The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 5 – Battle With Demon King at Lukia Forest, part 3~Brand Release~

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“Kh! Huff!”

While avoiding the Demon King’s arm, Alfilis desperately took a distance from the Demon King. She took a different route from Lisa and fired arrows as she ran. That’s because no matter how nimble Lisa was, she was still a blind person, thus it will be dangerous to let her to run in such a dead or alive situation.

That’s why, Alfilis let Lisa ran away straight to the designated point while she ran zig-zag to draw the Demon King’s attention. And whenever Alfilis seemed to fall into a dangerous situation, Lisa will flare out her sense to draw Demon King’s attention. That’s the strategy they used.

Every time Lisa flared out her sense, all of Demon King’s eyes will focus on her and drew its attention from Alfilis. They used that to maintain their distance. Though it was an impromptu plan, their cooperation was pretty decent. It showed how skilful Lisa was.


“(Alright! At this rate we will…)”


They started to see the designated location—less than 50 meters in distance. Lisa almost reached the place. However at that time, the Demon King eyes suddenly focused on Lisa.




Perhaps the Demon King noticed it didn’t make any progress? And it decided to do something about Lisa first and thus ignored Alfilis and rushed towards Lisa with all its might.


“Lisa, run!”


The Demon King rushed ahead as if flying. And while still in the air, it spat out acid towards Lisa.

Perhaps Lisa also noticed it with her sense—she ran with all her might toward the clearing and plunged ahead to avoid it. She barely avoided the acid, however she tripped and it took some time to stand up again. It was just a few seconds of time lost, but when Lisa stood up, the Demon King was already ten meters before her.


“It is less than 10 meters more… Lisa!”


Alfilis was about to release more arrows, but Lisa raised her hand to stop her. Perhaps she thought she can do something by herself.

If Alfilis attacked from behind there’s a possibility both of them will fall into a dangerous situation, and there was also a possibility that their plan to draw the Demon King towards designated location failed.




While Aliflis worried about her, Lisa on other hand was calm. Despite facing the Demon King head on, her breath didn’t become disordered. She had big guts indeed. The Demon King slowly closed their distance; it didn’t rush in one go. Lisa also stepped back slowly, matching the Demon King’s pace. Eight meters, seven meters…five.

At that point the Demon King suddenly made its move. It used its hands to catch Lisa, however Lisa avoided it nimbly. But in the direction Lisa avoided there was a tree, and perhaps predicted that, the Demon King spat out acid toward that direction. But Lisa still calm.


“Sensing complete.”


She said that as she used her robe to defend against the acid, and hid her presence from the Demon King in an instant. Throwing her robe and skilfully kicked the tree, she took a distance from the Demon King. The Demon King became irritated and charged towards her while letting out a strange voice. And at the time Lisa and the Demon King reached the clearing—


“Lisa, jump to the side!”


Together with Anorun’s sharp voice, that place was wrapped up in light.


“Wha-what it this? Light bomb?”


It was a bomb with no explosive power but let out light which robbed sight. It was usually used to capture enemies alive, however even Alfilis had never seen anything this strong. Perhaps it was Anorun’s special-made, thought Alfilis who couldn’t see anything.

And then the Demon King movement stopped for an instant. Using that opportunity, Anorun used anti-evil holy magic.


{{We, the humble servant of Guardian of Light, in the duty of our master, will catch this evil soul and entrust it to our master. Let us show the portion of Your miracle here and now!}}

<<Priest Prison>>


The light became a net that captured the Demon King. This was the first time Alfilis saw it, but she was convinced it was a pretty high level magic. It seemed Anorun is indeed a high ranking priest.

The Demon King who lost its freedom after being bounded by the net of light tried to break free, however of course it won’t get out easily.


“Now Albert!”



In a flash, Albert slashed with his sword. The first slash cut all of Demon King’s hands on one side. And then using the space he rotated and delivered another slash upwards with all his might towards Demon King who lost its balance.




The raised sword then delivered another slash towards its trunk. Even though it was a Demon King, on receiving such attacks it still cut right into two, and together with loud sound, it collapsed. From the place it was cut, blood started pouring out, while the opened eyes and mouth started to close and the hands started to melt and rot.

After ascertaining that spectacle, Alfilis rushed towards Lisa.


“Lisa, are you okay!?”

“I am fine, Alfi. Just scratches.”

“I am sorry I ‘m unable to completely draw its attention.”

“Don’t worry, except for the last few steps you properly did your job. I was prepared to draw its attention at least half of the distance depending on the situation. Well, it seems Lisa was unable to shake off the Demon King even though it’s only dozens of steps. All in all, it was good work for a big woman like you.”

“You are really don’t like to hold back do you?”


Though Alfilis wanted to hit Lisa’s head, Lisa swiftly evaded. And when she wanted to try one more time, Lisa avoided it again. She then added feint and did a consecutive attack but Lisa evaded them all.


“…Not cute at all.”

“Sensing complete.”


Lisa laughed.


“(I guess she opened her heart a little.)”


After those series of battle, Alfilis felt she became a bit closer with Lisa.


“Did we finish it off?”

“I wonder? But I think we did large damage at least. Let’s burn it till there’s nothing left.”

“Then let’s prepare.”


Anorun and Albert gazed at the immobile Demon King. Though the trunk was cut into two, it didn’t mean it was dead. At least it won’t move for now. And so Anorun instructed Albert and Alfilis to burn it while they had the chance. Because Alneria church also fought against moving corpses (zombies), their members usually brought fuel for cremation and holy water with them. This time they had it prepared too.

Because it will hinder Albert’s swordsmanship, they put it in the shade of trees. When Albert and Alfilis turned their back to the Demon King to pick the fuel, at that time,


“! Not yet! Don’t just stand there Alfi!!”


From the assumed-immobile Demon King, something flew like arrows towards Alfilis. Because Alfilis was completely unguarded, she was unable to evade it without looking back.

Lisa planned to cling toward her and push her down but with her weight, she won’t make it in time. And then—


Bam! Babam! Bam!!


A dull sound something pierced the flesh resounded.


“(Eh…? I-I am not dead…?)”


But Alfilis didn’t feel any pain. And when she opened her eyes timidly,


“No…No way…”


In front of them Anorun stood facing them—using her back to protect them. Something stuck out her body.


“…Anorun, did you wear this kind of equipment?”

“…Are you alright the two of you?”



Hearing Lisa’s voice Alfilis snapped back. She caught Anorun body, blood flowed from her mouth.


“You’re re-really careless…cough.”


More blood flowed from her mouth.


“Anorun, Anorun! What is this! The blood not stopping! Alfi, don’t just stand there! Let’s stop the blood!!”

“Why… Something like this appeared from Anorun’s chest??”


Something like arrows was stuck in her body, however there was also one which stuck in the position of her heart. With that…there was no way to save her. As if it still hasn’t hit her, Alfilis calmly analyzed it, while Lisa was completely in panic.


“That doesn’t matter! Just stop the blood!”

“This is…a fatal wound isn’t it…?”


“Why…why the strong Anorun is…like this…”

“The pulse… the pulse suddenly weakening…with this…”


Lisa earnestly called into Anorun, however that seemed like something from far far away, as Alfilis plunged into darkness. She can see hazily Albert who fixed his grip on his sword, however it seemed like something from a dream for Alfilis.


“(Albert… where is he pointing at??)”


The sword in Albert hand pointed toward—

The demon king who started to resurrect. No, to be precise it was something different. From the places it was slashed into two, meat like something crawled out. And then it changed into something human-like.


At one side ot the face there was a single big eye. At the other side, small eyes filled its entire body. The common point was, in both of them, a single vertical mouth opened in the middle of their bodies. They have five and six hands respectively. And after confirmed Alfilis and co. with their eyes, they started to laugh maniacally.


“Alfilis, retreat at once! Bring Sister with you! Hurry! I will hold it for some time!”

“…Move Albert.”


“I said move!!”


In an instant, Albert could feel a fierce bloodlust from his back and thus was unable to move. Albert had gripped a sword for twenty years, and had entered battlefields for ten years. Though he had met pressure which made him felt fear and cold sweat, he had never met such strong pressure that made him immobile. Albert couldn’t even take a single step, let alone turn back. Then from his side Alfilis walked forwards with an air of composure.


“Were you the ones who killed Anorun?”


Her voice was so deep and overbearing unlike those from women, however the Demon King didn’t answer but keep laughing maniacally.


“…Stop those irritating laugh!”


When Alfilis shouted, the atmosphere in that place trembled. Even the Demon King was startled and stopped laughing.


“Didn’t die even cut into two huh…Alright, let me blast you away till nothing left!”


Said Alfilis with deep and dark voice never heard from Alfilis before. And then she tore the right hand sleeve and showed her branded figure. The brand wriggled as if alive, and it oozed black liquid of something, flowing to her underfoot and creating a jet black puddle. It looked like blood, but the colour was too dark.


Looking at the black something (the brand) squirming in Alfilis’ female body, even Albert felt physiological disgust. However Alfilis didn’t mind it even a bit. Because of her anger, she didn’t even care about something like that.




With that one word the characters in her right hand floated to the air.


{{Oh the brand which binds me through ancient contract, with my flesh and blood as compensation, grant me even more power. Thou pledged master is Alfilis. With these law and karma, devour all of my enemies!}}


And after reforming in the air, the brand returned towards Alfilis’ right hand. Hereupon, from Alfilis’ body, enough mana to be seen with the naked eye started to gush out.

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