The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 3- Highest Founder Request- Part 1~ At Mishia Town

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Translator : DarkAmethist

Editor : Hierarch, Bzk, CidraInu

TLC : Kyureki

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“For the time being I will visit this town’s church! Alfi, bring the luggage to the aforementioned inn!”

Having said that, Sister Anorun rushed out. Even for Alfilis, who has the stamina to cross three mountains calmly, she’s quite exhausted, which thus made her wonder what kind of stamina Sister Anorun has.

By the way, she is currently at Mishia Town’s west gate. It has been around six hours since she talked about her brand, and then, when returned from picking flowers, she found Sister Anorun standing and screaming with pale face. Even when she called out for her, Anorun doesn’t seems to notice, and instead rode her horse with bloodshot eyes and hurried it with an absurd pace to this place. The fact that no one was run over is akin to a miracle.

En route the two horses give her pleading looks, but looking at Anorun’s demonic looks Alfilis didn’t have any guts to ask for rest.

“(I am sorry, mr. horses…I will give you a lot of delicious fodder later…)”

That was the excuse Alfilis said to herself. Perhaps even the horses notice that they will be killed if the stop, so they continued to run desperately.

Perhaps because of that the horses already passed their limit, and ignoring the traffic they lied down there without showing any sign to move.

“Why must I received attention in this busy road?” Thought Alfilis.

Though she’s so embarrassed that she could die from it, she somehow made the horses move, and after letting them drink some water, proceeded to search for the Inn gatekeeper Viz recommended.

“This town is quite big…”

After calmed down and looking around, Alfilis noticed that the rampant in this town is quite tall, and the number of guards was also many, almost close to the size of an army. From what she heard, Mishia is one of the ten biggest metropolises on the continent. Even though the North main highway didn’t pass through there, East and South main highways pass through this town, and thus made the traffic busy. The number of population is over eight hundred thousand, or so she heard. Out of three towns which connect eastern nations, Mishia said to be the biggest and the safest, so it’s quite normal.

If the Kingdom Mishia belongs to, Kingdom Furgen, works diligently on their trade commerce, Mishia might become even more prosperous. Sadly because Furgen didn’t put much effort in commerce, Mishia growth is not that good. Nevertheless, among the cities Alfilis have visited, Mishia is still the biggest city. And looking at the articles sold at street vendors, unintentionally Alfilis cheered just like girls in her age.

“Wah, so pretty.”

There are jewels, foodstuffs, and textile products from southern nations. The colourful goods stole Alfilis’ heart. She will need three days to tour around this street stalls only. And there are four more streets like this, as expected from a metropolis.

“Ah, no good. I need to let the horses rest first.”

Even though she’s reluctant, she changed her mind and avoided the stalls. And when she looked around while walking to find inn, suddenly someone called out for her from behind.

“Young miss, are you looking for an inn? Ours is quite cheap. One night with a stable only 50 pent! How about it?”


The one who called out to her is a cheerful therianthrope boy. Therianthropes are, well at first they were thought of as a fusion between humans and beasts, but now they are recognized as different race altogether. Their appearance is similar to human, only many have thicker hair, and depend with their race there are many with tail or wings. Though they usually reside only in the southern region countries, since Mishia connected to southern highway, therianthrope is not unusual here.

In her journey, Alfilis almost never saw therianthropes. Because, depending on the area, there might some deep rooted discrimination. And although Alfilis doesn’t discriminate toward them, trusting them is a different issue. There’s no need to especially follow them, or so she thought.

“Unfortunately I already have one in mind. Leaving that aside, are you therianthrope?”

“Oh? Is this your first time seeing therianthrope miss? By the way, I am a half.”

I see. Certainly he looks more human than therianthrope thought Alfilis, it seems her impression of him is not wrong. Since he doesn’t have animal’s ears and tail, he only looks like a more thickly haired human.

“You don’t seem like one. Well I did saw some at my journey, but this is the first time I see one at downtown. I am born at countryside after all.”

“I see. We are fine in this kind of metropolis, but in places with undeveloped commerce there are strong prejudices against us so it’s dangerous. I also only ever went here and Virtim at the south.”

“I am sorry for saying something insensitive. It’s not like I mean anything bad. I’m just surprised that the first person talked to me is a therianthrope.”

“I see. Well, looking at how you look around restlessly, it’s clear that you just arrived here. But for someone to apologize honestly toward a therianthrope like me, you’re a good person. Perhaps this is some kind of fate, let me guide you toward the inn you’re searching for.”

It seems the therianthrope boy willing to help her to find her inn. Usually Alfilis will not accept those kind of proposal, but the therianthrope boy seems ok so she decide to consult him. Because for Alfilis who bad at direction, it might be impossible to find it even to the end of the day. Alfilis show him the map gatekeeper Viz gave her.

“This is the map, can you understand?”

“If it is about this town, you can leave it to me. Let me take a look… ah, this place huh, head straight and turn right at the second conjunction, after that turn left at third conjunction. It’s a quiet road, but there are a lot of inns. If I remember correctly it has red signboard, with spade mark in it.”
“I understand, thank you.”

“By the way, I will warmly welcome you at our store even if it’s only for dinner. We have many dish from southern region, if you feel like it feel free to come! Our store has green signboard with foaming beer mark.”

“Alright, but I will need to consult with my companion.”

After send him a smile, she leave that place. The therianthrope boy smilling back and waving at her. What a friendly theriantrope. However, since the first person she met is like that, it should be a good omen, thus Alfilis in good mood.

In this era therianthrope is a subject of discrimination. There was no united country for therianthrope for a long time, added with the fact that many of their tribes favour power over anything else, many of them have joined hand with demon king. Moreover because their high fighting power they often become hard opponent for human, thus the enmity toward them become even more deep. And because of all that, they were treated as similar level with race that can’t hold negotiations like goblin and orcs in other word, they were persecuted as part of demi human race.

By the way the first nation founded by therianthrope appeared around 100 years ago. To be precise many nations emerged, but the most influential among them Gulrzad, declare that they don’t won’t to become enemy with human. And as if acting in concert, there are also some people in human side who want to forge relationship with Gulzad. And thus become the current condition. However leaving aside big cities, in some region there are still some prejudice that left behind since the time immemorial, thus resulting in this present situation. Well, for Alfilis who can even negotiate with demon beast, that kind of prejudice hold no meaning.


And then Alfilis safely reached her destination. After talking with Viz’s son, he deeply thanks Alfilis and surely let her stay for free. And except for lunch, they will prepare their food too. It was more than satisfactory.

Sister Anorun told her to wait at the inn, but for Alfilis who meet this kind of flourishing metropolis for the first time, staying put is painful. That’s why after leaving message to the receptionist for Anorun in case they passing at each other, she leave that place. And then…

“Wow! That sword is amazing!”
“Oh! You’ve great eyes, young lady.”

Alfilis went straight to the weapon shop, and there’s nothing interesting happened there.


However as expected looking at sword alone is boring, so Alfilis went to look at jewellery store she saw before.


At that time, her sight landed toward two people walking in the street. It was a duo of a petite Sister and a knight. There’re many pedestrians in the street thus making them conspicuous.

The petit Sister wore same uniform with Sister Anorun, perhaps she came from same church. She has shoulder length golden hair like Anorun, and big eyes with green iris. Her age around ten. However, Alfilis can’t express it clearly, but she has aura which different from normal people. She’s a child which left out of place feeling when you look at her.

The other knight also has golden hair and green iris. He’s by no mean large, but still quite tall for a male. He didn’t wear armour but travelling clothes, however in his back he carry a great sword as tall as the Sister. He certainly emit extraordinary atmosphere.

“(How skilled…perhaps he’s stronger than me?)”

Handsome and refined, also have gentlemanly looks, yet as warrior he has sharp atmosphere, what a contrast. Even though he’s not that large, behind his clothes he should hide a tempered body. This one too give her uncomfortable feeling.

“(They come straight at me?)”

The duo with strange atmosphere walked straight toward Alfilis as if the crowd of people is not there. Rather than weaving their way through crowds, it’s more like the people around willingly give the way to them. And then after they arrived in front Alfilis, the sister gave her a lovely smile.

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