The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 1- At Izu Town’s Bar (Part 2) – Great Disturbance

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Translator : DarkAmethist

Editor : Hierarch

TLC : Kyureki

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“Oi oi, youngster, did you say something, hah!?”

“I didn’t say anything.”
“Then what are you staring at, huh?”

“Are you picking a fight, good for nothing bunches!”

“Who did you call good for nothing!?”


Though they decided to not meddle just now, Alfilis and Anorun look at each other. Just like the whispering men and both Alfilis and Anorun expected, the group who entered just now was indeed a famous nasty bunch. Right now those men were trying to pick a quarrel with a young man. Even the men Anorun ordered just now seem hesitant to meddle.

Well, though I said ‘young’, he might older than Alfilis, but there’s no mistaking it, he still green. Even if they picked a fight, the other party paid them no heed they might let it slip. But that young man just talked back in their face. Though the current situation was not completely visible from where Alfilis and Anorun hid, they could feel the unrest in the air.

Anorun mutter softly,

“It’s bad for him.”

“It’s common for someone who is unable to judge the danger to die early in battle ground.”

“That’s kind of heartless. But it’s normal for youngsters to be hot blooded. Roughly, how many of them?”

“When they entered, I saw six. Two people carrying weapon openly. The two who picked the fight, a mouse-faced man and a failed-horse faced man, both hiding daggers in their bosoms. And the last two have knives on their boots. I think it was his own fault for doing something that attracted their attention. If he can’t fight, then learn a way to avoid fighting. He reaps what he sows.”

She answered her question smoothly, but it was unknown when Alfilis confirmed it. Anorun had been looking at Alfilis throughout, but Alfilis only took a glance at them when they entered the store for around two seconds. While having doubts on how she was able to identify them that much with so little time,

“(I think I looked down on her too much)”

She revised her thought. Though the forest wolf discussion ended up with nothing more than that funny story, it’s still a forest wolf—

“Leaving him alone will hurt my conscience… I’ll help him a little.”


While Anorun was lost in her thought, Alfilis stood up and walked briskly towards the centre of the quarrel. Since it was so abrupt Anorun can only let out an idiotic response.

“Wait! Ugh, can’t be helped.”

Thinking at least she could back her up in the worst case, Anorun chased after her. Though, she did think that following her will be more entertaining.

“Guys, can’t you leave it at that?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“It doesn’t matter right? You’re disturbing the other guests.”

“And worse, you’re disturbing me.”

Though Alfilis thought that the last remark was yet another unnecessary remark from the sister, she didn’t move her sight from the rat-faced man. It seemed her decision to meddle was correct. The man that was in the middle drew out the short sword in his bosom. The young man who was involved with him didn’t notice it at all. And in this situation, once it was drawn, he won’t just sheathe it back.

The horse-faced man tried to threaten Alfilis and Anorun.

“This fellow said we are good for nothing bunches you see, we just want to let him pay the debt of ridiculing us. It has nothing to do with you bastards, so scram. Oh, right, not bastards, but bitches.”

Hehehe, his comrades chuckled vulgarly. They were trying to provoke Alfilis, but Alfilis was not that stupid to lose control here.

“This is a bar, a place to drink. Picking a fight over the words of the drunk is unadult-like. I will treat you both, so please leave it at that and drink merrily.”

“Oh, you sure know how to talk. I won’t mind you know~ But, only if you pour the alcohol for us…keke.”

“It won’t taste good if a huge woman like me pours it, right? I will ask the shopkeeper for a better alcohol, so leave it at that.”

Alfilis is tall, around men’s average. But even if she is huge, a beautiful woman is still beautiful. Not only was she unaware of that fact, but because of a certain incident she feels a complex toward her height.

The horse-faced man and the rat-faced man looked at each other and then showed vulgar smiles.

“Then in exchange, let that Sister to pour alcohol for us. Oi, Sister, come here!”

“Wait, it is better if you don’t touch her. I warned you, seriously.”

“We can’t do this, we can’t do that, what’s with you? Do you think my bad temper will be fixed with alcohol poured by a huge woman like you!”

Though she was aware reason won’t get through those drunkards, veins still popped up in her forehead. But, somehow the situation turned worse?

“(Or rather, why this Sister following me. She just makes the situation worse!)”

Even she complained like that, the situation already strayed from her plan. She knew this vicious bunch won’t let it slide even if she let Anorun pour drinks for them, added to the fact that Sister won’t even do that. At the point she was thinking about it, a soft sound coming from somewhere could be heard,

“A~ra, please wait for a moment. I will bring the drink.”

“This Sister is surely quick to understand.”

“(Eh? That voice just now is that Sister’s!?)”

It was a graceful voice Alfilis never heard before from the Sister, no, is was certainly forced. If not for this kind of situation, she would’ve most likely blown up. When Alfilis looked at her face, Anorun was smiling happily, but her eyes…her eyes were certainly not smiling. It seemed that the men from before also noticed her expression and was able to predict the next development since they retreated slowly. Looking at their excellent guess, Alfilis wondered whether something like this might have happened before she reached this place. And then, wanting to confirm whether the rat-faced man noticed it or not, Alfilis peeked at his face. However. it seemed his head was already full of indecent thoughts of that Sister.

“(This is why drunkards are…just don’t blame me, alright?)”

Ignoring Alfilis’ worry, Sister Anorun acted as poster girl who served regular consumer.

“Ah, the drink is here. Is it alright to count this as my treat?”

“No no, I will pay. In exchange, drink together with me.”

Because of her beauty, those men’s mood had turned good. They might feel her existence was a godsend, and hence didn’t notice the bomb that falling on them.

“Then I will pour it. Please come here.”

“Alright alright, I will.”

“Don’t forget your cup.”

“Oh, that’s true that’s true.”

“Also, please lower your head a little, so I can pour it easier.”

“Lower my head… By the way, Sister has pretty legs too. Then, why do I need to lower my head again?”
“Because I’m doing it like this!”


The surroundings who watched in worry gasped, even Alfilis did. This Sister, of all things, smashed the bottle to his head. Receiving the perfect sneak attack, the rat-faced man collapsed to the floor, twitching.

“Bastard! What the hell you did!!”

“HAHN? Crushing his head with bottle of course, are you blind??”

“Tha-, that’s not it! Is it fine for a Sister to be doing something like that!?”

“Trash like you guys don’t deserve my sermon. I just need to break your head and then even trash like you guys will ‘Meet My Lord’. To show even the likes of you the way to heaven is my sole compassion, do you understand?”

Hahan! Sister laughed scornfully. The men hearing those remarks, rather than angry, turned pale.

“This, this Sister unbelievable!”

“Listen bastard! You think your shabby @^&#$ and X!!@# bastards like you are fit to be my partner! Even this weakling is better than you guys. Go home and go gay with your buddy, you damn #&^@*!!”

While spouting un-Sister-like remarks, Anorun stuck her middle finger towards him. Right now for Alfilis and the others, this Sister looked more ruffian than her opponents. It seemed this Sister is experienced with quarrels.

“Ho-how dare you say that! I’ve a complex about it!”

So you mind something like that!? While Alfilis’ head filled with useless thoughts like that, one of the men came at Anorun with a gripping stance. ‘Though it should have been settled with more peaceful way, I will seriously complain to her when this over.’ While complaining like that silently, her body had already moved to deal with that man.

She tripped him up, and while he lost his balance she delivered two punches towards his neck. And before he was able to turn back, Alfilis kicked the desk and flipped it with her back leg towards the man. Dodging that desk, the man tried to take the knife in his boot. At the same time he looked up toward Alfilis, and suddenly the man’s scream resounded,

“Gu, Gyaa!”

Just before he looked up towards Alfilis, Alfilis trampled the handle of the knife with all her weight. Like that, the knife pierced the man’s leg and the floor, fixing it into the place.

“This woman!”

Perhaps noticing that she was pretty good, they took their distance towards her and took out their weapons. The surrounding people become panicky, and even the Sister can’t help but throw her worried looks, though the target of that gaze is still keeping her cool.

“It’s better if you stop. Three people won’t be enough to defeat me. I will give you a chance, take the wounded and leave this place.”

“We have our weapons, but you are unarmed you know!?”
“Ara. For three grown men to gang up an unarmed girl, isn’t that pretty embarrassing?”

“Shut up! Do you think we will back down after all of this!”

Fuuh. Alfilis let out a slightly forced sigh, and said,

“Then, just try it!”

In the next moment one of them yelled and slashed towards her. Alfilis took one step back to evade his sword, then grabbed one alcohol bottle nearby and smashed it to his face. Jumping over the man who was pressing his face and rolling on the ground, another man with a knife attacked her. Alfilis grabbed a chair nearby and blew him away. However almost at the same time, the last one came with a sword raised high and swung it down at her. Though her balance was broken because of her previous action, Alfilis successfully twisted her body and avoided it, and at the same time she grabbed his arm and ‘helped’ him add more speed to his swing. The result – he failed to stop his sword in time and cut his inner thigh.


Even though he already raised that pitiful cry, Alfilis still added another kick to his solar plexus, and made him lose consciousness, sink to the floor and vomit out his food.

“Now you get it, right? That’s why I recommended you to go back. I don’t think I can hold back more than this, you know?”


“Ah, please don’t forget to take the wounded.”

For those who watched from the side, it ended too quickly. And because it was so brilliant, the people who waited for chance to assist her ended up doing nothing and were left dumbfounded. Even Sister Anorun who raised another bottle of alcohol (this one is bigger than before), lost her target to swing it down and become embarrassed. Perhaps she wanted to back her up.

“Oi, pull yourself together.”

“We will back, bastards.”

“If you want to meet an even more pitiful end, then be my guest?”

While supporting each other and scrambling disorderly, they run away from this place. Stifled laughter could be heard from the surrounding. It seemed that they are at their limit.

“Oi! You forgot something!”


It happened so suddenly for Alfilis to understand; losing her place to hit, the Sister brought that bottle of alcohol out from the bar and threw it at them. Moreover, it was a direct hit to the head, again.

“Tha-that’s overdoing it, Sister!”

“I on other hand, thought you’re too kind. Even crippling them was fine. They will resent you excessively, and that kind of people is persistent.”

“I don’t like excessive killing or violence. Or rather, who do you think made it end up like…”

Before she finished her sentence, the men in the bar rushed and surrounded her.

“Big-Sis, you’re incredible.”

“It has been awhile I feel this refreshed!”

“It was my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Do you want me to pour a drink for you?”

“I also feel refreshed. I won’t charge your drink and inn expenses.”

Alfilis was jolted between those hectic people,

“Wa-wait everyone. Please calm down. Sister! Do something!”

“Not my problem.”

The cold hearted Sister climbed up to second floor, leaving Alfilis who surrounded by a crowd of men unable to leave.

“Well considering their resentment, I think she should leave tomorrow morning…Well, I can help her a little. Even so…”

Anorun had become acquaintances with Alfilis for around one year, yet today was the first time she saw her fight. Though she has impression that Alfilis is strong when she first saw her, to think she can overwhelmed those number of people in an instant…furthermore barehanded…

“But if I thought about it, it is reasonable. Was she aware of how strong she is?”

That’s right, Alfilis said she defeated a 3 meter tall forest wolf casually. However, forest wolves usually, even the bigger ones, are only as big as an adult man. Even then, a pack leader is only a little bigger, not reaching 2 meters. It was not a pack boss, yet it was 3 meters tall, then perhaps it was the master of that area. If it grows more, it can even become a demon king. She said she defeated it without killing it and with almost no wounds on herself. Additionally, she negotiated with it and used it as a pillow.

“Even she said she negotiated with a demonic beast, without having any equilibrium between them, it won’t work. If she requested to the guild, she can receive B rank at the very least. What a waste. Adding her black hair, she should be able to use magic too.”

It this era, average people’s hair were chestnut in colour. Most nobles have golden coloured hair; they claimed it was because they were the child of God, though the truth is unclear. That’s because, in this continent, the concept of God is pretty thin.

Also, for people who can use magic, their hair colour will change depend on what magic they use. For example, a flame magic user’s hair is red, that kind of thing. Of course not everyone was like that. That change only happened with people with strong power.

And although being a magic knight is an honour, normal magicians will only learn one type of magic. Since their power will be revealed once they casted a spell, many dyed their hair to hide their speciality. And black is the easiest dye colour general people can get. That’s why, black hair symbolizes either a dignified magic knight, or people with affinity towards dark element magic.

“Counting her sword skills and possibility to use magic, I need be careful with her…Though I don’t think she’s a dark magician, it’s better to ask her master’s name for insurance.”

Anorun glanced at her from the second floor while thinking about it. Though in one way she thought her obliviousness is pretty charming, because of the nature of Anorun’s real occupation, she can’t help but start to feel the need to ask details from Alfilis.

“Good grief, what a detestable woman I am. I also hide many things, don’t I?”

If Alfilis looked at Anorun’s current expression, she would be surprised. Because right now, the Sister who has foul mouth and love violence, stared at her with a sorrowful expression.

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