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To start it off, Ads are gone. Yay~ Sure a lot of people are happy. Me too. No more arguing like a pre-teen Youtube sensation with advertisers on why they put porn on my site. And now to the donation part,

I am currently doing 1 regular chapter a week. I am an Engineering student so you have to understand I have no life.

But for every 60$ that is donated into my Patreon I will do 1 extra chapter with the maximum of 2 extra chapters per week. That makes 8-9 Extra chapters and 4-5 regular chapters per month. But, if I get more donations than expected I might take a weekend off to sit down and do a marathon to clear the queue.

Donations can easily be made via a Patreon pledge with Paypal. And the best thing is that everyone will be able to personally see how much I am getting pledged, which is great.

Learn More HERE.

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You can also donate by gifting me a steam game.

My Steam ID : (CatVI) (Be sure to add me as a friend)

Learn More HERE.

Gift a Game Clicking the Image Below!


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