The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 4- Subjugation Preparation, part 2~Lisa’s Ability

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That was what had happened yesterday. And because Alfilis was somewhat bad in waking up, while she was still half-asleep, Anorun had already finished the preparations.

“E, eh? What is the matter Sister?”
“Hm? What do you mean? I am preparing for a demon king subjugation of course.”

Anorun didn’t wear the usual frilly Sister dress but instead a tight fitting lightweight apparel. Her hair was tied into a bundle, she wore gauntlets in her hand and even has shoulder pads installed. On her waist, there was also a leather pouch which contained various small objects. Currently she has various medicine Alfilis had never seen before and was preparing to pack them. And unknown from where she took it out from, a hammer-like mace was leaning against the wall.

“Sister, that outfit…”
“Ah, I haven’t told you. In the past, I was a warrior, mainly in charge of the frontlines. This is the equipment from that time. The church has kindly sent this to our inn.”
Even when saying that she briskly continued her preparations. No wonder she has strong physical strength, Alfilis assented.

“Then, I want to ask you, do you know how to use a bow, Alfi?”
“Well more or less. But I rarely use it you know?”
“The trick you used it before with the dagger, you used magic to increase the range and accuracy right? How many times you can use it?”
“Hmm…Around 40 or 50 I guess. I haven’t used it lately so I can’t say the exact amount.”
“Then let say it’s 40. This time the frontline will be handled by me and Albert. Alfi and Lisa will provide covering fire from the rear.”
“I am fine with that but…Am I not allowed to fight in the frontline?”

Towards the dissatisfied Alfilis, Anorun explained.

“…I have many experience with demon king subjugations. From there I can say that the current you is still inadequate to fight in the frontline. Moreover we need to guard Lisa. The demon king won’t move alone, ordinary it will command its subordinates. It’s dangerous to leave her alone in the rear.”
“Though it’s kind of late I’m still not convinced, but since it’s the words from an experienced person, I will follow it.”
“I like your obedience.”

Anorun looked at Alfilis with broad smile. Surely the warrior outfit suited Anorun more, perhaps since originally she has a light atmosphere.

“But having experience with demon king subjugations is amazing. Did Sister also registered in mercenary guild?”
“Hmm, well yes.”
“By the way, your rank?”
“A-amazing! In some towns and regions it is the highest rank right?”
“It’s not that great. Alright alright, let’s stop this boring chat here, go ready yourself. I am going to buy food so I will leave first. Albert said as soon as the preparations are complete, we should head towards the west gate. Also because I am not wearing Sister outfit, don’t call me ‘Sister’ but ‘Anorun’. If you called me wrongly, I will peel your clothes in front of Albert!”

After she said it, she quickly left the room.

“Wha-what? Uhh.”

Even while being sullen, Alfilis prepared to change her clothes.


From the gap of the door Lisa said that while peeping inside.

“Kuh…It makes me hard to get changed.”

Since Lisa can’t see there’s no need to feel afraid that she would see the brands on her body, but it still made Alfilis uncomfortable and hard to change clothes.


After finishing a simple meal at the inn, she went to fetch her sword but as expected it still hasn’t been polished so she planned to give a tip. However because of her ignorance, she was unsure how much she should give.

“(Perhaps I should follow Sister’s advice…no way no way I haven’t held hands with a man yet. No wait, even if I have it is still no…eh? Then from when can it be considered ok??)”

While Alfilis was contemplating like that, Lisa, who couldn’t take it anymore, whispered towards the shopkeeper. And then the shopkeeper quickly took Alfilis’ sword and polished it in the speed of light.

“(Well I am saved but what did she said I wonder?)”

And when she purchased bow and arrow while at it, for some reason the shopkeeper gave her those as a freebie.

“(Eh? Is this the result of my usual good deeds? But the shopkeeper face looks scary? …Let’s ignore Lisa’s grin for now…)”

And when Alfilis left the store while Lisa was still staying behind, she heard the scream of the shopkeeper. Just what kind of deal the two had, it was already beyond Alfilis’ imagination.


And then at the west gate,

“Oh, you’re fast.”

Anorun already bought food and necessities and loaded it on a flying dragon.

“Wha-what is that??”
“? Flying dragons?”
“From where?”
“In big towns, urgent logistic transportations use flying dragons. Remember it.”

Albert explained, and Anorun added

“It can cross a small mountain in a single flight. And since it can carry heavy baggage, it is convenient. Since it is still morning, we can reach somewhere near the forest in question and search for an inn before dusk.”
“There’s no need to worry about the inn, I have finished the arrangement. Actually this time the plan was to use one flying dragon for four of us, but unfortunately the big one all headed out. So please forgive me as it became two people ride the a flying dragon.”

Albert lowered his head towards everyone. Most knights have high pride but Albert is quite humble. That alone actually gave a favourable impression, Alfilis felt it was a shame.

“Is this the first time you saw flying dragons, Alfi?”
“Well, yes.”
“It’s fine. Even I have experience riding one. Lately many have been trained properly so it’s quite easy.”
“So Anorun has ridden one before… this is my first time.”
“Lisa too.”

While feeling some admiration, Alfilis looked at the flying dragons, and for some reason Anorun moved behind her.

“Anorun, what are you doing?”
“Tch. You properly call me by my name. If you failed I planned on striping you in this public road.”
“It’s truly a pity. Though a little, I think we can earn some money.”

Though the two of them acted as if exasperated, it seems both of them were serious. As expected even Alfilis will be amazed and angry, but when she turn her head toward Anorun, the flying dragons licked her cheek from the side.

“Oh! Even the flying dragon likes you. Perhaps it’s your talent. You can become a beast tamer or dragon tamer you know?”
“Tha-that doesn’t matter! Save me~”

Alfilis was being licked and snuggled by two flying dragons.

“No, stop! Don’t lick me….Ya, Ahn!”
“What are you doing early in the morning. Covered by liquid and letting out an indecent voice in the middle of a public road, shameless.”
“I-I didn’t do this because I like it!…Stop…I said stop! Hyaun!”

Though the person herself didn’t notice it, it was quite a lascivious spectacle. And her voice is so natural, Anorun thought such useless thing.

“(Uun. I want to save her, but let me study it more for awhile. But this is indeed quite….)”

Anorun was busy with her evil thoughts, and when she realized, everyone who walked through that place stopped walking and looked at Alfilis. A small crowd of people has gathered. As expected Anorun felt it was enough, but at that time—

“It’s so noisy. What disturbance is this?”
“Darn. The west gate guard. This will be troublesome.”

A man who looked like the guard walked through the crowd of people towards them while ‘Oh no!’ was written on Anorun’s face. The guard walked briskly with a sour expression,

“You lot, where do you think this is!? You look suspicious, come with me for an examination!”

The one who called toward Alfilis was a man with an oily face—a lewd looking man. Even though he said examination, he looked like the type who would do indecent physical examinations.

“(This is troublesome. There’s no way I can avoid creating trouble with hitting him either…)”

While Anorun troubled what to do, Lisa signals with her eyes ‘It will be fine’ and walked toward that man.

“Mister guard, we are not suspicious people. We are going to Karam in the northwest for our job. We will depart shortly and we won’t trouble mister guard anymore.”

“What did you say? You seem in hurry, it makes you even more suspicious! I must examine you by all means!!”

Still with lewd smile plastered in his face, he stretched her hand to capture Lisa. At that time, Lisa glared at him still with her expressionless face.

“Can I say something?”

Reflexively the guard stopped his hand. Without delay Lisa whispered toward his ear.

“You are Ron who lived in third district aren’t you? You lived at the second floor of red roof residence. Some time ago, at the party held by your superior, under the influence of alcohol you kissed your superior’s wife didn’t you? I think I will see an enjoyable spectacle if I told this to your superior and your wife, don’t you think so?”

Lisa giggling happily, but the guard complexion turned pale in an instant.

“Yo-you, how do you….”
“Who do you think Lisa is? Not only things or people, searching for rumours is easy for me.”
“Hi! Please don’t tell my superior and my wife!”
“Well, I wonder what should…Is what I want to say but If you promise to overlook what we did in this west gate, I don’t mind to keep silent. How about it?”

While he reaped what he sowed—the figure of the guard who went back unsteadily was pitiful. Alfilis now understood what kind of thing Lisa said in the weapon shop, though she didn’t know the detail—and she also didn’t want to know.

“We, we are saved.”
“This is the second time just from this morning alone. You really bring a lot of trouble.”
“I said thank you…”
“Words of gratitude can’t be used for living. The truth is I want you to prostrate yourself naked, but the fun will only last for awhile. And so I will write this on your tab, please pay it properly in the future. Something that can’t be exchanged with money has no worth at all, please remember it.”

Saying that, Lisa briskly walked towards the flying dragon. Alfilis felt she just heard something scary.

“We are going to subjugate a demon king, is this going to be ok…”

Because there was not a shred of tension and cooperation among them, Alfilis became worried. But perhaps it couldn’t be helped. Except Anorun, the rest of them only knew of demon kings from texts, at that time none of them expected the demon king waiting in Karam was very different from demon beasts Alfilis knew.

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