The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter – 5 – Battle with Demon King at the Lukia Forest, part 4~Angry Alfilis~

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Battle with Demon King at the Lukia Forest, part4~Angry Alfilis~


Vapour-like aura kept sprouting out from Alfilis’ body. For those who dwelled in magic studies, when they released their mana fully, aura corresponding to them would manifest. The colour would depend on the magic they used, their element, or possibly their natural disposition. As for the form, ordinarily it would form a membrane like substance enclosing the user. There are also some who formed liquid-like or jelly-like substance if they have a lot of mana, but it was still far from Alfilis’.

Because the amount was too enormous, it looked as if air kept sprouting from every part of her body. And the colour was also non-uniform. With various degrees of light and something else, it shone with seven colours—or possibly more. Both of the quality and the quantity were in a different league.

Looking at Alfilis’ condition, even the demon kings felt dread, and slowly retreated, however,

“Do you think I will let you? <<Forest Bind>>”

With just one phrase, the trees around them started to grow and apprehended the demon kings. The demon kings of course tried to escape, using their claws to tear the trees capturing them, however, more trees would substitute them without pause, thus unabling them to break free.

Albert and Lisa could only stare dumbfoundedly towards that frightening spectacle. And then,


“I will shred you into pieces till you can’t regenerate.”


Alfilis laughed boldly, and a strong gale started to spring forth from her as its centre and mowed down the grass around her.

[I offer my prayer towards the wind god, Tiffoeus]


Even stronger wind gathered around Alfilis!


[Let the wind spirit’s divine protection gather into the palm of my hands. And let those power crush the enemies in front of me in the prison of great wind]

<<Mountain Blow (Gigantic Wind Palm)>>


In an instant, the wind formed an enormous giant palm. And it was not the only one, another similarly enormous giant palm kept appearing one after another all around. And then those gigantic palm, started to strike down the demon kings from every direction.



The demon kings’ body were squashed by those giant wind mass. With a disgusting sound, blood started to pour out from those lump of meats. However, together with demon kings’ screaming voices which was erased by the wind torrent, their blood was also quickly swallowed by the wind prison. And yet, the demon kings still showed the sign of regenerating. Was that not a fatal wound? When Albert and Lisa thought something like that,


[Fire spirit, I offer my blood]


Alfilis started another aria. When they noticed the aura around her already became red in colour. She cut her palm lightly and let the blood dropped into the ground. And then, the blood started to form bubbles and let out bubbling sounds as if boiling, spreading into one side and then from there several flame beasts appeared. Bird, wolf, horse, bear—flame beasts with those shapes started to appear one after another.


[Let the gathered spirits be divided and divided, and by this hollow vessel please dance and play as you please. And then let me offer more offerings for the dancing spirits]

<<Flame Capriccio>>


With those phrases, the dancing beasts attacked the demon kings simultaneously. Whilst receiving influence from the surrounding wind magic, they became something like a tornado of flames. Just like the aria, it was a mad banquet. The demon kings desperately tried to repel the flames, however even after they were repelled till only sparks were left, the sparks would once again grow back and attack the demon kings. That’s right, what Alfilis used wasn’t the usual flame magic, but it was also a type of darkness magic.

There were systems for every magic element, however there were also systems based on how magic was used. Magic system according to elements were something like, fire and water, but the systems based on how magic was used were quite complicated.

For example, there are ‘pure faith’ based spirit magic, calculation based logic magic, and contract based summoning magic. By the way, the one Alfilis used was darkness magic which required the user to pay some kind of compensation or offering. The compensation to use darkness magic is high, however in exchange the firepower is also enormous; it is a dangerous magic which if used continuously might even dye the user’s original element into darkness.

Anyhow, the one Alfilis used was fire magic from the darkness system which would continue to burn until the target was reduced to nothing. As one would expect, even the demon kings screams couldn’t be heard after being engulfed by fire and wind. Alfilis watched over it expressionlessly, without even batting an eyelid.

After the fire subsided, it was literally ‘not even a speck of dust left’. After confirming the death of her enemies, Alfilis slowly turned back into Anorun’s direction.




Alfilis who turned around completely looked like a different person. She who was usually cheerful was currently expressionless, and she made anyone who saw her feel something gruesome. Even the blind Lisa understood that the current Alfilis has different expression than usual. Even without looking at her expression, her eyes which was filled with sadness conveyed it all. And the killing intent she released kept flaring around, as if not knowing the meaning of settling down.

Lisa wanted to say something, but no voice came out from her throat. She even forgot about Anorun in her embrace because of Alfilis’ enormous mana and killing intent.


“(What a tremendous mana… Even high ranking magicians would need to make preparations or use some catalyst to use that kind of magic. To only needing to pay with some drops of her blood, and especially for the first one, she didn’t even use a chant. As I thought my instincts when I pulled her sleeve was not mistaken!)”

“Miss Alfilis?”


She didn’t reply Albert’s calling. Somehow Alfilis’ steps were unsteady. Staggering and swaying as if in high fever.

“I am sorry…I can’t save…Anorun…”


After muttered those words, Alfilis fell unconscious.



Alfilis dreamt—it was one fragment of a conversation with her master, Aldoryus.


“Master, Master, what will happen if I release the brand?”

“Let see, when you use it, you might be fine, but after that the fatigue will be terrible. And also, if you release it carelessly, the brand’s encroachment will advance quickly. If that happens, the pain will become stronger.”

“And if I continue use it?”

“You will lose yourself and the brand will become the new you.”

“I-I don’t want that! Alright, I will never use the brand!”


Aldoryus looked up at a teary-eyed, frightened Alfilis. Aldoryus smiled kindly towards her.


“That’s right, it is fine that way. However, if you die, you will lose everything either way, that’s why there might come a time when you must use it. At that time, you must carefully confirm the place and situation, understand?”

“Umm, I think I understand…or not?”


Alfilis folded one arm and tilted her head, while Aldoryus smiled while looking at her.


“That’s fine for now. For example, if you found yourself an important friend, and you need to save them—it might be fine to use it.”

“Alright, then let’s do that, Master!”


Aldoryus patted Alfilis’ head who replied energetically.


“Good, you are a good child. The brand also will unravel in front of strong negative emotions, so you need to be careful. Alright, then I will teach you how to open the brand when you absolutely need it—“


And then Aldoryus taught Alfilis how to release the brand. At that time Alfilis didn’t quite understand what was the meaning of releasing the brand.


“(…That’s right. I decided at that time to release the brand if it to protect my friend. If I release it in the beginning, Anorun didn’t have to die…I am sorry, I am sorry, Anorun—)”


Alfilis’ consciousness started to return as if grasping light.





Alfilis leapt up from her nightmare, on top of a bed. And then in front of her, Anorun was sitting there as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It seemed she’s currently peeling some kind of fruit. Her knife handling was pretty magnificent.


“You’re good…wait, not that! Didn’t you die…?”

“Don’t just kill me in your convenience! I am alive and slicing, look!”

“Eh? But, wasn’t your heart pierced…was that all a dream?”

“No, I was pierced indeed, here look.”


There were tears in her clothes. And one of them coincided with the one Alfilis remembered, in her heart area. But there was no wound on Anorun.


“No-not even a single wound?”

“Hmm…I didn’t mean to deceive you, but I won’t die no matter what happens to me.”


Anorun said it awkwardly.


“Well it is not inborn ability, but for now no matter what happens, I won’t die. There were times when my limbs were torn, but I still didn’t die.”


“Ah, but if my head falls off I might be unable to move? And also, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain. When my heart was stabbed, it’s so painful I couldn’t move.”


“That’s disgusting right, a human like me? Well, I might be no longer human though. You don’t have to force yourself, Alfi, I will disappear from in front your eyes. It’s impossible to continue to travel with disgusting person like me, right…”




Suddenly called with loud voice, Anorun reflexively sat upright.


“Leaving those things aside, don’t you have something to say?”

“’Those things’? It was big decision for me…”



Anorun didn’t understand why, but Alfilis eyes was serious—seriously angry.


“(She never showed such a threatening look even once since we travelled together…she was never angry no matter how I teased her)”

It was embarrassing but the atmosphere didn’t seem like she could gloss it over.


“Ah..Uh… …… I am sorry.”

“Very well. I will forgive you.”


After said that, Alfilis hugged Anorun.


“I am sorry too…If only I released the brand since the beginning I don’t have to let you, my precious friend, to die. It appeared in my dream. But, but…I am glad…you are alive…truly I am.”


Alfilis’ shoulders trembled slightly. While hugging back Alfilis, Anoren thought.


“(She cried. This child cried because of me. Someone who receives me even after knowing that I am immortal, she is the third.)”


Something hot welled up in Anorun’s heart.


“You think I am your friend?”

“Of course! What else is there?”

“But I am an immortal you know? I have lived for three hundred years you know?”

“That doesn’t matter! Anorun is Anorun, isn’t that right?”


Anorun looked right at Alifilis. She remembered there was something like that too in the past.

[[Immortal? Is that important??]]

[[Immortal? Then you will stay beautiful forever? That’s the best!]]


She remembered the two people who said it while looking straight in her eyes.


“(I see. I think I started to understand what master said about moving forward. I can’t stay like this.)”


Anorun resolved herself. This time…this time was the time for her trial, Anorun strengthened her resolve.


“…Alfi, I will tell you something. Will you hear my story?”

“…If you are fine with me.”


Alfilis smiled kindly. Ah, if it’s her then it will be fine, thought Anorun, and then she started to talk about her past bit by bit…

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