M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant Information Chapter #002 – The Moon

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Welcome to the second information chapter.

If you have read up to this point, you might have noticed a variety of crazy things happening. Or even a severe lack of tenses management.

But don’t worry. Being a grammar Nazi should probably be the least of your worries now. That is, if you aren’t denizen material.

The “Moon”:
Since M-chan means Moon Channel, many denizens tend to refer to it literally as the Moon.

While this means there will be the occasional confusion with the actual moon in the night sky, the origin of this “country” name comes from a joke which will not be further discussed here.

Now you might be wondering how so many buildings popped up out of nowhere in slightly over a year or how a giant statue come raise up out of the ground.

Those are but the first amongst many things, which is better explain in the next part.

The “server”:
As mentioned in the first information chapter, many NPCs were created by the power of a true denizen.

The actual form of this power comes from what is called the server.

Laid down quite some distance away from the shores of M-chan mainland, the server has the ability to fully manipulate anything in its wide radius, or at least to the present knowledge of the denizens.

This means that anything from buildings to people can be created, which is how NPCs came to be.

Most surprisingly, there is nothing that cannot be moved out of this “sphere of power”.

Basically, once created, an object exists in reality and cannot be trivially destroyed as created by the server.

While tempted to think of it as an infinite machine that can produce as much as possible and of any form, there are oddly real limitations.

First, not everyone can use it. There are many theories, but none proven to accurately know if one is capable of controlling the server. In fact, there are only a few who can use it.

Second, it is limited by its user. Depending on the person using it, only specific objects or people can be successfully created. In general, any attempt to create something that one does not understand causes a server error, causing it to “crash” and not work for any duration of time from a minute to a week. As tested to by this point, at least.

Third, it is “power” intensive. By power, this means that the user suffers some form of repercussion each time it is used. This cost comes mainly in physical or mental form. Physical would mean a person becoming hungry or thirsty or even sleepy. Mental means the cost of the ability to thinking, outward behaviour, or even memory.

Last, it’s known to few. For most of the part, only true denizens know of the existence of the server. And even amongst them, many do not believe it is real.

At this point, there are many common appliances and seeing a large server room isn’t rare. But when M-chan first started, it was mainly jungle lands or grassy plains. Back then, only the few who saw the server being laid down knew of its true powers.

In fact, many do not believe in the server due to the fact it did not do anything when they tried to use it, leaving the few who could actually use it to keep the secret.

But what about large objects forming in the skies from time to time? Well, it’s treated as natural denizen powers at work and nobody really cares otherwise.

Continuing from the server, the few who can actually use it have another title, called administrator. Admin for short, the reason for this is simple.

The true denizen who have full power over the server set limitations before it was left behind.

These limitations are not known, but is one of the prime suspects as to why it cannot be used by everyone or be made to do everything.

Back to the point, admins have various levels too.

Owner: Only the true denizen who owns this power has this level.
Sudo: The second highest level. They are allowed to do everything within the limitations.
Moderator: Can do everything within the limits set by the two above levels.
Observer: Can find out everything that the server has knowledge of. Nothing else.
Guest: Each one may only do things permitted or granted by higher levels.

No lower or equal level can demote another of the same level, but those of higher levels may promote those of lower level up to equal rank.

As such, only four true denizens have the rank of Sudo, with any other restricted to a lower rank or given extra privileges as deemed necessary.

Unrelated to the server, this topic is more about the true denizens of M-chan.

As seen, there are many with ridiculous abilities. However, only few go to the extent of using them.

Since all true denizens originally came from a group of oddballs, there are more true denizens who rather lie in wait, never using their abilities publicly and simply enjoying their days out in M-chan.

These true denizens are known as lurkers. They exist, generally not bothered by the eccentricities in M-chan.

They come and go as they will, which is considered supernatural by non true denizens, but casually accepted by other true denizens.

As a result, they are considered to be no better than NPCs.

For this war in particular, a new species known as CATs have been created.

Short for Cat Afflicted Type (CAT), they are the result of people being infected by the C-virus.

CATs are the literal personification of furries. Meaning they have humanoid form and are predominantly covered in fur along with a tail and cat ears instead of human.

They can be fully controlled to follow the will of the Cat Tyrant, but have a mind of their own in general as the Cat Tyrant is too lazy or just do not have the ability to control each individual all the time.

Perhaps due to the Cat Tyrant still being a true denizen, it rarely forces its will on a CAT, choosing to let them do as they want in general.

This said, most CATs are thoroughly brainwashed by the Cat Tyrant itself to at least think in ways similar to itself.

Self interest not being one of them as they generally are extremely loyal to the Cat Tyrant.

The resistance:
If you have followed the story up to now, the resistance is formed by groups of NPCs and mainly led by true denizens who survived the initial spread of the C-virus.

Witnessing the horrors of the CATs and their commanders, they swear to keep fighting at all cost or let M-chan be damned otherwise.

They gradually form up with reinforcements from the outer regions to form the alliance.

The outer regions:
M-chan was first discovered by a military expedition force sent by BT, so it is founded by soldiers who chose to develop the land and stay there.

Due to the initial disapproval and threat of war from BT, M-chan despatched several companies to build bases on various islands discovered between M-chan and BT.

These bases are self-sufficient as NPCs were sent there too, building up small communities beside the military installations.

Using usually advanced food production methods, these communities thrive and support the bases there at the same time.

This said, the conditions in the outer regions are hardly great. Many are often battered by regular storms and contact is typically hard to maintain.

The soldiers switch out amongst themselves between bases, with many military NPCs preferring not to live on the mainland as their future is rarely promising.

In fact, certain true denizens with particular hopes and dreams choose to train themselves in these regions.

The alliance:
Formed to defeat the Cat Tyrant, the alliance will serve to be a new front for M-chan next step as a nation.

But this is another story altogether and might be talked about in general detail sometime in a distant future…

Now then. End of exposition dump and back to the story…which is going to be on a weekly basis.

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