A Chivalry of the Failed Knight: Volume 4 Afterword

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Thank you very much for purchasing volume four of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan. I’m the author, Riku Misora.
Was volume four enjoyable? In this volume, Ikki-kun was awfully unlucky, right?

  • His older brother became the an errand-boy for a suspicious organization.
  • He encountered a wild attacker in the street.

  • He’s now followed by a very queer fan who’s a lot like the one from that Robert de Niro movie[1].
  • At the first round of the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival, he’ll have to fight the previous Festival’s champion.

Generally, that would be miserable. Surely it would be like the heavens trying to kill him. Well, that’s how his life is usually like, but his luck is F-rank too, right? It can’t be helped.

For that reason, the fifth volume will have a showdown between him and the current Seven Stars Sword King who shut down Raikiri last year, Yuudai Moroboshi. Because I’m revving up to write for a climactic feeling from scratch, please certainly look forward to it!

By the way, it was announced in the book wrapper, but Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan has finally started being made into a manga! For me, seeing my own work becoming a manga was a huge milestone, and I was very happy. The dream I couldn’t achieve with Danzai no Exceed and Kanojo no Koi ga Hanashitekurenai has now come true! This is all due to all of you readers who supported this work! I’m truly grateful! This afterword is for catching the eye of all the readers, because the first issue of the manga was published due to people online making a great commotion, so the manga was realized due to the support of all the readers. I hope everyone continues to follow it! I feel it can’t be helped if we all look forward to it!
Finally, everyone of the editorial department who’s always collaborating on revising the work, and Won-san who dived right into the new chapters and the huge amount of design work needed for the new characters, thank you very much. Because the images of Amane and Sara Bloodlily were so on the mark, I was greatly invigorated when I received them.

Also I would like to thank every reader who continued to support the work up through the fourth volume. If you continue to follow the story from the national arc that starts now all the way to the end of the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival, I’d be very happy.

Let’s meet again in volume five.


  1. The Fan, a 1996 film starring Robert De Niro as a knife salesman who stalks a baseball celebrity.

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