The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 1- At Izu Town’s Bar (Part 3) – The Revenge of Rowdy Bunches

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Translator : DarkAmethist

Editor : Hierarch

TLC : Kyureki

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“Alfi, wake up!”

“It-it is still dark…”

“Yesterday, didn’t I say it’s better to leave this town as soon as possible? Get up quickly!”

“Uhhh…. I drank too much…”

Yesterday, Alfilis who become famous all of sudden because she repelled those nasty bunch, was surrounded by the men in bar and forced to drink. Although she desperately tried to refuse at first, because of how ignorant she was, she didn’t know how to handle those men who not only were drunk but were also in high spirits.

Anorun who come to check the situation in the first floor around half an hour later, saw the drunk Alfilis saying “Bweng mooor dwiiink!” As one would expect even Anorun felt it was bad and helped her by bringing her back to her room in second floor, forcefully and made her lie on the bed. However her state was already so bad Anorun can’t even make her drink water to ease her condition.

“The bathhouse is already closed but I think you can draw some water to wipe your body. I’ve prepared some hangover medicine and tonic so drink those first. I already prepared food and the horses so you just need to fetch them. As soon as your preparation is completed, head towards the east gate. Understand?”


Though Alfilis herself was aware that she’s only half awake, she understood that it is better to leave the town as soon as possible just like what the sister said. Besides, looking at Anorun’s skillfulness and kindness, she earnestly thought that Anorun is indeed a Sister.

“Too bad she can’t use healing magic.”

“I. Can. Hear. That!”


At that time Alfilis was just about to change her clothes, so she quickly covered her body.

“It is not like you will lose something since we are both women.”

“Wait, didn’t you go to get the horses? I can’t sense your presence?”

“Erasing presence is a piece of cake.”

“Where did you learn that!?”

“If you don’t finish your preparation in a quarter of an hour I will leave you behind you know?”

It seems she went to get the horse for real this time. The rough footsteps become more distant.

“She didn’t see it, right? This seal…”

When her master applied those seal on her, her master strongly instructed to never show it to others. Though she didn’t understand the reason at first, it was her own body after all. Because the wisdom that came together with study she became somehow convinced. And after she was taught and have experienced many things, she finally realized the reason and thus aware that it was not something she can show to others. Since, if that seal was seen by people, she might become target of elimination.

“I wonder why it became like this…”

Inadvertently she resented her misfortune, however she also thought that meeting her master itself was already pretty lucky of her. She also understood the fact that she can live normally right now itself is akin to miracle. Normally, she might have been disposed of if she didn’t meet her master when she was ten. And if she only thought about her own life, then secluding in that mountain was a sound choice.

However her desire to know more of the outside world couldn’t be stopped. She also wants to experience love like others did. Because right now the Alfilis whom just turned eighteen, filled with youthful vitality, could taste the freedom of outside world.


On the other side, Anorun was thinking while preparing for journey,

“Did she drink the medicine, I wonder…”

While remembering the slovenly side of Alfilis, she headed toward the stable. Even though she is a Sister, she can’t use healing magic. On other hand, her knowledge in medicinal plants was claimed as the best in this era within the church, and she took pride in it. Additionally, because of ascetic practices, her ability in anti-demon and anti-undead magic considerably stood out among her peers. Truthfully she also learned self defence skill, and she can even boast that her ability as adventurer pretty high as well, that’s why she doesn’t regret the fact that she can’t use healing magic. Except one.

“Well, in the first place I am not a Sister. Alright Mr. Horse, good boy good boy.”

While she was about to leave the stable with horses for the two, she heard a threatening voice directed toward her,

“Don’t move, bastard Sister!”


At that time, Alfilis who immediately finished her preparation awaited for the Sister near the gate. Since it was almost dawn, the gate will be opened shortly. That said, Sister’s medicine’s effect was truly extraordinary. Alfilis felt her body condition already back to normal.

When she started to feel bored, the gatekeeper suddenly talked to her,

“Oh, young miss, yesterday was thrilling.”

“How do you know about it, Mr. Gatekeeper?”


“I also went to that bar late at night. I didn’t saw the scene, but I can feel it from how merry it was. When I asked what happened, they told me about how a beautiful female fencer traveller dealt with those good for nothing bunch. Well, they were born here, but their behaviours were bad even when they were children. They didn’t even get proper jobs and become something like night burglars. Also according to the rumour they associated with some killers. I was hoping someone could deal with them.”

“Are there no vigilante corps here?”

“Well there is. But their number is lower than those people.”

“Only around 20 people I presume?”

“Yeah, around that many. Eh, why do you…ah, wawa.”

The aged gatekeeper reflexively stepped back, and quickly run away. Because the people in question gathered near the gate. Moreover, this time all of them properly armed.

“I heard you took care of our men last night.”

The remarkably largest man among them talked to her.

“Ara, I am not that brave to take care of everyone.”

“Aren’t you calm. You didn’t even waver being surrounded by more than ten men.”

“Then, what is your business? I need to leave this town shortly.”

“Well don’t say that. I just want to thank you for yesterday.”

“If it is trivial I have to refuse, you know?”

“Don’t worry, I will make sure you enjoy it. On top my hips, I mean, hihihi.”

At that moment, the men slowly crept towards her, this time around 14 people. In the end it ended up like this, thought Alfilis as she sighed.


“I said, don’t move!”

The man’s voice resounded vainly, as the Sister walked briskly without any sign of stopping.

“Don’t ignore me, bitch!”

The man took a piece of wood nearby and throws it at her, but Sister avoided it without even looking back.

“That was dangerous, what if it hit my cute horse?”

“Rather than worrying about horse, worry about yourself!”

“Why I should feel worry in front of man who I knocked down just with one hit yesterday?”

“Yesterday I was just careless! Today I brought my comrades, it won’t end up like yesterday!”

When she looked closely, he was the rat-faced man. Since she has no interest towards him, she has already forgotten. And sure, today he brought five other men, additionally, all fully armed.

“Well, you’ve become even lower than yesterday.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, six adult men surrounding a lone weak Sister. It’s no longer something men will do. ^@*!$ bastard. Ah, since you are no longer a man, !&*$# transvestite then. Though, calling you transvestite might be rude towards the other transvestites.”

“Da-Damn it! Shitty bitch/nun!”

“Oh, shitty bitch/nun you said. That was pretty neat. Though sadly I never enter priesthood, you see.” (TL: ama can mean nun or bitch. Don’t ask me why.)

“Just shut up!!”

The rat-faced man swung his sword towards her with beet red face. On other hand Anorun still look nonchalant with her right hand at her waist, observing the man who lunged at her. When the man thought the sword cut her, KIN! Together with that high pitched metallic sound, the rat-faced man’s sword stopped. The man should have cut her left arm, or so he intended.


When the rat faced man trying to say something, suddenly, together with a muffled sound of something breaking, his body sent to the air. Not quite, he was completely blown away. His body flew and hit the stable partition, breaking through series of partitions and stopping at the last one. And then he no longer moved.

“Oh no, I think I overdid it?”

“Wha wha wha..!?”


The rest of the men turned pale. It was surreal sight. A big build man was thrown a number of horse lengths by a tiny sister with one hit. When their sights returned to the Sister, in her hands she gripped two clubs like maces from God knows where.

“Right now I am a Sister, but it was different in the past. Because of some reasons, I changed my name and my occupation. But being looked as a Sister is quite handy in itself. Because the habit is fluttery I can easily hide my weapons, and my opponents tend to look down on me. Moreover, my cleanliness increased by 30% or something…”

Though she cracked a joke and even delivered a wink, for those men, she is can only be seen as target of fear.

While showing full face smile toward them, Anorun said,

“Well, I am more or less a Sister, so I won’t kill you. Moreover if I overdo it, I’ll meet a terrifying scolding from Master Bishop. Well, please forgive me if I crush your XXXXX and disable your ability as man though♪”


Sister Anorun who having fun cornering the group of men, and the five men whom trembling with weapons in their hands – the hunter and the hunted had been completely reversed.


And then near the gate…


Two men who tried to seize her previously, had their sword blown away from their grips. While everyone was still dumbfounded, HYUN! Alfilis fixed her grip toward the whip in her right hand.

“Y-you are not a fencer?”

“I don’t remember saying I am fencer. Well, my main weapon indeed a sword, but in my journey there might be a situation where I need to fight against numerous people in mid-range. This is the countermeasure towards that kind of situation.”

While saying all of that, she didn’t show any gap. Even amateur will realize that her skill with the whip is not half bad.

“Surround her! She won’t be able to swing whip in all directions. Surround and attack her together!”


The men spread out and surrounded her.

“(I see, that large man seems experienced)”


Without lowering her guard, she observed her opponents. Though being surrounded is a disadvantage, it’s quite convenient if she wants to defeat them all at once.


Together with that signal, the men who surrounded her attacked simultaneously. However, Alfilis swung her whip calmly, and its body hit four people in front of her in their face. Normally, the most dangerous part of a whip which can be used to give grieve wound only around ten centimetres in the tip, and with enough training it’s possible to use it to cut person’s head. However the pain of having whip body hit one’s face still can’t be ignored. Sure enough, the men who were hit in their faces all were crouching in pain.

But the rest didn’t stop. Without delay, Alfilis took powder from her pocket and scattered it towards the men coming from behind. They were unable to react in time and together with their shrieks were also crouching in pain. It was a sight crushing pollen collected from a certain plant. The other two swung their swords towards her, but she easily stopped them with the hand guard in her left hand. No sooner than the two of them realize that their attacks were stopped, she cut their faces with a hidden blade in her hand guard. Together with sprouting blood, the two of them somersaulted in the air. Alfilis was bathed with their blood, but she was unperturbed – not even blinking.

“What the hell!?”

The rest of them couldn’t hide their surprise. Although their number was superior, eight of them were done in by one girl. The man who looked like their leader couldn’t hide his surprise.

“(I’ve never seen those kind of techniques… I also don’t remember a female mercenary like her. Just who the hell is she?)”

“This, this is impossible….”

Other than the leader-like man, the rest turned their back and tried to flee, but suddenly something cut the wind.

“A, Ah…”

Then they all collapsed. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see something like dagger stabbed their back.

“Don’t worry, it’s just anaesthetic. They just won’t be able to move for one day. None will die. Well I won’t say they’ll be fine though, you reap what you sowed.”

“Bastard, who are you!?”
“No one special. Just a passing traveller. There’s nothing worth mentioning.”

“I never saw fighter like you!?”

“Let me accept it as a praise. Then what now, still want a go? Or will you let yourself be captured by the vigilante corps obediently?”

“There’s no way I will withdraw against a woman. Let’s fight with our swords!”

The large man fixed his grip and swung his sword towards her.

“No choice then.”

Alfilis drew her sword. She evaded the man’s diagonal slash by leaping to the back. Additionally, while avoiding his upper slash, she hit the man’s face with the handle of her sword.



Matching her timing with his retreating figure, this time she swung her sword.

“(Up huh)”

At the time the man tried to defend Alfilis attack with his sword—

“(The blade trajectory is??)”

As if avoiding the defending sword, Alfilis’ sword changed its trajectory and cut his shoulder. That man crouched in pain with hand on his shoulder.


“If you swing with the force and intention to kill, it’s impossible to control it skilfully like I did. Leaving aside battlefields, in one on one battles with swords, normally you shouldn’t defend with your sword, since it might break. Remember that. (Well, that was what my master taught me though…)”


While Alfilis kicked away his sword which fell to the ground, people who looked like the vigilante corps came rushing.

“Are you alright, young miss!?”
“Ah, Mr. Gatekeeper. Did you go to ask for help?”

“Of course.”

“Thanks for your hard work, but regretfully it has ended. They should still alive so please secure them carefully.”

“Just how…”

After sending a sidelong glance towards the residents of this town who were still unable to swallow the fact in front of them, Alfilis recovered the weapons she used and returned to her usual self.

“Sister is taking too long… what did she do I wonder?”

She whispered.

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