Estranger in the Sky Chapter 2 [I Don’t Want to Sleep!]

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Translator: Darkamethist

Editor: AvidReader


So just to revive this project. But it is unknown whether the translator will continue this.





I suddenly woke up…in my own bed. When I look around there’s no pterosaur, and when I look at my body, I’m not a woman. As I feel relieved, I go to flop down again on my bed.

However, I was startled midway and get up hastily, then look at the clock.

“I-I am late!”

In a fluster, I jump down from my bed and quickly undressed.

“Why didn’t you wake me up…?”

Walking down the stairs from the second floor, I glare at my mother’s back who was currently in the kitchen.

“I did. But you didn’t wake up.”

As she turned around and handed over miso soup to my sister, she said in lamentation,

“You were even shouting ‘mode change’ or something…”

“You watched too much anime.”

My sister, Ayako said that while eating her breakfast without even looking at me.

“Aniki. You’ve been shouting since midnight, it’s annoying.”

Ayako’s room is the next of mine.

“Are you alright? Did something trouble you?”

“Impossible! Aniki is just an otaku!”

Ayako cut off my mother’s words, left her seat and took her bag.

“Have a safe trip.”


Glancing at me who going to take a seat, Ayako said,

“Aniki, when did you get an earring? It doesn’t suit you~”

After said that she headed off to school, grimacing.


I was surprised and timidly touch my ear.

“Oh, you wear a ring too?”

My mother was a bit surprised.


I looked at my left hand which I used to touch my ear. On the ring finger of my left hand, there’s a ring.

“Did you perhaps get a girlfriend?”

Hearing my mother’s question which was mixed with happiness, I reflexively shook my head.

“Figures~. Well, at least my son has finally shown some interest in women~”


I feel extremely exhausted. Somehow, I was on time for the first period and reached my seat but the intense sleepiness made me unsteady.

Noticing my condition that looks like pendulum puppet,

“What is it, Akaboshi? Is my lesson that boring?”

The math teacher stopped writing, turned back and glared at me.

“, of not…”

Even though I said that, I still look like I’ll almost fall off my chair.


The moment the chalk he threw hit my forehead, I…fall over onto my desk, and fall asleep.

And then I arrived in an unknown world…again.


I heard a voice, from the earring.

“Don’t just stand there! Let’s go get some points!”

“What happened…to me…”

“Stop worrying! If you’ve time to worry, use it to get some points!”

“Who…who are you really?”

“Didn’t I say it yesterday? I’m the Hero!”

“Hero? …Where’s this place…”

“The world I live in. Well, it’s different from yours.”


“Haa….So I need to explain it from the beginning, huh?! What a pain…”

Artemia sighed.

“This world…different from yours which developed towards science, this world developed towards magic.”

“But…the buildings and clothes are similar…”

“Of course! What you imagined is a Middle Ages world, but we are in modern times!”

It seems Artemia can draw out information from my brain.

Slowly, while observing the downtown, I walked.

Some people use magic in the buildings that were destroyed by pterosaur just now.
On their head, there were helmets with “Safety First! Magic Construction” written on them.

“This world is…well, you could say it’s another possibility on how the universe developed.”

As if proving her words, there was a convenience store there.

Though it was a corporation I know nothing of.

“Also…absolutely never lose the card in your pocket.”

From my school uniform, I took a card which came from who knows where.

“Points are used anywhere and everywhere as the currency of this world. Even when you used magic, you’ll need points.”

“I, I see…”

While I expecting how much I have, I look at the card. What displayed there are my current points…the current amount is…zero.

“If you exterminate human or monsters, other than pets of course…or even doing jobs normally, you’ll be able to get points.”

Even while feeling a bit dejected, I look hard at the card.

“But…rather than working diligently, killing monsters gives more points. And you can also level up.”


“Look at the topmost part of the card.”


I tilted my head.

After laughing out loud, Arthemia explains to me.

“It’s at the level of an infant.”


“Well, you’re not even a combatant. Normal people usually have levels of 5 to 11. You can use everyday magic after level 5.”

“Then…how about me..?”

“You can’t use magic, and since you’ve zero points, you won’t be able to buy food.”

Weakly, I crumbled in that place.

“Don’t worry. Just go to the alleyway over there.”

Obeying her words, I enter the alleyway between the convenience store and a multi-storey building. In this narrow alleyway, there was a garbage dump for the convenience store or perhaps a restaurant. And just like my world, it was full of cockroaches and rats.

“The rats…seems impossible…just step on that cockroaches.”

Hearing her words, I was startled.


“Quick, step on it. It’s an order.”

Against Arthemia words that didn’t allow refusal, I…step on one cockroach.

[Point Get!]

The card rang.

It’s only 1 point but I still received points.

“Pest extermination also a job.”

After said that she ordered me.

“Since you’ve one point, we can do this! Now shout! Mode Change!”

“Mode Change!”

I shout in desperation.

Light envelop me.

“Call on the Venus!”

I turned into Arthemia.

In a flash, the level displayed in the card shot up to level 108.

“Let me tell you.”

While waving the card in one hand, she started walking.

“In this world…”

The place Arthemia went after leaving the alley is…

Opening the door with much vigor, Arthemia enters an unknown shop.



This shop full of grim uncles with a smile in their face.

Point Usurer. Grey Points.

The people inside the shop freeze up looking at Arthemia.

Without minding them, Arthemia walked into the innermost seat in the shop and stopped in front of the man with the best attire, a man with a navy blue suit.

Sitting comfortably on the sofa, she said to the man.

“Points. 1 million.”

The face of the man that seemed to be the manager cramped.

“This place is…for common people…”

After laughing for a bit, Arthemia glares at him.

“Your life…”

After looking around the shop, she showed a full face smile.

“is pretty short. Good work.”

Hearing that word, that man straighten his back and bowed his head deeply.

“To, today we only have six hundred thousand.”

“Hoohh.. so only six hundred thousand huh.”

“I’m sorry…But usually…a normal working adult can only earn 1000 points a month…”

Hearing that man’s words, she smiled widely and with a chop of her hand, she split the table into two, easily.

“I don’t need your crap.”

In the place of the shuddering man, I reflexively interject.

“Errmm…Isn’t this a bit cruel?”

“Then…you. Kill one million cockroaches.”

Arthemia said it with a threatening voice.


Several seconds later.

“Thank you.”

Inserting the card that was now filled with points to her breast pocket, Arthemia stands up from the sofa while smiling. However, she suddenly took a sword from who knows where and hit the neck of that man lightly.

“Wha…what is it…Is there something displeased you…?”

That man raised both of his hands.

With a charming smile still plastered on her face, she pressed the tip of her sword into that man’s neck.

“You don’t know~?”

“Wha..what is it?”

“You are~ the manager of this place right~? You must know some back room intelligence~ right~?”

“Wha..what is it?”


Clicking her tongue, she drew her face closer to that man’s face.

“The one who stole my weapon… Change the Heart.”

“I-I don’t know.”


Arthemia poked that man’s neck lightly with the tip of her sword.

“I..I heard it was not…stolen. But forgotten because…you’re…too engrossed in the racing track…”

Arthemia stabs the man’s neck lightly.

“You just reminded me of something unpleasant.”


That man shrieked.

Because she lost her bet at that racing track, Arthemia lost all her points, and she even lost her weapon. And it happened before the fight with the demon king.

Though she got some points after she ripped off some old-man there…but in the end, fighting without her weapon spelled her doom.

“Spit it out! Who took my Change the Heart!”

“Tha..that weapon is your personal weapon… without at least level 30, there’s no one who would be able to use it. That kind of stuff…no normal human will take it. Therefore…”


The man’s neck full of light wounds at this point of time.

“Therefore…according to the rumor… A werewolf took it.”

“Yes. The Marshmallow Forest werewolf.”

“Machine Arm Vay huh…”

It seems Arthemia know him.

“Alright. Thank you.”

Arthemia tossed the sword away.

Then that sword stabbed the frame where the shop’s mottos were written.
Right at the phrase ‘customer is number one’.

“That sounds like a lie.”

After exiting the shop Arthemia stretching her back.

“Well, Marshmallow Forest is close by.”

People who walked in front the shop, quickly walked away when they saw Arthemia.

Ignoring all of that, Arthemia was in good mood.

“Since I have points, lets’ do some summoning.”

Arthemia took the card out of her breast pocket and began typing.

(Password Clear. Begin Summoning)

Suddenly a hole appeared in the space in front of her and a motorcycle appeared from the hole.

Though I said motorcycle, it has no tires.

Arthemia put her card in the middle of its handlebar and the motorcycle started up.

And when it recognized Arthemia’s level, the motorcycle started to change.

“What’s happening!?”

I can’t believe my eyes.

“This world’s vehicle performance changes according to the driver’s level.”

Swallow-like wings appeared on the motorcycle.

“Let’s go!”

In that instant…

“Ah, great…you finally woke up, Akaboshi-kun.”

In the middle of bed…I woke up.

It seems I became unconscious after being hit by teacher’s chalk.

And it seems they brought me…to the school infirmary.

“It seems the chalk hit a bad spot, huh.”

The member of health committee, Sasaki Eri, stood beside me.

And then I noticed.

(It’s just the two of us in the infirmary!?)

I started forgot the incomprehensible stuff from before and, as I notice that, my face turned bright red.

I had always admired Sasaki.



Sasaki smiled pleasantly.

“Since you’ve come to, and seem fine… I’m going to return to the classroom.”


Without even a slight hesitation, she left the infirmary.

My moment of happiness didn’t last long.

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