The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 1- At the Bar of Izu Town (Part 1) – Golden Haired Sister

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Translator : DarkAmethist

Editor : AvidReader, Hierarch

TLC : Kyureki

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“Hmmm…then after you had parted with the forest wolf, you were almost abducted by kelpies so you chose to sleep in a tree, but that tree was actually also a monster…just how stupid can you be …?”

“Leave me alone! It’s not like I did those things deliberately!”

This place was a bar in Izu, located in the middle of two large towns, Tido and Mishia. That said, the distance between Tido and Mishia was only half a day by horse, therefore, not many people used this place as a relay station. However, to the south of this town, there were some coal and ore mines, so this place became the base of miners.

Even so, 30 years had already passed since Izu’s golden age of mining, and thus the people who aimed for rare metal or making a fortune quickly had already left this area a long time ago. All that was left of this place were either the locals or those who have no backbone to leave even after the resources dried up. Since only such kind of people gathered in this place, naturally the local color turned bad. Though a little bit off from the highway, for an inn-town that connects two big towns in the east and the west, it had unusually bad public order.

“(I wonder what did this Sister do…)”

Usually, she hid it with her hood but this Sister actually has quite, no, really pretty looks. Her eyes are blue and her hair like transparent gold – an appearance that mirrors many nobles in metropolis cities. Usually, since a beautiful Sister like her tends to attract many types of danger, they will be guarded by a temple knight when doing their pilgrimage. However, this Sister was travelling alone. Even the ignorant Alfilis also thought that that was quite dangerous. But in actuality, even though she is one head lower than Alfilis, her skill with the sword and her strength were not a bit inferior than Alfilis’. Of course, that still holds true even when comparing their true ability and strength. There’s an incident before concerning her and some men when she was drinking heavily. It ended so pitifully for those men that Alfilis doesn’t even want to talk about it. For a young girl like her to travel alone, they should have strength to protect themselves or have their own reasons.

Anyhow, Sister Anorun was waiting for Alfilis, expecting her to come to Izu, though she didn’t expect that Alfilis was chased by monsters all the way there. The day when she arrived, because Sister Anorun teased her thoroughly, and doubled with her exhaustion, she only woke up past noon the next day. Also, because leaving the town at that time seemed troublesome, she decided to stay for one more night in the town. Fortunately, she currently didn’t have any trouble with money.

Though she hated staying for more than one night in that kind of ill-bred town, she judged it somewhat better than travelling in her current poor physical condition. However, that also means that Alfilis will be teased longer…

Suddenly Sister Anorun eyes turned serious.

“Even so, don’t kelpies usually only appear in big lakes? Also they usually only appear after a flood. As for small rivers, usually only in rivers in remote places, far from human settlements. And the plant monster—I think it’s treant, usually only appears in the far south. Perhaps we should inform the knight order or the church when we reach a big town.”

“What do you mean?”

While rotating the glass filled with water in her hand and creating a rattling sound, she answered,

“Listen. Monsters usually have low intellect, normally they won’t extend their living territory by themselves, though they might come to regain their previous living territory. The ones who like to demarcate others’ territory are just humans.

Even if they are monsters who extend their domain, it is usually only done by a single species for example comprised by forest wolves only or a group of goblins only. The case of multi-species extending their domain together like this time, is very likely because of the existence of a strong leader.”

“Strong leader?”

“That means there’s a possibility of the appearance of a monster that is usually called a ‘demon king’.”

“Demon king was the one who tried to destroy the world in the past right?”

Alfilis asked in half-doubt. For her, a demon king is only an existence inside legend after all. As she thought didn’t humans already exterminated the demon king, she suddenly remembered she once saw a request poster with ‘Subjugate Demon King!’ written on it.

However, Anorun denied Alfilis’ comment.

“That was too exaggerated. After all, in the past, the continent was occupied by monsters. Though there were demon kings that destroyed the country when human influence started to become greater, that kind of demon king no longer exists right now. The demon king you’re talking about is a legend-class demon king even among the demon kings, an individual who was able to leave their name in history.

As for now, ‘demon king’ is usually used as a title for strong monsters who are able to unify more than one species. That’s why, even though they were named ‘demon king’, their strength varies. By the way, to my knowledge, there are at least four demon kings that currently exist.”

“That many?”

“Actually there might more than that. Since the smarter ones will hide themselves. If they were not even heard of as a rumour then they might be a big shot.”

“Hmm… then perhaps even I can do something with those four?”

“Nope. It’s impossible for you.”


Though Alfilis show her discontent, the Sister didn’t change her expression.

“From the analysis though historical fact, a common demon king needs at least one army division, or in other words, 3000 people. After all, demon kings have a commanding ability to a certain extent. Well, that was a safe number, though, there were some who went to subjugate them with lower numbers, and if the country has magic warrior it will be easier to subjugate.

And there was also some parties who went to subjugate demon kings with only a few people like the hero parties, but there were not many of them.”

“So that’s why…”

“By the way, did you receive the rank insignia from the mercenary guild?”

“Well, I receive something like this.”

Alfilis took out the rank insignia from her waist and showed it to the Sister. The picture of a small sword was carved in the insignia.

“Hmm… this is for rank E. The lowest rank. Aren’t you completely beginner then? Though there were some cases where mercenaries were hired to subjugate demon kings, even the ordinary soldiers needed to be at least rank C. You need to diligently raise your rank first through mercenary jobs, then.”

“Well that’s true, but I must go to east first as my master instructed.”

“…Am I the only one who feels that you will never reach that place, I wonder?”

“That’s rude!”

Noticing that she was treated as a kid, Alfilis chugged the strong drink, but as expected she choked. Looking at her antics, the Sister grinned once again.

“There there, even if you said you’re an adult, you’re nothing but a child who has yet reach 20 so chugging it in one go is pushing it. Though alcohol is necessary when you need to gather information for your journey, don’t be overwhelmed by it.”

“Sister, you sound like you’re preaching.”

“Well, I am a Sister. Preaching defines our existence.”

She said it with a cheerful smile.

“Good grief… that said you’re pretty knowledgeable. When did you start your pilgrimage?”

“I think it has been around 10 years since I left the monastery which had taken care of me~”

“Eh…then you’re almost thir—“

“Did you say something!?”

There’s no laughter in her eyes when she’s pouring alcohol to Alfilis cup. Alfilis’ instinct told her that it’ll be dangerous to ask further, so she changed the topic in a hurry.

“By-by the way, Sister, where are you heading next?”

“I don’t have any destination in mind. Well, I will at least go to Mishia to report about the monster, though.”

“I’m also thinking of going to Mishia…So at least we will be together till there.”

“Well, that’s good. For a frail Sister like me, I’ll need protection from a strong mercenary.”

Looking at Anorun who winked at her, Alfilis endured the urge to say “Who is the frail Sister?” since she would make Alfilis accompany her to drink all night long if she said it.

“But, will the knight brigade listen to what a mere Sister says?”

“Oh my. Even though I look like this, even in main church, people who have a higher position than me only number a few you know? With this kind of position, I can even move some of our faction countries’ knight order for my own convenience.”

“Ar-are you serious?”

Though Alfilis felt that it was incredible, Sister’s expression told her that it was nothing to brag about.

“Well, to tell the truth, I just somehow ended up in this position. Though I didn’t have any interest in the position, somehow doing pilgrimage alone like this received high evaluation from the main church. “It’s truly a penance act of a holy woman,” they said. A holy woman doesn’t need any penance right? There are many weird people at main church.”

“To think that Sister is an important person, I feel the society is just wrong…”

“Why!? Well, even if I have a position I don’t intend to accept pupils. The applicants were a lot, but since I feel it’s troublesome, I went to the main church once and after I delivered a speech everyone withdrew.”

“Just asking, but what was your speech about?”

Looking at Alfilis who asked timidly, the Sister grinned.

“About how to deal with alcohol and men during your journey.”

“I can’t believe it…”

“The Archbishop’s pale face that time was a masterpiece! The Sisters who listened to my speech also splendidly fainted one by one, it was a great time.”

“My head hurts…”

She said it with her angel-like appearance. I wonder is there anyone in this world who able to see through her true nature from her looks alone.

“By the way, we keep talking about me. How about you talk about yourself too.”

“It’s boring though?”

“That’s not true. Secluding in the mountain for seven years is pretty unusual, and when we met the first time, it was summer but you wore a long chemise right? It’s because you wore that kind of stuff in that damned hot weather I took notice of you, you know? Well, it was also because of your height, looks, and black hair too though.”

“I don’t think a Sister should say something like ‘damned’.”

“Don’t change the topic. Well it’s not unusual for an adventurer to hide the lower part of their body, but you can use a robe or mantle right? You seems like absolutely don’t want to show your skin to others…is it an illness? Or is it a penance for a bad thing you did? If it’s the latter, how about telling me? This Sister will listen to you for a reasonable price.”

After saying all that, she emptied her cup in one go. Did she plan hearing confession in a drunken state?

“I need to pay? Well, it’s not like I did something…well perhaps I have…”

“If it’s something you can tell other saying it might be better for you. Even if I like this I am still a Sister, so I won’t spread it to others.”

“Hmm… Thank you. But my master ordered me to not tell others about it. However if someday it seems will affect Sister, I will tell you everything.”

“Alright, then I won’t ask further. However wearing something like that in the summer might attract attention you know. If I know something about it, I might able to lend you some of my wisdom.”


When Alfilis was on the verge thinking that perhaps it was fine to talk a bit about it with this Sister,

“Owner, alcohol! Give it quick!”

Together with the sudden coarse voice, a group of ill-bred lot entered the bar. Though the people inside can’t be said to be elegant either, the people who just entered looked worse by distinct amounts. Though it’s true we shouldn’t judge others by their looks, people’s habits were apparent from their outer appearance. Though Alfilis haven’t been travelling for long, because she met dangers many times, she can judge other’s danger level by looks. And those people who entered just now were the type who enjoy extorting and raping.

“I hope this won’t become something troublesome.”

The light in the Sister’s eyes which turned dim due to drinking a lot of alcohol returned. As I thought, I can’t make light of her, thought Alfilis.

“Should we return to our room?”

“And walk past their seat? Staying here is better since we’re on the edge, as long we don’t do anything conspicuous, they won’t notice.”

“Well, look, your Sister outfit is conspicuous you know.”

“Well, that’s true… Hei, you!”

The Sister called out to the men in front of her.

“Yes, what’s it, Sis-boss?”

“Call me Sister. Gather some big built men and hide those ill-bred stupid looking men from my sight. The alcohol started to taste bad.”


Those adult men move as instructed dejectedly.

“(Seriously, what did she do before I arrived here?)”

Naturally, that kind of thought flashed in Alfilis head.

“What is ‘Sis-Boss’?”

“Just let that slide. Anyhow this is fine, right? We won’t have anything to do with those bunch.”

“I think they are the ones who are out of luck if they get involved with you.”

“That’s some rude thing to say.”

“It’s the truth.”

It won’t be long from the time that conversation happened till they heard threatening words from that nasty looking bunch.

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