Chapter 4: A little sister unable to separate from her brother

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(Side: Yamato Takeru)

If I should explain about our household, I can say that I and Nadeshiko lives alone. Our father, a politician, lives in the city along with our mother who went to take care of him. Once in a while, our older sister, who is university student, come and visits us. Since Nadeshiko takes care of the housework, I’m not worried about my daily life. While that is perfectly fine, my school life as received fatal damage. Suspicions of me being a siscon is just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t even want to think about my status at school from tomorrow on.

«Nii-san, are you still worrying about it?»

«… How could I not?»
«There is no use crying over spilt milk. Just give it up»

There’s no way I can ignore my peaceful school life crumbling away so easily.

She’s always this calm when talking.

«With fear of repeating myself, outsiders are in the end just outsiders. I’m not worried about what others may say about our relationship. It’s a waste worrying about them and it makes life boring»

«…You are amazing being able to say that»

Not worrying about others.

People can’t normally mimic that side of hers.

«It’s not even a lie in the first place, only pure facts. Come on, Nii-san, wash my hair please?»

«… yeah, yeah. Don’t move then will you?»

I was washing my sister’s hair in the bathroom.

And, this is probably the biggest problem, we both sat in the bathtub.

I can say that this relationship has not changed since kindergarten.

… That’s probably why I ended up, carelessly or maybe unconsciously, agreeing with her earlier today.

I know that this is considered abnormal.

Siblings don’t usually enter the bath together, that I understand.

However, on top of being a habit, Nadeshiko strongly vetoed my proposals to enter the bath separately.

«I like Nii-san washing my hair the most»

The smell of women’s shampoo drifted throughout the bathroom.

It was embarrassing even when we both had towels, trying to ourselves.

The white skin peeking through the towels.

Well grown breasts, the pretty lines of her bottom.

Even though I’m used to it, I’m still aware of her growth. She was a beauty after all.

«What you are the most worried about is how the girls will see you from now on?»

«Not only that though… ugh*»

I was suddenly showered with the water hose.

The ice cold water splashed on the head and surprised me.

«I’m sorry, I think I may have twisted the tap»

«… That was on purpose right, Nadeshiko? Ugh, it’s so cold, ah-choo!»

«The fact that Nii-san is popular with other girls is bad in the first place. Don’t you think being interested in other girls other than me is wrong? Please think about it once more right?»

She said showing me her sulky, pouting face.

I continued washing her long, glossy hair.

«Nii-san, don’t you too feel uncomfortable whenever I’m eyeing other boys?»

«…Sorta, I can more or less see what you’re trying to say»

«There we have it. I’m don’t have feelings for other boys other than you Nii-san. Saying that, I do feel somewhat displeasured by how you overly try to spoil me. I’m worried that Ooce Nii-san lets your guard down, you will be distracted by someone else»

She turned around, her hair overflowing with foam.

«… You aren’t hiding something from me, like having a girlfriend behind my back?»

Flustered from the increasingly unpleasant mood, I turned on the tap»

«More importantly, don’t move when I’m washing your hair»

«U-Uu, don’t try to change the topic»

I washed away the foam with the warm water while caressing her hair.

It felt very smooth and silky.

Her hair has never been dyed, no rough strands at all.

Yamato Nadeshiko, as her name implies, a beautiful Japanese beauty. I wholeheartedly wished for her hair to stay that way for a long time.

«…Nii-san is a wonderful person. That’s why there are girls other than me who holds you dearly. That’s how it has always been, and that’s how it will be from now on»

«I’m not feeling that popular though»

«That’s because I’m thwarting every chances here and there»

My little sister casually just said something scary!

«I’m also a boy after all. Of course I’m interested in girls. Wanting to be popular is something else though»

«… That’s, because of how, Nii-san, my most important person, may want to taste how it feels to have a harem. So you’re saying you have such impudent desires? If so I have a plan on my own»

Once I was finished rinsing her hair, she suddenly started to throw off of her towel.

Seeing her white bottom for a moment through the gaps of the towel, I almost lost my calm.

Her overwhelming conduct as if to emphasize her large breasts.

«W-wait, stop, what’s gotten into you!?»

«I was planning on making Nii-san lust for no other than me»

«Wait, don’t be so hasty!»

«What a shock, to think that Nii-san would be this prone to infidelity»

I was desperately trying to stop the fuming Nadeshiko from undressing herself.

«Don’t take of that towel except cleaning yourself!»

We at least still had some rules despite taking a baths together.

Erotic things was prohibited in our house for example.

… If not, I would be worried about Nadeshiko nestling closer to me.

I still have my standards to follow, even if she was my sister.

«But now I know precisely why I have to seduce you or else»

«… Seducing or whatever, I think you are very charming already»


Hearing this, Nadeshiko blushed, while answering.

«I won’t be fooled by those words. Nii-san, I’m still angry!»

When she gets mad, she gets really angry.

It took quite a to pacify the furious Nadeshiko.

I could only apologize with «I’m sorry» in the end.

It should take a while longer to soothe her completely.

After leaving the bathtub, I wiped dry her hair with a towel.

«I prefer you doing it yourself rather than drying my hair with that dryer myself»

This is a slice of my daily life.

Why is a girl’s hair so different from a boy I wonder.

She seemed to have calmed down from me wiping dry her hair.

«Have you cheered up a bit?»

«I do, whenever you show me your love»

I was desperately inquiring about her mood while drying her hair.

«Nii-san… I have finally decided!»

«Decided on what?»

«I won’t hold back any longer. I’ve decided to sink your honor to the point where the girls at school will abandon you. I will drop your status to the bottom!»

«No way! Don’t add more oil to the fire please!?»

I wish for no more than for her to refrain from such actions.

Though my status among girls have dropped considerably ever since she entered the school.

«…If you promise to only love me, I will forgive you, Nii-san»

She said devilishly with an angelic smile plastered on her face.

My sister’s love is a load too heavy to bear…

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