M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 11: Attack of the Alliance, Part 3

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– Memory log 1: CAT Steward –

Nyaa…given the honourable task of serving our god Sumeragi directly, I now stand on the roof garden waiting on his greatness who sits in the observation pavilion.

Our god lets out an occasional giggle as well as dissatisfied purrs while watching the battle occur across 32 monitors. As I set down another serving of sashimi with a plate of fresh milk, GEN Nathanael Li walks over to us from the elevator. Without turning around, our god speaks.

“General Nyaa…why hath thou not sent out our forces as instructed nyaa? I do believe I said to reclaim the land in a single sweep, nya?”

“Tirtha. The battle doesn’t not play out as simply as that.” replies the general.

“H-how rude nyaa. Watch your tone when speaking to the divine one nyo!”

“It’s fine nyaa~” says our god as he waves for me to stand down. “I will leave the battle to you as agreed. But fail to entertain me nyaa, and I will be forced to press a button sooner than expected, nyan.”

“Very well. But the battle will not disappoint. Do not expect to be pressing anything sooner than agreed.”

“Nyaa~? So be it. Now if you will excuse nya, I will carry on watching till the time of the summoning.” says our god as he motions for the general to take his leave.

Taking a bow, GEN Nathanael makes his leave after reporting to our god, who resumes his entertainment as I continue serving to its every needs.

– End of memory log 1: CAT Steward –


– Memory log 1: MG Simba –

Returning to the map table, I take a grim look at the current situation laid out before me. In the last two hours, we have lost a total of 4,000 men in our relentless assault. With another 4,000 on their way, our strength will return its original 12,000.

This said, it’s as SC Simon said earlier. We will not be able to push through without our Key Officers taking the lead. However, it is still way too early for Leader to head out by himself despite my warnings. Since our troops also needs to be micromanaged, I cannot do as our Leader has and abandon my command role.

As I stressed over the possibilities, I receive a message from Alliance HQ.

[“General Simba. This is Staff Tony. Our aircraft carriers have arrived from the outer regions to provide aerial support!”]

[“Excellent! Have their strength updated over Battlefield Control immediately!”]

[“Yes Sir!”]

From the monitor, we have a total of 10 carriers, each loaded with 12 jets, amounting to a total of 120 aircraft. From that number, a third of it were of the bomber class; another sixth of troop transport and the remainder as fighter class.

[“Tony. I want 10 bombers over the Church at the soonest possible timing with a fighter escort of 24. Have our Kuudere company board two troop crafts as well on standby 5 clicks from Frontline HQ, ready for deployment in an hour from now. Over and Out.”]

[“As commanded, Sir! Over and Out!”]

With our air force back in action, the tide of the battle should return to our favor again. Receiving further updates from the field, I return my attention to the situation before me.

– End of memory log 1: MG Simba –


– Memory log 1: MAJ John –

Making our way through this labyrinth of living quarters designed by CATs over the past hour, I can see these animals’ warped sense of humour like the poaching of a live fish with a wet towel over its head just to have it alive as it’s served to whoever ordered it.

As the curved corridor straightens, I can see a grand door ahead. Slowing our pace, we approach the door with quick quiet steps. Forming two rows at each side of the door, I raised my hand with three fingers, indicating a countdown before barging in.

With a single kick, the doors swung right open, revealing the well lit room within. To my surprise and slightly unexpected boner, we walked into what seems to be a milking room, with at least 20 over Oppai women getting milked by machines attached onto their bodies. Hearing a shocked “Nyaa!”, we turned to find a CAT in a lab coat shivering in fear after dropping its clipboard.

Walking over to it, I grab it by its neck, asking “Where’s the Tyrant?”

“Nya…I do-don’t know anything Nyan. I’m only a quality controller as ordered by his greatnyaa~”

“I will have you know” as I tighten my grip, “that I’m an expert at torture along with my men behind me. Now you better have something better than that for me before I decide you no longer need the ability to speak.”

“NYA! W-wait nyo. I er…I can bring you to the elevator I was in earlier this morning nyaa! Our general was taking iit up to the upper floors with me nya!”

Releasing the furry abomination, I signalled for MSG Khairul to keep watch over it as I glanced over the room again for any noteworthy objects. As these Oppais would be of no use in our coming battle, I gave the order to move on, having the CAT lead at gunpoint.

After a 5 minute walk, we reach an insignificant side door, that the CAT opens, revealing a short passageway with maintenance panels along the walls. Passing through it, we exit from the door at the opposite end, bringing us to a posh lift lobby.

“Nyaa…My access card only allows me to this level nya. Now will you please let me go nyon?”

“Is that so. Looks like someone has outlived its usefulness.”

“Nyoooo! Have mercy, great one! I’m no threat to ya! Please don’t kill me…” begs the CAT with teary eyes.

Raising my energy pistol, I zap the CAT three times in the chest and watch it fall into a slump, unconscious.

“Now, we have some hot wiring work to do. Khairul, go back through that corridor and see if there are any tools within those panels. Sanjay, lock the elevator at this level when it reaches. We will be opening the ventilator hatch of the lift to climb the service ladder. If there is none, then we will figure something out.”

With my men setting out to execute their respective roles, I could feel the moment of reckoning advancing towards me at godspeed.

– End of memory log 1: MAJ John –


– Memory log 1: MAJ (CAT) Lurker –

“There’s no preventing this, huh. Launch the NYAACATS! Have them prioritise the bombers!”

Positioned here at CAT High Command, I am currently supervising the battle under orders of GEN Nathanael. While attempting to deploy the minimum possible troops to counter the Alliance forces in hopes of giving them a chance to break through, I also have to do so prudently so as to avoid suspicions from the other CAT officers.

Surprisingly, the general himself ordered me to “save our best for last”, allowing me the much needed flexibility in holding back the deployment of our forces. This said, I’m shocked by the numerous CAT forces that lay hidden in the underground bunkers. If released now, they would no doubt wipe out the Alliance frontline in a matter of minutes.

As I timed myself to issue the order of deploying the fifth wave of CAT mechas, a panicked CAT soldier runs into the room, stumbling in front of me with a half baked salute.

“M-MAJ Lurknyaa! A CAT soldier reports a strange human voice heard from your room, nya! Upon search by a CAT squad, we discover your room to have been ransacked nya! We are currently attempting to find the intruders nyo! What are your orders with regard to this, nyon?”

“All right. Call off the search parties.”

“MAJ Lurker nyaa~?”

“It’s fine. I have an idea where these intruders are headed. Captain Catwalker. I hereby order you to stand in as Commanding Officer. I will go and deal with this problem myself.”

As I took a step in order to leave the room, a loud explosion shook the entire building. Turning out, a shaken CAT looks at me with frightened eyes and reports.

“Major! It’s the Alliance Leader nyaa~…!”

– End of memory log 1: MAJ (CAT) Lurker –


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