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There’s been a lot of dissatisfaction on the long hiatus for Holy Maiden. Let me elaborate on a little something, it might come out as an excuse but here goes :-

I live in a fairly unknown country and the government here is a bit unstable. There are political tension between the 2-3 main parties everywhere.

When my exams were first announced, there was a public theft which led to gunfight between two factions in the university campus. The university closed down for 20 days or so. I of course spent that time studying, since the exams were still going to happen.

After the university finally opened and the first 2 exams were taken (we get 7 days gap before each exam), there was a local election. A lot of..err, ‘student politicians’ wanted to participate in it but there was exams. So they went on strike and closed down the university for 3 more weeks.

So when the uni opened again it took 3 more weeks of exam time and 10 days of practical+viva exams. After that I went to singapore for my yearly vacation missing 5 days of university just to wash away all the stress with good food (I think you should know why I, an engineering student would be so stressed considering the ‘circumstances’. And the uni gave a 15 day holiday, I stayed in sg for more.)

Right now the university has started again BUUUUUT!!! Students went on strike again (This time I joined in too, because the reason was good enough). The academic administration did something embarrassingly stupid and we had to stop it. So yeah,

The important thing is, —> DarkAmethist will be taking over Holy Maiden on this site. He is already working on it. Thanks for reading.

I’ll perhaps translate holy maiden with him too if I ever find the time, but mostly I will concentrate on youhei.

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