as lucky as I was. From the point I got up from till now, I have not seen a single trace of them.

Shouting has not helped as the noise from fighting somewhere around here washes out my call for survivors. Gritting my teeth, I readied my rifle as I started running down the street.

Round the corner, I saw MRC DarkCloud fending off a vertical downward strike from COL Hitagi’s Yaoi Shtick. A burning sensation surged through my body as I charged towards them, firing my rounds for all they were worth.

Hitagi calmly jumps backwards and with a swing of his shtick, hits me across the chest and into a bus stand. As I lay there trying to recover from the hit that probably broke a rib or two, I noticed an ominous cloud approaching. The one that surrounds CPT Kaiki.

As I lost consciousness, I heard a heroic roar from the distance…


Day 55 Continued:

Before I regain consciousness, I was having a nightmare of COL Hitagi coming after me with his yaoi shtick when suddenly, a cute young voice resounded painfully in my ear, waking me up.

I opened my eyes to the bright LED lights above me as I lay inside what seemed to be a makeshift medical tentage. To my left was a typical heart healing medic girl. Looking into her eyes, I went into a daze for a moment till she said it was time for a jab.

Remembering my training back in cadet school, I quickly got up stating I was fine and ready for battle before running out. The nightmare I had moments ago suddenly felt like a timely warning…

Making my way out, I found myself in what used to be M-chan district park. On top of a makeshift stage stood a mighty familiar figure. As I walked closer, the man spoke.

“Citizens of M-chan! Balance will soon be restored! For I have returned from my training. And will lead the Alliance to victory against the Tyrant Cat! FOR LOVE OF MOE, EROS AND ALL FETISHES! FOLLOW ME, YOUR LEADER AND SUPREME COMMANDER, SIMON!”

I am pretty sure that was thought up in a hurry and was frankly pretty crappy but no one was about to douse the fighting spirit emitted from our returned Leader, SC Simon.

As he walked to the side of the stage, MG Simba walked onto the stage along with two moe-steel cages containing COL Hitagi & CPT Kaiki. Brought before SC Simon, Hitagi hissed angrily along with Kaiki cussing from inside.

Sticking out his hairy chest, SC Simon let out a hearty manly “HA!”

Upon hearing that, COL Hitagi started writhing in agony as the fur on his body starts falling off together with his “tail” returning to its original form.

On the sight of this miracle, MG Simba announces the temporary charges for the two as follows:

1. COL Hitagi will be examined upon recovery to see if he has returned, body and mind, to the Alliance.

2. CPT Kaiki is to be transported back to HQ where he will be confined till the battle ends when he will be tried on Military and Civilian courts respectively for his war crimes.

Raising up his overly muscular arm once more, SC Simon shouts “NOW TO BATTLE! AND TO VICTORY!”

As I end this report, this will probably be one of the last that I can write before this battle ends. Gearing up with equipment from the weapons transport, I set out with my newly formed squadron under SC Simon.



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