The Elf Is a Freeloader – Chapter 2 – She Is an Extraterrestrial Elf?

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Translator : Tenryuu Izayoi

Editor : Hierarch

TLC : TheCatWalk

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The girl, ate Yasutaka’s special cheese and lettuce sandwich in the blink of an eye.

Yasutaka, while watching that pleasant appearance, called out to her who had finished eating.

“Want to drink something? If is Japanese tea I can make prepare it instantly ……If instantaneous is fine, there’s also coffee and black tea”

To that question, the girl tilted her head nodding.

Apparently her wariness had faded a little, her sharp gaze had disappeared.

As expected, the force of the food is great.

Yasutaka while thinking such a thing, decided on his own that from her appearance black tea would fit more than Japanese tea. He boiled hot water and prepared the black tea pack.

“The sugar……If I take it out together she can put it in herself”

That much she can do, he judged on his own again.

He poured the boiling water into the cup, and let the tea pack swim several times.

And then he held out the brewed black tea and a pot made of glass containing the sugar in front of the girl.

“Please while is warm”

Saying so, Yasutaka sat down in a chair facing the girl.

Their distance being much closer to each other than earlier. Still cautious, the girl was staring at Yasutaka fixedly.

“Adou rana?”

The girl tilted her neck and pointed the cup containing the tea, and the pot containing the sugar. It seems like she doesn’t know what black tea or sugar are, apparently she didn’t understand.

“This, drink it like this.”

Yasutaka put in a spoon of sugar in the cup of black tea that had been brewed by himself, and mixed it, then he showed carrying it to his mouth.

The girl too looked at it, and tottering she imitated Yasutaka’s hand movements.

She also put one spoon of sugar in the black tea like Yasutaka. It is not that it was to her liking, is just because Yasutaka did so.

And timidly sip the black tea. At that moment, surprise rose in her face.

“…… Shiaa ……”

From the situation and her facial expression, she probably said “delicious”.  Yasutaka felt so.

And they drank the black tea together.

Yasutaka once again thought about what to do after this.

“Anyway, I wonder if the words not getting through is a bottleneck ……”

Although if she understood the words, they could get a mutual explanation.

Really what to do? Yasutaka turned towards the girl that was in front of his eyes, and the girl was also staring at Yasutaka fixedly with slightly upturned eyes.

“W…..ell……wh, what?”

Although he knew his words were not understood, he opened his mouth unintentionally.

“Zakuinsu …… shia kurudokkua yaanen”

I wonder from which star in the universe is that language from? He didn’t remember hearing something like her words at all.

But, because she said something like “Yaanen” at the end, it might be Kansai dialect.

“Hahaha……As if that was the case ……eh?”¿

While he was retorting to his foolish thoughts in his mind, the girl removed the earring that she was wearing on her right ear, she put it in her palm and presented it to Yasutaka.

“Eh? Is it perhaps ……a gift? With the intention of the meal price? No, it can’t be. I don’t need such a thing at all.”

Yasutaka rejected while shaking his hand. However, the girl presented the earring to Yasutaka.

Eventually, the girl pointed to the earring in her palm, then she pointed to her right ear, finally she pointed to Yasutaka.

“What? Perhaps, do you mean that I wear this?”

When Yasutaka asked so, the girl smiled brightly and nodded.

While fascinated briefly by that smile, Yasutaka put the earring in his right ear as told.

At that moment.

“── my words, can you understand them?”


Since the girl began to speak Japanese, Yasutaka opened his eyes wide surprised.

“E, eh? You, did you speak Japanese?”

“Japanese……? No, am I not talking in the words of my race?”

“Words of your race ……?”

“Yes. Didn’t you ……help me? So, I’ll lend you this earrings with a translation effect. We can talk with this.”

“Earrings with a translation effect……Oh! I see. This earrings are a translator. Wow, as expected of alien technology. To have such a small translator, so amazing”

Yasutaka removed the earring from his ear for a moment, and stared at the translator earring fixedly.

He didn’t know the material well, a silver ring-shaped earrings of about two centimeters wide. Without decorations in particular, this is probably because it is a useful article rather than an ornament.


“Oh, I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

As he removed the earring he couldn’t understand the girl words again, so Yasutaka hurriedly put on the earring.

“As you helped me……and gave me food……I’m really thankful. And yet I only though of you as a partner of those fellows.”

“No, you don’t have to worry about it. But, those guys……eh?

In front of Yasutaka’s line of sight. Large tears emerged from the girl’s blue eyes. The tears began to flow immediately, flowing down the girl’s smooth cheeks.

“…… Coil …… Maitto …… Fuuri …… Uaa ah ah ah ah ah ah aah !!”

The girl cried in front of the eyes of Yasutaka and her face got soggy. She didn’t hesitate to do that in public, like a child crying, that conveyed to Yasutaka that she was extremely sad.

But, Yasutaka didn’t know what he could do. He could only wait for her to stop crying.

The girl that was crying soundly, stopped crying before long.

Yasutaka decided to brew her another cup of black tea.

“Th, thank you very much ……This is really delicious.”

The girl smiled frailly. That also moved the heart of Yasutaka lightly.

“Really? That ordinary instant black tea?”

“Eeeh……instant……? Eeeeeeh? Th, this black tea what is?”

Her big eyes opened even wider, the girl revealed surprise.

“B, by the way……In this room, there are a lot of things that I had not seen……And there is that big plate of glass inserted in that door……perhaps, is here the residence of a noble of somewhere”

The girl looked around the living room restlessly. And, she turned around to Yasutaka as if remembering something.

“B, by the way, even though you helped me I haven’t given you my name yet. I am called Erulula Zaphyra Fyrasilula.”

“Eh? Eh? Erulu……what was it?”

“Erulula Zaphyra Fyrasilula. An elf of the Zaphyra tribe. As I have an amazing name, please call me Eru.”

“An elf of the Zaphyra tribe.”

Perhaps, she means that she came from a star called Elf that belongs to the star system called Zaphyra. In other words, she is an elf extraterrestrial.

Yasutaka believing that she──Eru was an extraterrestrial, had concluded so.


He did not know a thing called Elf.

“A, although there are some things that I don’t know well, I am Akatsuka Yasutaka. A high school student from the public high school near here.”

“Public high school ……? High school student……? Well … I also do not know some things as well … Also Akatsuka-san …?”

“Ah! Yasutaka is fine.  Because that way is by name.”

“Then, Yasutaka-san. I also haven’t seen clothes like those Yasutaka-san is wearing…… And the black tea from just now was excellent, is Yasutaka-san a noble after all?”

“No, noble……? Ahaha, there’s no way. Because my house is just a small inherited simple middle class one.”

“There is no way. Because there is no reason for common people to drink such a thing as black tea. Also, is clear to such extent, and it has such a good smell, is the first time ……I’ve drunk a delicious black tea of such a high grade. The ordinary common people drink a black tea of a more inferior quality. Perhaps, there’s a cultivation of black tea in Yasutaka’s house.”

In the Nisshin City where Yasutaka lives, numerous farmers have cultivated many rice on several farms. There are also other houses which own plantations, but as expected he has not heard a story about there being a black tea cultivation. Of course, there is no fact that his house has been growing tea.

While Yasutaka was thinking such a thing, Eru began to stare at the surface of the table fixedly.

“The surface of this desk, how is the surface of this very smooth and clean…… wood shining so smoothly like this……, not even the best elf craftsmen who excel in woodworking can……”

“Smooth shine……, this, isn’t it a cheap table varnished to mere plywood?”

Certainly this ordinary set of tables and chairs for meals they were using, should have been found in a closing special sale of a furniture store somewhere. He remembered that when they could buy it for a price of 20,000 yen or less, his parent were very pleased.

But, it was pointless as Eru wasn’t listening Yasutaka’s words, at this moment she was staring at the pot of glass that contained the sugar.

“This, is a thing manufactured with crystal……even with just this size, the crystal source must be considerably large……to be this thin and not cloudy, and the surface was processed so smoothly……I can’t believe it. Also ……”

Eru opened the lid of the glass pot, and checked the smell of sugar inside.

“Although I thought about the possibility when you put it in the black tea, this smell……this, is it perhaps……sugar?”

“Y, yeah. But isn’t it just white sugar……?”

“Wh, white sugar!?”

Eru jumped of surprise.

“If, if we talk about white sugar, is a high quality sugar, furthermore is a top quality product!! Even though I’ve heard that an amount of around a thumbnail costs one gold coin……th, that white sugar to be so much like this……I, I wonder around how much……?”

This white sugar, which was common to be bought for ninety-eight yen a bag in the sale of the local supermarket, it was not a luxury good at all.

It seems, that in her star sugar seems to belong to luxury goods. Yasutaka concluded.

“……B, by the way, although is strange to hear such a thing this late……I, I wonder where is this place? I am an elf from the Jimunishiera’s big tree ocean body that is inside Lexus Kingdom, I am an adventurer affiliated to the adventurer guild Prius town, but…… this is not ……Lexus Kingdom……right?”

She was forcefully transitioned to somewhere far away. Eru also noticed that somehow.

The place where she woke up, she had not seen it until then. Also, from the look outside of the door that had inserted a big plate of transparent crystal, although it seemed that currently was night, inside the room it was as bright as daytime. Apparently, a very powerful light magic has been lit.

And, the cause that she has transitioned. She had a clue.

That dagger. When challenging the dungeon together with her friends, there they found that dagger with hidden magic. What kind of magic was hidden was unknown, but it seems like it was imbued with transition magic.

At that time, she struggled with the adventurer that killed her companions, and the dagger fell from the inertia. Perhaps when it was extracted from the sheath, the hidden magic got triggered, and she got transitioned from that place.

As Eru was considering so, she believed that there was no doubt about it.

If so, she wondered where this place was.

She didn’t think that it was inside of Lexus kingdom.

The things inside this room, and the clothes that Yasutaka who helped her was wearing, she hadn’t seen at all.

From those reasons, Eru had concluded that this place was not in Lexus kingdom.

If this was not Lexus Kingdom, it was still good if it was in the neighboring country. If wrong, there was the possibility that she had moved to another continent.

While Eru was thinking about such a thing, the answer of Yasutaka was the name of a country that she didn’t know about.

“Well……this is the country of Japan. We’re actually in the Aichi prefecture of this country. Specifically, the Nissin city which is situated within the Aichi prefecture.”

“Nihon? Aichi prefecture? Nisshin city? ……Those are also places I haven’t heard”

“Well, that’s right. Because here is the Earth.”

“Ear …th…?”

“Yeah. So, now, there’s a thing I want to hear from Eru, is that fine?”

“Ah, Y, yes, what is it?”

“Where is the Elf star where Eru lived? Is it in the Milkyway? Or is it in Andromeda? Also, the spaceship in which you came is it concealed near here? I wonder, is it fine if I inspect inside your space ship?”


The mutual understanding of those two was still distant.

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