Spear of Thunder – Etranger of the Sky Chapter 1 [Where Is This?]

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Translator : NYANewbie

Editor : Cidra Inu

TLC :ObsidianDemon, TheCatWalk


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Thus, I was persuaded by an extraordinarily beautiful girl, and somehow submissively nodded. I came from another world. Even though I came from a different world, the town looks no different than I knew it to be.

The only difference is; the existence of magic, the people who can use it, and that swordsman became a common sight.

And yet, the clothes didn’t change at all.

“What did you expect! Something like Fin*l Fantasy?”

Artemia, who read my thoughts, cursed.

(Not at all, it’s all become uncensored, though.)

The surrounding didn’t give me, who was wearing a school uniform too much attention.  Certainly, a common school’s uniform wasn’t too appealing. Using black as the only color in it was too plain. There’s no one who looked this way.

(But, is it really a different world?)

After seeing the students wearing the same school uniform, a voice came from my piercing that was attached against my will.

“Let’s eat something!”

I muttered some objection. I tried to detach this piercing so many times, but it wouldn’t come off.

“It’s useless, just stop it already!”

A sigh came from my piercing.

“Turn around! It’s a goblin!”

Suddenly, someone screamed. The whole town became panicked in an instant.

Everyone hurriedly hid inside a building, the only one who stood in the street was me. Without knowing the reason and unable to move, a shadow that came from the sky had landed in front of me, and my vision became darker.


In front of my eyes, a 3-meter goblin was standing in front of me before I knew it.

It’s becoming more unrealistic. With my jaw dropping, I looked absentmindedly on the tip of my nose. A smelly acid dripped from the goblin.



With a strange voice, the goblin’s fist passed above my head, blowing off outside of the yakiniku shop’s signboard .

“You almost died, dangerous isn’t it ~”

Even the dull voice that came from my piercing couldn’t be heard.

I realized from the outside of my vision, that my cheek had been wounded by the pieces of the signboard that flew right in at me at unbelievable speeds.

“It hurts… It hurts… It hurts…?”

The sensation brought me back to reality.

“It huuuuurts!”

I panicked when the unexpected pain ran through my brain.

“It’s not a dream?”

The goblin roared.


I couldn’t do anything because of my fear.

“Hey, you”

A voice came from my piercing, and this time, I heard it.

“Do you remember the ring that I gave you before?”

Slowly, I moved my body again and took a step back.

“Put it on now!”

Being urged by the piercing’s angry voice, I tried to reach in my pocket -as I trembled- I put the ring on my left hand.

“Alright! Now, shout! Like when you meet a cute, beautiful woman: ‘It’s a waste for me! It’s the most happiest thing in life! Aah, what a blessing. Your beauty is a crime. Mode Change’ , Say it!” (TN: It seems like an incantation, like the one in Kore Wa Zombie Desuka)

The goblin’s stinking smell had caught on me.

“ I-I can’t say it!”

I cried out in panic.

“I-If it’s a dream, hurry up and wake up!”

“Are you an idiot! Don’t you remember it? It can’t be helped then. Try to shorten it. Say Mode change!”



Again, after being urged with an angry voice I closed my eyes and put all my strength to shout.

“Mo-Mo-Mo-Mode change!”

Then, the ring began to glow and envelop my body.

And in that instant, I saw a dream… that beautiful girl made an appearance.

“Come forth, Venus!”

After the pause, the girl with a white one-piece dress shook her head.

“Aah, annoying”

With a yawn, she delivered a back-handed blow to the goblin’s face.

And in an instant, the goblin’s head flew into the sky and exploded.

“Points Acquired! 15 points.”

A voice came from nowhere.

“Now, let’s see.”

The girl pulled out a card from her breast and sighed.

It seems like the voice came from this card.

“As I thought, once you die the points become zero.”

As she folded back the card, her face frowned.


Even now, I couldn’t understand the situation. And thus, I called out to the girl.

“Ah, I forgot!”

She touched the piercing.

Right, my voice was coming from the piercing.

“When I have materialized, you’re right here.”

The girl flicked the piercing with her finger.

“Hey, hey, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Do I have to explain it?”

“J-just in case…”

“So annoying.”

The girl scratched her head.

“You know, I died once. In the middle of battling the devil king.”

And then, she stretched.

“That’s-Why! I need a body!

She trampled the goblin’s head which was severed from the body and kept walking.

“Devil king? fighting with him? I totally don’t understand.”

“Do you have a problem with your brain?”

As she inserted the card with her finger, the shop’s door opened.

“In short, you’re a hero. And my representative.”


I murmured.


The store is a small bar.


The waitress’s smiling face cramped instantly. And a beer that was placed on the tray fell.

The surrounding guests’ smiles also disappeared. The one’s holding a glass or knife also froze.

And, in an instant, the shop’s lively atmosphere disappeared.


From the waitress’ scream, the whole bar became panicked.

“Shit! It’s the trampling Artemia!”

“The blonde demon!”

“The heavy drinker Artemia!”

“Wasn’t she already dead?!”

“I thought she died at the hands of the demon lord!”

The store was wrapped up in a shriek and became noisy.

Without minding these things, Artemia walked into the shop, and people automatically opened a path for her.

Seeing that, I inquired her.

“H-hero? To be called such…”


As she said that, she leaned onto the counter.

“A hero isn’t only to be respected… But also to be feared, you know.”

Artemia winked to the man inside the counter.

“Master, the usual” (TN: Master as in the bartender)

Even he was startled, as he tried to wring out his words.

“The usual, is it? May I ask what the usual is?”

While smiling, Artemia said.

“The usual.”

She repeated once again.

The man’s fingertip trembled.

“T-the usual, there’re various of it… to give… something to drink is it?”

“You don’t even understand that?”

She grabbed his collar and pulled him over the counter. Then whispered into his ear.

“It’s beer you know! Is there anything else?”

“I-I-I’m sorry! I’ll prepare it as soon as possible.”

“Don’t keep me waiting!”

She released him onto the counter with one hand.


She drank the whiskey that was served in one gulp.

“Kuuuu~. It’s tasty!”

As she put the empty glass on the counter, she said.

“Seconds please!”


His and my voice collided one after another.

“What is it?”

She glared at the bartender.

Even after being glared at, he said.

“A second, is it?”

“Is it the money?”

She showed her card.

“I can pay it you know.”

“E-even so… until just now…”

He looked Artemia with upturned eyes.


With that word, it ended.

After that, Artemia said,

“Thanks for the treat.”

And just like that, she walked outside.

“Umm, the second?”

The bartender’s lifeless voice sounded.

In the end, it was just one beer today.


After going outside from the shop, around 20 men surrounded Artemia. Everyone was also holding weapons in their arms.

“I thought you were dead?”

“If you’re alive, then pay your bill!”

“E-Even if it’s a little, it’s okay.”

Even with weapons, these guys seemed nervous.


As she glared at these guys, they took a step back.

“D-Don’t be afraid!”

As they grasped their weapons tightly, they all nodded.


Artemia ignored my voice and narrowed her eyes at the sky.

These peoples’ face became more nervous.

“Is something wrong?”

As I thought, my voice was still ignored.

“They’ve come.”

As Artemia murmured, she closed in on the people who surround her. Suddenly, she grabbed one of their swords.

“Lend it to me!”


As the mysterious shriek was heard, the cloud was cleaved, and a sudden gust blew violently. It blew the people who were surrounding Artemia into the sky.


As the street tumbled, they panicked, and somehow the wind stopped. As they looked at the sky, someone shouted.

“I-It’s a Pterosaur!”

“Why is it here?”

In the middle of the people who are trying to run, Artemia looked at her card as she was yawning.

“With just 15 points, I can’t even transform.”

The Pterosaur flapped its wings, and a more violent gust came.


Artemia grasped the one’s collar who hid behind her.

“All of your points, lend it!”


Even as they were startled, they obediently gave her their cards.

Artemia collected their cards and transferred the points to her card.

“Alright! 100 points”


The Pterosaur’s huge shadow covered the people in the street.

As it noticed Artemia and the people beside her, it opened it’s mouth and fired a ball of fire


Artemia kicked away the guys’ who were trying to cover their heads.

“You’re a hindrance!”

And then, with one swing of the sword, that fireball was split in half.

The fireball which was cut exploded and the surrounding buildings burst into flames. In an instant, the building’s surface dissolved like a candle.

“Mode change!”

As she shouted that, Artemia’s white one-piece changed into a black suit. (TN: like saber in fate/zero)

And in an instant, she jumped onto a 30-floor building’s rooftop.


As she snorted her nose, she fixed her sunglasses with her fingertip.

This mode was… something I knew of. Flash-mode, referred to as Black Flash… It changed the user’s specialty to speed… Artemia’s 1st transformation.

That and another was—

The sky above Artemia formed rain clouds.

The Pterosaur noticed Artemia who stood on the rooftop, and once again opened it’s mouth in her direction.

But, the fire didn’t come out.

From the rain cloud, a thunder dropped and hit the Pterosaur’s neck.

No, that wasn’t thunder.

That was the sword-wielding Artemia.

As she passed through the Pterosaur’s neck, she dropped to the street.

With an impact, the ground became a crater, as Artemia stood in the center.

(Points remaining, 0)


Her body was wrapped up in light again, and it turned back into my body.

And just like that… I collapsed on the spot.

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