I am BACK!!! Finished with life, waiting to die.

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Hey Guys, Missed me?

I was a bit busy with life and couldn’t really do stuff. BUT now I am on break from University and will get back to translating.

Starting from the 10th this month I will be posting 1 regular chapters per week.

And after getting like a million mails and facebook PMs telling me to take donations and faster releases (geez guys), I have decided to take them.

But the thing is taking overseas donations via paypal in my country is a BIG no-go.

So I will be putting up Patreon and Steam (Yes, you can donate by gifting steam games) as the methods. But none of this before I post the next regular chapter.

One more thing is that I will at most do 2 sponsored chapters (if not less) because…life?

Anyways, see you on the 10th till the next time I suddenly go AFK!

And no, Baka-tsuki is still around, they haven’t pulled the plug…not yet.




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