M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant Chapter 7: Resistance Days, Part 6

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-2 Days till Nyaa~vastator launch:

Summoned by the feline Tyrant an hour after nightfall, the High Council of Oppais Nyaa~ gathered atop the bust of the Oppai statue for an “emergency” meeting.

As Sumeragi rolled on the bed that was to be his chair while playing with a ball of yarn, we noticed the absence of two of the council members as the doors were shut.

Standing up from his fluffy bed, the Cat nyaa~ before beginning his speech.

“As nyaa can see, two of our recent renamed council are absent without valid reasanyaa…so we are in a pitch nya! But replacements are on their way nyaa LTC Carlos?”

Standing up, the furball of a CAT I once thought to have done nothing around here opened his mouth, calling for the two to come in. As they walked in, I had to cover my mouth to prevent a surprised “NYAA!” from slipping out.

Taking the two empty seats, the two were exact replicas of COL (CAT) Hitagi and CPT (CAT) Kaiki in their cat forms.

“Now nyaa. I have anticipated foul play by the former committee that was M-chan leadership nyaa. And so I shall also have my General reveal his true identity as he leads my council before me into battle against the Allianyaa~~~”

The fat CAT of a general rises from his seat and meddles with the wrist watch on his arm. After a few turns and nyaas, his nanomite disguise fades off, revealing him to be ousted GEN Nathanael Li.

As I was still recovering from shock, Cat Tyrant ended the meeting with the following, “The Nyaa~vastator will be launched. But before that, my council shall go to battle, nyaa~…”

Leaving the meeting, I rush back to my office and picking up the phone, I called 2LT Syafri.

“Syafri. It’s time. Get the Major and his men ready.”

As I prepare for the final(?) battle tomorrow, I wonder how it will all unfold…

Myan! – MAJ (CAT) Lurker


-1 hour till Day 57:

Pre-battle Status Report; entries of new key officers

LTC Aiel: Alive; as part of the force brought back by MG Simba, Lieutenant Colonel Aiel has been appointed Commanding Officer of Resistance HQ, now renamed as Alliance HQ. Providing tactical support, the half colonel will have an overview of the entire battle, allowing him to make crucial decisions for Alliance troops while keeping key personnel on the frontline updated.

1LT Jonathan: Alive; amongst the first to volunteer himself during the call for battle by MG Simba, First Lieutenant Jonathan was given an immediate promotion from Second Lieutenant for his zealous efforts in retrofitting cargo vessels to high speed transports that allowed the prompt return of the 15,000 troops that now surround Cat’s stronghold. He is now amongst those in the frontline, eager for battle.

SSG Tony: Alive; as the personal runner of LTC Aiel back in outer region base MAYA-RANS, Staff Sergeant Tony follows his Commanding Officer to battle after being called upon. SSG Tony is now positioned in the Command Centre at Alliance HQ. As the Key Comms Officer, he is to correspond with the key personnel on ground, providing requested support while providing crucial updates on the situation.

For Eros! – 2LT Redshirt


Minutes before 24 hours till launch of Nyaa~vastator:

As I look over the various monitors across the spacious room that is CAT Command Centre, the forces of M-chan Alliance gathers around the Church; waiting to barge through the gates as soon as the command is given.

As for CAT forces, GEN Nathanael Li personally issued the order for all forces to retreat to within the compounds of the Church. As such, only few stragglers remain outside across the M-chan mainland.

Gritting my teeth, I pray for the success of 2LT Syafri, who I have tasked to lead MAJ John and the insurgent forces to the private quarters of CAT High Council, which are positioned on the upper levels of the statue.

If undetected, they will be able to make their way up easily to the roof garden of the Oppai goddess, where they will have the chance to take down Cat Tyrant Sumeragi who is “enjoying” the show from there.

A CAT walks into the room, and approaches me in a haste. “MAJ Lurkenyaa! Please switch a monitor to Public Channel 3! Our god Tirtha is about to make his announcement nyaa~!” Nodding my head, the CAT operating the terminal below me switches a monitor as instructed.

As the screen shows a hentai of oppai women airing, with a Cat on a Please wait sign on the center of the screen, I took a final look at the report of additional Key Personnel that was passed to me a while back.

Personnel Update –

CPT (CAT) Angel: Alive; having been converted a few weeks after the initial battle by COL (CAT) Hitagi, Captain Angel has since been assigned the task of commanding the Church Guardians; a special unit consisting of soldiers that even I do not have information on. When I ask GEN Nathanael, he waved me off, saying it’s under his direct command. CPT Angel now awaits by the gates, eager to draw first blood in the final battle.

SSG (CAT) Lite: Alive; being converted in the initial outbreak of the C-Virus, Staff Sergeant Lite now guards the lower levels of the Oppai Goddess as the guard commandant. Having been thoroughly brainwashed, he now carries out his duty with an undying persistence, having stopped many infiltration attempts by small groups of rebels during the early takeover by Cat Tyrant.

Finishing the report, I end this log as Cat Tyrant appears on the screen, ready to address his CATs.

Nyan! – MAJ (CAT) Lurker


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