The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 3- Highest Founder’s Request – Part 3~ Sister Milie’s Identity

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Highest Founder Request, part 3~Sister Milie’s Identity


“So who are you really?”

“You still don’t understand?”

As if the angelic smile she showed Alfilis was a lie, Milie looked at Anorun with her cocked mouth showing her wicked expression.

“Not at all!”

“This is me, me.” (TL: washi washi sagi)

“What was that, a new type of fraud?”

“Of course not, that’s kind of old anyway…wait not that!”

Getting irritated, Milie stomped at the ground strongly, made a bam sound.

“Are you seriously not getting who am I?”

“I don’t have any little girl acquaintance.”

“Kuh, to think you’re this dull. It seems you really need scolding, don’t you?”

“Scolding huh…wait, no way, Master Bishop!?”

“Is my image in your mind only revolve around scolding!?”


In the end Milie started to stomp again in impatience. Though, Anorun thought that action was kind of cute.

“There’s no way I knew! The last time we met you were an old lady! The voice is also different! Why are you using a young girl’s appearance?”

“Well it’s complicated. What do you think? Does it suit me?”

She turned around and showed her proud looks.

“This appearance is convenient when I need to travel incognito you know.”

“…For example?”
“For example, whenever I went to a baked sweet shop downtown, around an hour before closing time and said ‘mister I come to play!’ there was a high possibility he will give me leftover sweets.”

“Wha-what a miser…”

“Last week I went to an orphanage and played kick the can…it was pretty good exercise!”

“Please consider your own age! Let me say this, don’t be unreasonable old hag!”

“What did you say!? Our age is not that different, remember!?”

“I believe I haven’t even reached half your age! Just what’s an old hag who’s always supporting her worn out XXX trying to say…”

“It’s still in great condition! You on other hand always using a coaxing voice in front of men, this XXX XXX!”

“Kuh, you dare say that? I will spread the fact that your XXX XXX you know??”

“Just try!! I will transmit your shameful XXX to everyone in the church!”

“Now you’ve said it, you XXXX!”

“Shut up, you XXX!”

This unbearable to be heard quarrel continued for quite some time as it continued to expand and unfold towards a worse direction. The fact that Alfilis and Albert were waiting for them outside completely disappeared from their mind.


“Hah, hah… damn you authority abuser!”

“Fufu, authority is something to abuse after all! How about respect your superior more!”

The full blown quarrel lasted for twenty minutes. As one would expect, both of them became tired.

“Let’s pause it for now. I am tired.”

Fuu, Milie exhaled and then sat in the chair that was there. Ah right, she’s not Milie, but to be accurate the most influential person in Alneria Church, Master Bishop Miliazar. That’s right, she is the Highest Founder Miliazar, the head of Alneria Church who have 187 churches in this continent, 974 facilities, more than thirty thousand holy knights and regional knights, more than fifty thousand Sisters and Priests, all in all added with other affairs workers more than a hundred thousand people strong. It was an organization with 800 years long history, and can be said to have influence to every king and city head.

Though they refrain to directly involve themselves with politics in every nation, they pour their resources into monster subjugation and relief toward poor people and cooperate with every nation to prevent the damage to expand. Sometimes they even request to stop war, and if the nation ignores Alneria’s Church appeal for cooperation, it would mean that nation will not receive any help from Alneria Church from then on—regardless of what happened to that nation. That’s why, even if some of them don’t have a good impression of Alneria Church, they will still cooperate. That’s a tacit understanding in this world.

Even the therianthrope country, Gulrzard, also promptly took a cooperative stance toward Alneria Church. Now there are some facilities built in Gulrzard. As for the Highest Founder, she usually doesn’t appear in front of the people, but live in sanctuary deep in the church. People who have directly met with her, are only the three archbishops, her direct bodyguard, and the court lady who takes care of her. It can be said that Anorun is an exception among them.

“Then, what business do you have with me, Master? To especially come yourself, is it really something urgent and important?”

While thinking ‘good grief’, she asked with serious atmosphere returning to her a bit.

“Well, it’s half urgent, half for fun. Because you’re not in the headquarters I become bored. Lately people around me are too serious. Even my bodyguard is straight-laced.”

“Bodyguard…I only caught a glimpse of him but, is he this generation’s Lazar (the strongest)?”

“That’s right. That’s a nostalgic name isn’t it?”

Miliazard asked Anorun impishly. Anorun answered in grimace,

“Yeah, it’s so nostalgic I want to puke.”

“Well, don’t say that. You’re the only one who speaks like that about the Lazars. I think it was something from before you took the current duty, so around 100 years ago?”

“That time was the worst.”

“It’s the worst for me too! This generation of Lazars is so, but the Lazars of five generations ago also the worst. That guy, he raped my personal chamberlains one after another. Never I’ve thought that I’ll end up changing all my personal chamberlains in three years.”

“He also raped me.”
“Don’t lie! Every time he came to coax you, I can hear his scream you know? It was famous occurrences inside the church.”

“Well it was a big nuisance for me. To think he is the most skilled holy knight among the order of knight, it surprised me.”

“Well, for generations they always produce prominent fighters. This generation of Lazars are also like that. Not long ago, he even won against second, fourth, and seventh corps commanders, in three against one. Looking at raw strength, he’s the strongest one in even among his predecessors. And in pure swordsmanship I don’t think I can find a stronger one in this continent.”

Miliazard looks a bit proud. The only Lazars Anorun has directly interacted is the Lazar from five generations ago, so whenever Lazar family appeared, she will naturally remember him.

“(That guy grabbed my butt the first time I met him while saying ‘Yo beautiful miss’ frivolously. I hit him around 100 times, but the next day he came to me again, said the same thing, while grabbing my breast. That kind of unbreakable simpleton, he is the first, and perhaps the last. And even though he keeps saying ‘you’re the only one…’ he ended up married with different woman…. I was really angry when I know the protector of church’s law which should be a strict post was given to such an irresponsible guy, though it’s only a nostalgic memory for the current me. Perhaps living in eternity will make everything someday turn into simply an nostalgic memory?)”

Miliazard interrupted Anorun’s reminiscence,

“In any case, it was because of him you can take back your humanity. At least be thankful will you?”


“Well, he is hard to forget, even for me. Including how he died.”

“…Then, what’s the important matter you mentioned?”

“Oh no. Is this because of age, the talk was derailed too far.”

Miliazard corrected her sitting position and faced Anorun. Her expression right now was extremely serious.

“Let’s start with your current duty.”


Anorun also didn’t appear to fool around. It’s completely a respectful attitude of a pilgrim Sister toward the highest founder.

“You have conducted pilgrimage for more than 100 years, expanded the territory of our church, and corrected injustice. You also reported many of the demon beast activity, and solved many wars between nations. This is your achievements.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

Anorun bowed her head.

“And following your example are seventy-eight Sisters and Priests who currently are carrying the same duty as you, bringing with them 354 holy knights. With this the pilgrimage duty has been put into track, and I think there’s no need for your support. And so right here right now I will release you from your pilgrimage duty. You’ve stayed in this great cause for a long time.”

“By your will. Then, what is my next duty?”

“Don’t be hasty.”

“It’s about the appearance of the demon king this time. The appearance of the demon king itself is normal, however there’s something unusual about how they appear…That’s why I don’t want to leave it to the lower ranks. And so I think you will be suitable for this mission.”

“Is it already confirmed that the demon king will appear?”

“I’ve confirmed it, and there’s no mistake. They are currently forcing their way through the forest, around seven days in the northwest from the town.”

“No way!? They’re heading toward the town?”

“I understand your feeling.”

“(The demon king appeared without any signs? No, rather than that, there’s no big war nor disturbances in this area in the recent years, and the church also conduct purifications diligently. This place should have become a place which was hard for demon beast to live, like a place which has been detoxified. A place where war happened, or a place with a lot of dark element is a place that’s suitable for demon beast to grow. Because it has been discovered hundreds of years ago, not only the church but every nation cooperates to purify them. In large town like Mishia, the surrounding area should have been purified… or it can also be said that because the surrounding area has been purified it turned into a large town, nevertheless it is not a place where demon beast can grow into demon king. Even so…)”

Anorun’s head was spinning nonstop. However with the current information, no matter how hard she think there was no answer.

“Perhaps someone initiated it?”

“I don’t know. And who will profit from doing something like that… Well, let’s include it in the mission, I request you to investigate and subjugate it.”

“As master commanded. Am I alone in this mission?”

“No, bring Alfilis with you. I will also lend you Albert.”

“! Master, you want to use her knowing her circumstance!?”

“Don’t be so angry… Of course it’s not like what you imagined. It is about time for you to get over it. Albert and Alfilis won’t die easily you know.”

“However, but!”

Unusually Anorun turned inarticulate, she showed a perplexed expression. Miliazar rebuked her.

“To think you will make such a face. Or rather, it is because I know her circumstances that I believe you must bring her with you. If you think that child as your true friend, you must bring her.”

“However, Alfilis is…”

“Your trial is something that will happen from now on, however for her, her trial already came to her long time ago. Perhaps it is impossible to pass it alone. After directly observing her I am certain that she is more than you think she is, Anorun. No, since there’s only the two of us, should I call you Miranda?”

Anorun wanted to object, however in Miliazar eyes there’s only colours of affection. Miliazar truly worried about her. Though she doesn’t like to be called by her real name, it hurt her heart to continue to lie to Alfilis. Anorun feels she can tell Alfilis…no, she must tell her. Anorun started to think like that.

“When Alfilis runs into a wall, she will need help from a true friend. Or perhaps, you don’t care about what might happen to her?”

“No…Of course not!”

Anorun answered with certainty. Looking at her expression, Miliazar smiled in satisfaction.

“Then, will you accept this request?”

“Yes, master.”

Anorun kneeled on one knee and performed her usual salute.

“As I said you don’t have to be too formal with me. I think of you as a friend of equal standing. Other than in formal places, you can be at ease when there’s only the two of us.”

“Then I will not hold back. Damn you old hag!”

“Please hold back a little!!”

Then their quarrel returned to beginning.


On the outside were Alfilis and Albert who waited patiently. Compared to the people inside whom screamed noisily, there was almost no conversations between the two.

“Errm, Mr. Lazar?”
“Just call me Albert.”

“To-Today’s weather is good isn’t it?”

“That’s right.”
“Are you perhaps born in a knight family?”

“That’s right.”

“You look pretty strong.”

“That’s right.”

“Instant confirmation!? Ah…I said it out loud…”


“(This person…is cool, but weird!)”

The conversations became stale. Because she was usually with the boisterous Anorun, it was hard to hold a conversation with a taciturn person like Albert, furthermore he was a man. Though Alfilis rarely complained no matter how intense her training was, in this unpleasant atmosphere it drove her to the point of tears.

“(I-I think doing practice swings a thousand times will be easier than this…Anorun, come back quickly!)”

At that time—

“Alfi, sorry for the wait.”


Because she appeared in such timely fashion, Alfilis voice unintentionally turned like she was sobbing. Hearing that, Anorun misunderstand that something happened between Albert and Alfilis.

“You, what did you do with my Alfi!? This is why I can never trust Lazar!! Is that it, you’re a silent pervert type, huh!?”

“Oneesama~ (Can’t you shut up you XXX Sister!)”

A soft voice with such hidden meaning and filled with killing intent came from behind her. Also stopping Anorun from taking out her speciality mace from the sleeves of her clothes.

Miliazar put some power at her hand which stopped Anorun’s action and it made a soft bone creaking sound.

“Well then, oneesama. I have certainly conveyed the request. Albert, as pre-arranged you will move with Sister Anorun. After I’ve finished some business I will return to headquarters. Do you understand, Albert?”


As if not registering Anorun who tried to hit him, he faced Milie and answered.

Miliazar whose attitude reverted back to Milie, talked to Alfilis and co with a sparkling expression.

“Well then, since I am busy, I will excuse myself. But before that, it’s about special remuneration for Alfilis. Though it will depend in your performance, you’re welcome to meet me anytime if you ever visit Alneria Church Headquarters. As for now, I will give the necessary expense. I guess it will be fine if I left it to Anorun.”

With prompt instruction, Milie a.k.a Miliazar quickly advanced the conversation.

“Well then, please excuse me everyone. Alfilis?”


Because Milie suddenly called her, unintentionally Alfilis acted like a student who was scolded by a teacher.

“(Somehow Milie have some majesty…)”

“When you are in trouble, rely on the people next to you, I believe they will help you. Please don’t forget my word.”


Looking at Alfilis who looked confused, Milie smiled faintly and left that place.

That slightly lonely face left a huge impression on Alfilis.

The three people who were left behind looked at each other faces.

“Then…what will we do?”

“How about returning to the inn first?”

“Is that fine, Albert? What do you want to do?”

“I will follow your instruction. However to fulfil the request, I think we will need at least one more person. And some preparations.”

“Hmm, a comrade huh? Actually I think I alone will be enough…and if done badly they might only hold us down. Well we can at least try to find a useful one. Ah, but since it’s almost sunset…let’s prepare weapons and food tomorrow. Today, let’s finish dinner and then head to Guild. There will be a lot of people during the evening, so it will be easier to find a comrade.”

“Err, first, can you tell me what is this request about?”

“Demon king subjugation.”

“Oh….eh, EHHH!?”


Alfilis became confused because of the sudden request, however because Anorun explained to her calmly she reluctantly consented. And the last,

“I have experience in demon king subjugation so it’ll be fine. Additionally, when push come to shove, we can just use this blockhead as decoy and runoff by ourselves.”

She forcibly calmed her down. However,

“(She said she has experience in demon king subjugation nonchalantly, but is this really okay?)”

Alfilis couldn’t hide her anxiety.

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