M-chan Wars: Rise and Fall of the Cat Tyrant – Chapter 13: The Cat Tyrant

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– Memory log 2: CAT Steward –

Nyon! As our god partakes in his fifth serving of morning tea, I walk back to the kitchen area to prepare for lunch. After giving some instructions to the chefs, I make my way back to the pavilion.

As I approached, I notice a group of CATs surrounding our god, along with four humans.

“NYAA! What you you doing nyaa! Stop your insolent behaviour immediately!” as I ran over.

Before I could reach, one of them turned and fired a shot at me, causing me to fall over in pain. Our god raises from his seat, and turns to face the infidels.

“Nyaa~No need for all this hostility. Why don’t you beg for mercy now? I’m very forgiving, don’t you nyon? Let’s start with you, John.”

Without a word, the man called John lobs a grenade into the pavilion, which promptly explodes into a gas cloud.


Moving my paw to my pocket, I quickly press a button that alerts the guards on the floor below. Barely having pressed the button, I was shocked to see a human in front of me.

“Lookie here, Major. We have a VERY naughty CAT.” he says as he pulls out a wrench.

“Khairul. I will leave the CAT to you. A Cat Tyrant is about to go through my full TREATMENT real soon.” replies MAJ John.

As I stared with great fear, the human brings down the wrench upon my poor furry body over and over…

– User consciousness fading…terminating log process –
– End of memory log 2: CAT Steward –


– Memory log 2: 2LT Syafri –

As MSG Khairul bashed the CAT serving the Cat Tyrant over and over with a wrench, slowly smashing the pound of flesh apart, I turned away in order to retain my composure.

With the gas cloud clearing, the figure of the Cat Tyrant Sumeragi could be seen once more. MAJ John walks towards Cat to see if it has fallen to their curse of catnip.

Before he reaches, the Cat swings its tail and strikes the Major across the chest, causing him to fly ten feets back. Upon seeing this, I shout the order to fire. After the CATs emptied their magazines, I walk towards the pavilion to see if the Tyrant has finally been killed.

Just as I took a step inside the pavilion, I heard MAJ John shout, “Get back! It’s a trap!” As I had turned to face the Major, I did not have the chance to look in front of me.

Thinking back, that was probably a stupid thing to do. Looking forward once more, I notice a tail stabbing in the stomach. Stumbling backwards, the tail withdrew itself from my body as I collapse.

As my vision fades, I watch as CPT Sanjay rushes forward to fight the Cat Tyrant…

– User consciousness fading…ending log process –
– End of memory log 2: 2LT Syafri –


– Memory log 2: 1LT Jonathan –

Hearing some ruckus aside from the noisy bombardment that was occurring, I stuck my head out a window from the ruins earlier to see SC Simon beating down the CAT mechas with ease.

At the sight of this, I knew it was my duty as a soldier to provide support to our Leader in any possible way. With Yandere Tia-san clinging closely to me, we set off after Leader who is at least a kilometre away now.

Suddenly, a group of shadows zip by us, apparently also chasing after Leader. Despite my efforts to catch up, I also managed to do so after running non-stop for around half an hour, when I heard a siren ringing across the battlefield.

In a matter of moments, massive numbers of enemy forces appears all around us, with SC Simon now facing against an unknown enemy wielding dual blades. Recognising my old friend 1LT Mark in the distance, we run over to his position in order to back him up.

My attempt was in vain as an explosion sends Mark and his squad flying in various directions. At the sight of this, I could feel my frustration building up again as I was powerless in the situation before me.

Before I got a chance to devalue myself again, MSG Tia pulls me back by the collar, barely avoiding a stray bullet. Falling over onto my backside, she kneels down and bends forward towards me.

With her face barely a centimetre close to mine, she say “Sir. Don’t you really want to see what a Yandere can do?”

Gathering my resolve, I replied with a firm yes. Hearing my reply, she gives me a peck on the cheek before saying, “Recharge complete~Now to make a species go extinct.”

– User initiated log completion –
– End of memory log 2: 1LT Jonathan –


– Memory log 1: MSG Khairul –

Seeing the bloody mess before me, I could finally feel my urge for gore subsiding. Turning around, I realise that in my excitement, I lost all sense of awareness for my surroundings as 2LT Syafri now kneels down in a slump with a gaping hole through his torso.

As CPT Sanjay attempts to fend off the berserk Cat, I move over to help MAJ john back up on his feet. The CATs that followed us now fled in fear as their commander is outwardly dead. Taking aim, I fire a few shots at Cat Tyrant in succession.

Unfortunately, the Cat has become something more devious in existence now, as my shots bounces harmlessly off it.

“Khairul! Lethal mode now!”

Switching over the lethal mode, MAJ John and I take aim once more in hopes of subduing the Tyrant. As CPT Sanjay gets his metal pole he picked up earlier knocked from his hands, we began firing on Cat continuously till we were out of ammunition. Unfazed, the Cat looked at us with lifeless eyes.

“Nyaa…what bad kittens you have been…first, you ruin my meal. Then you make a mess in be sacred garden. My displeasure is at its limit nyo…so away with you all.”

Waving its paw, cracks began appearing all over the ground.


“Nyo…that’s what they always say.” before turning its back on us.

As the ground breaks apart, we fall into the depths below, not knowing when we will reach the ground and our supposed end.

– User consciousness fading…ending log process –
– End of memory log 1: MSG Khairul –


– Memory log 2: MAJ (CAT) Lurker –

Despite my earlier attempt to leave CAT Command Centre, the appearance of SC Simon forced me to resume my command role as his appearance marked the execution of GEN (CAT) Nathanael’s order for deployment of second tier troops.

The Alliance aerial bomb run has also been stopped by our ridiculously overpowered Nyaacats that now circles the skies of our vicinity. With CAT forces slowly pushing outwards again, it’s but a matter of time till we break through the siege.

“Majoryaa! Incoming signal! It’s a Comms request from Alliance HQ, nyo!”

“Put them through. Let’s hear what the enemy has to say.”

As the static clears from the monitor, I was shocked to see CPT Kaiki appear on it.

“You…didn’t the resistance capture you?”

“Now now, Lurker-kun. Don’t go killing me off just yet! Wait till you get a grasp on this! Alliance HQ is now OURS! HAHAHHAHHAAAA!!!”

“…It’s Cat, wasn’t it?”

“BUT OF COURSE! What else could have convinced me to go under the knife just to have the C-Virus gas system built into me?”

“Then the clone was for laughs, I guess?”

“You gas? Of course you do. That’s why I’m now walking freely in their HQ. Anyway~ you can give the order for full deployment now. Them M-channers will never expect to get cornered from both sides when they see this!”

“The order is not for you to make, Captain. The general has also restricted the order for full deployment to himself and our god Tirtha.”

“Is that so…well I think it’s about time your little plot failed miserably, so Cat will gladly give the order?”

“What are you-” I asked as a CAT soldier stumbles into the room.


“WHAT IS IT NOW?!” I demanded.

“Our god just walked angrily into the Fire Command room nya! He…he has ordered us to ready for immediate fire!”


“AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Well then. Looks like Cat’s going to do it after all. Have fun trying to stop him now, Luuurrrkkeeerr-kkun.” says CPT Kaiki in a mocking tone before the Comms channel closes.

Running over to the Fire Command Room a floor above, I got in just in time to see Cat smashing down on the button. At the sight of this, I immediately pushed a button on the remote in my pocket, detonating several packs of C4 that I had planted over key locations of the Nyaa~vastator earlier.

“NYAA! What is this?! MY DEVICE DOES NOT SELF DESTRUCT!” shouts the Tyrant in its rage. “Fix it NYON! I WANT TO FIRE MY NYAAS~~~” before rolling about on the platform.

Walking up to pacify the childish Cat, it jumps back up before I get close enough to do so.

“MAJ Lurker, is it nya. Full deployment.”

“Your greatness, the enemy is already…”




“So be it. You there, escort his Majesty back to his garden. The rest of you! Fix this up quickly.”

As I left the room, I cursed under my breath as I attempt to think up of a plan to salvage the situation.

– End of memory log 2: MAJ (CAT) Lurker –

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