The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 3- Highest Founder Request, part 4~Pink Haired Girl

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Highest Founder Request, part 4~Pink Haired Girl

At the mercenary guild. As expected of big town, the mercenary guild was packed with people. Inside the bar, Alfilis, Anorun, and Albert held their discussion.
A Bar-cum-restaurant like this is pretty common in the guild. Going to the bar to obtain information is common sense for travellers, and for mercenaries to acquire information about many countries faster wiould also gather in this kind of place. That was why while they have dinner here, Alfilis and co. also tried to find a suitable person here.

“But, why do we need one more person?”
“From time immemorial, a demon king subjugation had always been done by a party of four.”
“I thought there were also times when there were only three people…”
“Well, at first there was only one person…”
“? What are you talking about??”

Alfilis couldn’t follow Anorun and Albert’s conversations.

“No, I am certain there’s also times where it was done with five people.”
“That’s unsettling. If you like, there were also times where they beat the hell out with twelve against one.”
“If that so then using fifty people would be fine too, wouldn’t it?”
“Not thirty? I’m not well informed about that one.”
“I beg of you two, please say it in a way I can understand! Or is it my fault for being ignorant!?”

Most likely that was not the case. Hearing Alfilis shout, they quickly changed their speeches.

“Still in practical sense, the three of us will take the frontlines. So adding one more support will be convenient. I know a magician is rare among mercenaries, but in this big town there might one.”
“Eh? I thought Sister will take the rear?”
“Well it’s also possible, but at this point of time, I think I will do better in frontline even more than you.”
“No-no way…”

Hearing her words, Alfilis hung her head pitifully. She has become a mercenary for almost a year, and felt that she have a decent grasp of this job, yet, for Anorun to say something like that…

“But how do you persuade them?”
“Leave it to me.”

Anorun walked briskly towards the place where everyone inside the bar could see. At that moment, all of the lights except the ones which illuminated her extinguished.


Though Alfilis’ doubt was understandable, in any case everyone’s attention was drawn to the Sister.

“Everyone…I am, very troubled right now.”

Anorun made an appeal towards everyone with teary eyes. Alfilis felt that Anorun hid eye drops in her sleeve though.

“I am a Sister associated with Alneria church, but, the companion I’ve in this journey collapsed…. However I must continue my trip to fulfil the church’s order. And so I am searching a strong person who can protect me, however I can’t find anyone… If you don’t mind, among all of you, is there anyone who can protect me?”

And then she shed tears. This Sister, Alfilis wonder what kind of training she did. From Alfilis point of view it can only be called farce, but the effect towards the men inside the guild was tremendous.

“Sister! Let me protect you!!”
“What did you say? It’s impossible for you!! Leave it to me, Sister!”
“No, no, I will do it!”
“There’s no way your stick like figure can protect her! Stop it before you make fun of yourself!”
“A boor person like you will only hurt the delicate Sister! Please have some self awareness.”
“What did you say bastard!”

In an instant brawl to become Anorun’s companion started. It was a great brawl inside the bar.

“(Are all the men in the world like this… Master, I just turned eighteen yet I might already give up in finding a boyfriend…)”

During the brawl, Alfilis secretly fell into despair in life. But of course she couldn’t indulge in that feeling. Walking among the brawl, Anorun returned beside her.

“(But actually how will we get one of them?)”
“(Just let them brawl and take the last surviving one with us?)”
“(Is that even possible?)”
“(That’s easy, I just need to add ‘And now please start killing each other’ and then perfect!)
“(Not only swindling, but also instigating murder? I don’t think it’s the way of thinking of a Sister!)”

The guild has turned into a mess. And because of the destruction they caused, the receptionist girl fainted with foam in her mouth.

“(I think this Sister should make her own religion…I feel she can even conquer the world.)”

While Alfilis’ delusions ran wild, in reality the atmosphere indeed turned into almost killing each other. At that time, someone tugged Alfilis’s sleeve.

“Who? Sorry, right now I am busy.”
“I think even if you brought those simple minded people they will only hold you down. How about bringing me instead?”

When Alfilis turned her head, standing there was a girl fourteen or fifteen years in age, yet when she looked at her closely, Allfilis can’t help but become wide eyed. Porcelain-like white skin, and well featured face like a doll. Of course she’s beautiful, but because it is too perfect it feels inhuman. In reality this little girl is expressionless. In addition, her special feature of pink hair reached her waist. In the eastern side of the continent, there is a tree called cherry blossom which blooms in the spring and the petals was said to be pink in colour, perhaps her hair could be said similar to it. Added with her white staff she brought, she looks blinding. But the thing Alfilis felts the most was…

“(Why…only the space around this girl feels cut off from everything else)”

As if ignoring the brawl there, the air around her was quiet. As if she was a portrait taken from different painting and placed here.

“Ah! Watch out!!”

An alcohol bottle flew towards her from who knows where. Alfilis wanted to catch it but it doesn’t seem that she would make it.

“(It will hit her…!)”

Alfilis rushed towards her, but that girl unexpectedly caught the bottle with ease. And gulped it…

“Y-you drink it??”
“To think it is dea juice…I expected it to be kukusu juice, it seems I am still unable to notice it in an instant…I still have a long way to go…”

When Alfilis looked at the bottle in her hand, it was indeed a juice bottle. Because Alfilis showed a dubious expression, the little girl rebutted frankly,

“You think I am drinking alcohol? Good grief. I am not yet sixteen, there’s no way I will drink alcohol. Perhaps, you’re actually stupid?”

Facing Alfilis, she expressionlessly said ‘Hah!’ and showed an exasperated gesture.
Alfilis felt like she received a surprise attack.

“(Her mouth is not dirty like Anorun’s, but this kid has a nasty tongue…)”

“I see. You are a Sensor (a person who detects) right?”

Suddenly Anorun interjected.

“Yes. How did you know?”
“Well, that’s because you’re able to catch it splendidly despite being blind. Did you receive a rank insignia from the guild?”
“I have it.”

Clink. She took out the rank insignia from her bosom that hung around her neck. The insignia was a bow with three arrows.

“I see, rank C+ huh. Alfi, she has higher rank than you, you know.”
“N-no way. I am shocked…”

Alfilis hung her head again. Somehow after coming to Mishia she kept hanging her head.

“Sensor, and rank C+ at that age huh…”
“I don’t know about the content of the request, but as a Sensor I think I am qualified?”
“That’s true.”
“It’s true there are many skilled mercenary in this guild, but you came at bad time, most of them are currently out. Rather than the crowd of men there, I think I am more suitable.”
“Well, you’ve a point. Then let’s go with her!”
“I think we are in the same wavelength Sister. Let’s get along. Ah, pointlessly big female fencer there, you’re different. In your case, speak politely with me!”

The little girl pointed at Alfilis flatly.

“I don’t permit any objection.”
“It has been set in stone…”
“Then, what’s your name?”

Anorun talk to her as if nothing happened.

“Forgive my impoliteness. My name Lisa Fandland. Please call me ‘Lisa-chan’.”
“Lisa-chan, huh. Alright. I am Sister Anorun.”
“Please treat me well.”

Lisa bowed politely toward Anorun. Alfilis also hold out her hand toward her,

“Please to meet you, Lisa-chan. I am Alfilis.”
“What is that hand? Don’t be over familiar with me. In your case call me ‘Lisa-sama’. I won’t accept other than that. You giant woman.”
“Why just me? And I also feel irritated towards this man who reacted to it!”

Though Alfilis’ stress reached its peak, with this the fourth person, it has been decided.

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