The Elf Is a Freeloader – Chapter 1 – Who are you?

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Translator : Tenryuu Izayoi

Editor: Kyureki

TLC : Kyureki

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“I’m dropping off!”


“Gotcha! Yasutaka-kun, thanks for your hard work!”


As he exchanged greetings with the plump statured, yet sociable store manager, the boy pushed open the door. A pleasant sound rang out from the cowbell above the door rattling as Yasutaka exited his part time workplace, the cafe “Aluum.”


It was currently the middle of May. Golden Week had already passed and it was one of the most pleasant times of the year.


Nevertheless, the surroundings would be pitch dark once it passed 7pm. Traveling along his usual commuting route which was illuminated by the street lights, Yasutaka walked leisurely to his house.


He had eaten the meal provided for staff at the cafe, so he didn’t need dinner.


Once he arrived home, the only things he would have to do were to complete the homework given out at school and getting into the bath.


What’s more, both of his parents were assigned to a new job post outside of the prefecture starting this spring, so there was no need for him to rush home since no one was there.


While feeling the night wind, Yasutaka slowly walked along the familiar scenery


Aichi Prefecture, Nisshin City.


A town that was closer to the countryside than the city.


Not rural enough to be considered the countryside, but not as developed to be considered the city.


Located in a region roughly 30 minutes by train from Nagoya city, one of Japan’s most prominent cities, the town has flourished to some extent in the last few years.


Even so, plenty of nature still remained and rice paddies and farms could be seen here and there.

Located about 10 to 15 minutes on foot from Nisshin Station, which was in the center of the town, was his house where he was living with his family until not too long ago.


The house was supposedly built by his grandfather. It was an old house, but the interior had been fully renovated, so Yasutaka found it comfortable enough.


“I’m home!”


Although he knew that there would not be a reply, Yasutaka said so reflexively when returning home out of habit of doing so for many years.

Although old, the house was plenty big. Until a little while ago, the lights would be lit when he returned home, and there would be a reply from his mother inside the house.


But now, the house would, as a matter of course, be pitch dark when he returned. As he felt a little lonely about that, Yasutaka made sure to lock the entranceway before heading to the living room.


Even if it was pitch dark, this was the house he had lived in for many years. Without losing his way, the first thing he did after entering the house was to turn on the lights in the hallway.


In an instant, the darkness was banished and warm, yellow-tinted light illuminated the hallway.


He reached the living room right away. Although it was a large house, it was still within the scale of an average household. It wasn’t a large mansion where it would take more than a minute to reach the living room, so that was to be expected.


Then he opened the living room door and pressed the light switch next to the door.


The darkness lurking in the living room vanished in an instant, white light taking its place.



In the living room that was illuminated with white light, Yasutaka discovered something unfamiliar.


The living room itself was the same as always.


A sofa set in the center. A somewhat large TV was placed at the window and on the opposite side was a large window from where you could get a view of the yard. It was possible to exit out to the yard from that window and his mother used to often go through it to hang out the laundry in the yard to dry.


Further inside the living room was a bar style kitchen. To go along with it was a dining table and 4 chairs. There were also other things such as cabinets and cupboards, but it was a commonplace living room with nothing particularly unusual.


Or it should have been.




Yasutaka once again checked the interior of the living room.


Yeah, no doubt. This is my house’s living room.


While muttering that in his mind, he took another look at the abnormality.


The interior of the living room was clearly different compared to when he left for his part time job a few hours ago.


Rather, there was only one thing different.




Pale blonde, long hair that reflected the electrical light and sparkled.


Clothes of unfamiliar material and design. They seemed somewhat like the clothes that would be seen in the manga that his childhood and best friend would read.


She appeared to be around 15 years old. The same as himself who is a first year high schooler or perhaps a little younger.


Slender, white limbs and build on the thin side. At the very least least, compared to his other childhood friend who had among the best proportions within the school, her body had meagre curves in various places.


Her eyelids were closed, so the color of her eyes were unknown, but she could still be considered quite the cutie or beauty.


And then her greatest characteristic was her long, pointed ears.




Seeing the girl in the middle of the room unconscious, or perhaps only sleeping, Yasutaka involuntarily let out a strange scream.



Just what in the world is going on?


Yasutaka thought frantically while staring at the girl collapsed on the wooden flooring.


The front door was properly locked when he had arrived back home. He himself had unlocked it, so that was without a doubt.


In that case, did the girl come in through the window?


Quickly moving his gaze, he looked at the window leading to the yard.


It was still bright out when he had left for his part-time job, so the curtains were left open. Thus the window’s lock could be clearly seen and he could confirm that it was still locked.


Of course, there were also no signs of breaking the surrounding glass and opening the lock.


Then was it from another window? The backdoor? Or perhaps from the second floor?


Various possibilities came to Yasutaka’s mind. Should he go confirm them, or would it be better to keep an eye on the girl?


After several minutes of standing still at the living room entrance thinking about this and that.


Yasutaka finally thought of something very important.


That was whether or not the girl before him was actually alive.


“Th, this isn’t… Rather than residential trespassing, this isn’t a corpse abandonment…right?”


In order to confirm whether she was alive or not, he would need to touch her.


But was it alright to touch her body in this situation?


For example, in case of this girl being a corpse, touching it would probably leave his fingerprints. From there, he might get taken in as a suspect.


“B… But… I can’t just leave it as is…right?”


The option to call the police did not come to his mind at this point for some reason. Even though, thinking carefully, calling the police would have settled everything peacefully.


The reason for that was probably because the collapsed person was a cute girl. If it was a filthy old-man, there was no doubt that he would have reported what he had discovered immediately.


For some reason, Yasutaka gradually approached the collapsed girl while sliding his feet.


Along the way, he happened to see the floor wiper which was meant for cleaning the living room floor leaning against the nearby wall.


Yasutaka reached out for the floor wiper and grabbed it. Then, he used the handle instead of the wiper side to slightly poke the collapsed girl.


At the same time, the collapsed girl moved about.

The girl who was collapsed sideways turned face up. At the same time, her long and pointed ears moved with a twitch.


It seemed that she was alive. With that, Yasutaka was a little relieved.

“But these…are ears…right…?”

Yasutaka stared fixedly at her ears.


Humans, or at least humans on Earth, do not have the same kind of ears.


There might be a tribe that has a custom of stretching out their ears, but in that case, they wouldn’t be stretched upward, but downward along with gravity since that was easier.


“…Is she…an alien…or something like that?”


Speaking of which, I recall seeing a sci-fi film where an alien with pointy ears appeared.


As he thought of that and took a closer look, her clothes somewhat looked like they might be a uniform that a spaceship crew member would wear.


“Did a spaceship have some kind of accident and make an emergency landing in this area…or something?”


It was a common occurrence in sci-fi films. In which case, if she materialized in the living room as a result of an emergency teleport out of a spaceship in an emergency situation, her being collapsed in the house despite it being locked up was plausible.


“In that case… I wonder if she’s injured.”


Timidly, Yasutaka extended his hand towards the collapsed girl.

At that moment.


The face of the girl who was laying face up suddenly turned facing in Yasutaka’s direction.


At the same time, her closed eyelids began twitching.


Before long, her eyelids lifted slowly, and the blue eyes hidden behind them became exposed.

“U, uhm… Are you alright? Do you have any injuries, or anything?”


The girl’s blue eyes gradually gained focused, and that focus was directed toward Yasutaka’s face.


Then her gaze was directed toward Yasutaka’s arm which was still reaching out towards herself.


After that, the girl’s gaze went back and forth between the face and arm of Yasutaka many times.


Then suddenly, her expression tensed abruptly and she raised her upper body.




Followed by her yelling as loud as she could.



The girl desperately crawled away from Yasutaka while on her butt.


Then her back bumped into the glass window that lead to the yard.


Thinking that she had nowhere left to retreat to, she checked behind herself in a fluster. And then when she saw that, although dark, there was a large yard on the other side of the glass window, she hastily stood up and tried to go out into the yard.




It seemed like the girl didn’t know how to open the window, and although she desperately tried to push it open, it was futile as it was a sliding door.


Before long, she noticed the lock attached to the window frame, but as she didn’t know how to open the lock, she desperately began fiddling with it with a loud rattling.


“Uhm… It won’t open even if you’re so rough with it you know? That window is locked, so if you don’t open the lock…”


Yasutaka spoke with as gentle a voice as he could to the girl who was desperately trying to open the window.


The girl turned around surprised by that voice. Fear could be clearly seen on her face.


“U, uhm…”


“Yarau!! Dea keruse itengu serauneen!!”


The girl cowered as if afraid of Yasutaka’s outstretched hand.


“A, are you…injured…? If you are, then I could apply some first aid…”


“Gaakyi…? Aaruten…?”


It seemed like she didn’t understand what he was saying. Judging so, Yasutaka worried about what to do.


“Injury. First aid. Can you understand?”


“Gaakyi… Aaruten…”


Yasutaka took another look at the girl before him.


She seemed to be a little shorter than himself who was 169 cm tall. Likely around 160 cm.


Her straight hair that stretched to the middle of her back was a pale blonde. Perhaps because she was collapsed on the floor, that hair was disheveled in several places.


The color of her big eyes were a beautiful blue. Within those eyes staring fixedly at himself was unmistakable wariness.


The girl refused to move away from the glass window that lead to the yard as if that was her only safety zone.


Just like a stray cat that had suddenly wandered into the house.


Yasutaka had an impression akin to that.


And then, that impression gave him an idea.


“Hey, are you by chance hungry? If it’s ok, I could make something simple…?”


Both of his parents had jobs since a long time ago, so housework had become one of Yasutaka’s fortes at some point in time. His skill at it had now reached the point of being able to be listed as one of his special skills.


Because of that, his parents were able to leave him behind with peace of mind as they went to their new job posts outside the prefecture.


After smiling to the girl, Yasutaka went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.


After confirming that there were cheese slices just as he recalled, he pulled out bread and mayonnaise, as well as lettuce from the vegetable compartment.


“Wait just a bit. It’ll be ready soon.”


Yasutaka took six slices of bread and cut them into thinner slices with a kitchen knife, then spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on them.


After that, he put cheese slices and lettuce between the bread and cut them vertically with the kitchen knife to make it easier to eat.

After making two more similar cheese and lettuce sandwiches, he placed them on a plate and brought it to the dining table.


Yasutaka pulled out one of the chairs at the table and pointed at it.


“Come on, sit here. It’s alright to eat this.”


He pointed at the chair, then he demonstrated sitting in the chair. And finally, he pointed at the girl.


Yasutaka intended to tell her, “You also sit like I am” through body language, but it was unknown whether or not that got through to her.


The girl was still refusing to move away from beside the window, but her gaze was glued to the cheese and lettuce sandwiches on the table.

Furthermore, she also had a hand on her stomach, so it seemed she was hungry.


“Go on right ahead.”


Gently telling her so, Yasutaka took a little distance from the table while smiling.


After he moved away from the table, the girl nervously moved away from the glass window.

And while staying cautious, she slowly approached the table. As she did so, she looked back and forth between Yasutaka and the cheese and lettuce sandwiches several times, likely so that she could run away immediately if he made any suspicious actions.


Seeing her like that, Yasutaka internally smiled wryly as he thought she really was like a cat.

When she finally arrived at the table, while still keeping her guard up, she reached out for a cheese and lettuce sandwich, then slowly began eating it.

“The Elf is a Freeloader” update.

This was the encounter of the two protagonists.


Well then, see you again next time.

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