M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 10: Attack of the Alliance, Part 2

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– Memory log 1: CPT (CAT) Putra –

Leaning back on my roller chair, I laughed till my sides hurt from watching a replay of CAT mechas raising from the grounds and blasting the smiles off the faces of the Alliance dogs who had moments ago wiped out legions of CATs.

A shout then silenced the whole room, demanding me to leave or otherwise observe quietly. The CAT that shouted this was none other than MAJ (CAT) Lurker, who showed up one day at the Church.

My memory isn’t that great, but I could still remember GEN Nathanael Li facing off against this mysterious intruder. Their battle was an entertaining one that I regret not having recorded as the General’s Vicious Wave attacks broke all my monitoring equipment in the area.

Though the intruder lost, the general had some weird interest, ordering him to be sent to the Oppai labs, where he was received a full-power memory wipe. Considering he has been faithfully executing his duties, I suppose I could let this one slide…

Getting up from my chair, I briefly waved my hand at the Major as I left the room, asking him to keep an eye on the situation. Though Cat has kindly offered me the rank of General, I have declined it as that would hamper my movement in this place.

After all, why stay in one place with all the power in the world when you can be watching exhilarating acts all over the place.

For now, I guess I will drop by the lab again to see if any particularly high powered battle has begun. After all, those tend to kill off my observers too fast.

I will then have to send one of my few newly completed obv-bots. But meh…I think I will go and observe one personally though…why watch recordings when I can watch a LIVE SHOW.

– End of memory log 1: CPT (CAT) Putra –


– Memory log 1: 1LT Jonathan –

I’m finally in the front of the battlefield I have sought for so long. But why is it that our enemies are so much more overwhelmingly powerful?!

Having been in the third wave of attackers, I watched as the first wave got decimated followed by the second due to the surprise attack of the CAT mechas.

Fortunately, I am now leading a company of Yanderes, due to the Officer Commanding getting killed by a giant piece of debris landing on him.

Although the yanderes are powerful, they have only been so much of a match for the giant monstrosities before us. With only numbers equivalent to the size of a platoon left, it’s only a matter of time before we are all wiped out.

If only I could master the arts of Yanderes like LTC Aiel. I still can’t grasp how this “power of love” makes a yandere so powerful that all the weapons in the world seem like nothing before it.

*ZZZZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM sound getting louder in the background*

What is th-?! *BOMEOHRUIEHFJDIOHTUOEJIKwwsd———————-*

Argh…my head…I can’t hear a thing…damn it. I think a missile just exploded nearby. Must get to a shelter…there’s one ahead! But wait. What of my ladies?

As I looked around me, parts of body parts were strewn all around me. Looking downwards, I finally realised a yandere had jumped onto me, in order to push me away while shielding me from a direct blast using her own body.

Her lifeless arms finally lost their grip and the remainder of her upper torso dropped to the ground. I could feel myself tearing up uncontrollably as my knees lost strength, causing me to kneeling the ground.

Crying for a few seconds, my hearing that was momentarily lost returned, and the sounds of the cruel battlefield snap me out of my self-consoling session. Raising to my feet, I looked around for survivors as I dashed for the ruins of a building nearby.

As I ran, I saw a body of a yandere belonging to my company lying face down on the ground. Judging from the facts all her body has not gotten blown up in anyway yet, I ran over and flipped her over, expecting to see a bloodied or even worse, smashed face.

Much to my surprise and happiness, she looked fine face up as well. Slinging back my rifle, I quickly princess carried her over into the house. Upon reaching, I tried feeling for a pulse, which was weak but still there. Her breathing however, had stopped.

Recalling the CPR training I had back in a training demonstration, I quickly followed the standard procedure of chest presses and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

In my desperation, I forgot to check if her breathing has returned. As I lower my head again in order to resuscitate her, she grabs me around the neck, and proceed to perform a long French kiss. When she finally let go, I fell back onto the ground breathless.

Looking at me, she licked her lips as she said, “Finally, it’s just me and you.”

– User mental capacity breached…ending log sequence –
– End of memory log 1: 1LT Jonathan –


– Memory log 1: 1LT Mark –

Having completed my previous mission of locating SC Simon, who was training himself in body and mind on Mount YATTA since his previous defeat against Cat Tyrant, my squad and I have been reassigned to the premise of Frontline HQ.

Under MG Simba’s direct command, we have no choice but to remain on standby as the battle rages over the past hour. In hopes of curbing my restlessness, I have been raising flags of yandere squad in preparation of a command to move out by the general.

As I walked on in the camp to locate my next target, I notice SC Simon briskly walking out of the base. Looking behind him, I saw MG Simba shouting at some guards, ordering them to provide cover for the general.

Considering he did not specify who in particular, I took it as an order to move out and sortie my yandere squad. As our Leader Simon has changed his pace into one of a sprinting, we took off after him at top speed.

This is now the time. The time for me to finally make my appearance in battle!

– End of memory log 1: 1LT Mark –


– Memory log 1: PVT (CAT) Nip –

NYAA! Assigned to the personal guard squad of COL Hitsun, I now stand at ready with my squad mates under my commander, 2LT (CAT) Yarn. Currently positioned at the top level of our holy Church, the colonel awaits his enemy, who he says is to arrive shortly.

As it seems nyan, my commander has just received word from the lower floors regarding the rapid ascent of an target, presumably the colonel’s enemy, nyaa!

But looking at the colonel gives me a bad nyaa…as he plays with his ball of yarn, he uses his finger to make a hole in it and proceed to put his shtick through the newly made hole.

With a purr, he then pulls it out in a quick motion. As it flies through the air, a shot of mayo milk hits it, covering the once nyavelous ball with its gooey attribute.

All of a sudden, COL Hitsun’s eyes focused with great intensity, and says “My enemy is here nya.” with a wide grin on his face.

As the arched doors of the grand hall got blown away, the “enemy” walks in slowly. Aiming our weapons at him, he maintains his pace without a sign of noticing our threat.

Approaching closer, I realised his appearance was of great similarity to COL Hitsun, except in human form. His shtick also stood in a similar erected positioned, ready for the coming battle.

Stopping 6 feet away from our colonel, he speaks “So this is Cat’s idea of a bad joke huh?”

“Nyaa~about that. I think the same as well…” replies COL Hitsun in a sensual tone.

Then at the same time, they both raise their voices, shouting “AFTER ALL, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE YAOI SHTICK!!!” as they charge towards one another.

The next moment was nothing more than a blinding light for me…as the two met head on in a clash against one another, causing a shockwave to knock us off our paws nyaa…

– User consciousness fading…terminating log –
– End of memory log 1: PVT (CAT) Nip –


– Memory log 3: 2LT Redshirt –

– User heartbeat detected. Proceeding with electrical boost –


YEEOWOOW!! Argh…my head…god…where am I now…

As  I got back up on my feet, the air was filled with smoke from the fires blazing around me. At the sight of this, I look for an opening in the room I was in.

Spotting a window, I dashed towards it and jumped out. Not a moment too soon, the building explodes behind me as a stray missile hits it. Doing a forward roll as I landed from my second floor dive, I got back up on my feet to get my bearings.

At this point, I was finally 200 metres away from the grand stairs of the Church. Having struggled to sneak by those CAT mechas after surviving their initial surprise attack, I took refuge in that building earlier in order to wait out the CAT mecha that was guarding the stairs. Unfortunately, another stray missile landed near the said building earlier; and the shockwave from the impact knocked me off my feet, causing me to hit my head somewhere and fainting for a while.

Making a dash forward, I covered the 200 metres in 30 seconds and started my ascent to the top. Though the top was at least over 400 steps up, I could already see a glimpse of a heated battle taking place at the top, with occasional flashes of light and an ominous gas cloud over the area.


Performing a quick 180 degree turn, I saw a blown up CAT mecha in flames as a large figure approached me through the flames. Coming closer, I recognised the man to be CPT Christian, the only man who ordered his own company back to Alliance HQ while promising to battle the share of each of his loli.

Wearing the costume of a brown bear with an unusually large head that has beady eyes and his face at where the mouth was supposed to be, the captain walked over to me, stretching out his arm to offer me a hand. Getting back up, we looked at each other with serious manly expression.

Nodding at one another, we begun our sprint up the steps. I could feel my body giving way with each step I took, as I have never been through so much in my life before and still being expected of so much more. My chest burned with an indescribable heat and tightened so much I thought my lungs would burst.

Despite of all this, I kept in pace with CPT Christian and after what felt like a millennium, the two of us cleared the last step and reached the area before the now broken doors of the church.

“Unforgivable.” was what I heard the Captain on my right mumble, before he leapt forward giving the CAT that was spraying some gas non stop a straight punch that sent it flying towards the wall.

Hearing a loud grinding sound, I turned to see a familiar mechanical contraption battling against a CAT with wings and a giant sword. It was MRC DarkCloud Asuno Hatsuko.

Noticing our presence, the angel cosplaying CAT jumped backwards, allowing his CAT companion that was smashed against the wall to join up with him. MRC DarkCloud Asuno Hatsuko let out an annoyed “Tsk” before moving over to us.

“So…these guys are?” I asked while looking at MRC Hatsuno. Before she could reply however, the CAT with wings spoke.

“I see we have new guests. Looks like Iron Lady over there won’t be dying as fast now.” says the CAT.

“Dying? I was just about to get about with shredding you and your uselessly large sword.” snaps MRC DarkCloud.

“Now now. Before I dispose of these rebels, I will give you all the honour of knowing the names of the two who are about to kill you.” says the CAT in an arrogant tone.

“I am CPT (CAT) Angel and my colleague here is CPT (CAT) Kaiki.”

“No need for introductions. I will kill Kaiki for his vicious acts committed. NO TRIAL REQUIRED.” interrupts CPT Christian as he raises his fist.

Raising my rifle, I fired a burst at CPT (CAT) Angel, who deflects my shot with his sword. Without another word, MRC DarkCloud dashes toward CPT (CAT) Angel while CPT Christian charges at CPT (CAT) Kaiki, leaving me to provide support from the sides.

Moving behind to a nearby CAT statue, I reloaded my rifle and checked my load-out while waiting for an opportunity to strike.

– User initiated log completion –

– End of memory log 3: 2LT Redshirt –

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