The Branded Female Fencer – Chapter 5 – Battle with Demon King at Lukia Forest, part 6~Anorun’s Confession 2

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“After that we properly became couple… Many things happened, but after some had time passed, he proposed to me ‘won’t you marry me?’ But I declined. No matter what, I am an immortal. If we marry he would know about it sooner or later. And because I was afraid of destroying our relationship, I didn’t dare to tell him the truth. I didn’t want to lose the happiness I have. Though later I understood that it was a mistake.
But he was unexpectedly pretty patient. I thought he would ditch me, but he said ‘If you don’t want to marry then I won’t force you. But I want to stay beside you forever’. And when I threw a tantrum ‘Then can you give up your job as a hero?’ He immediately replied ‘If that’s what you wish’.”
“Since he even said something like that, I couldn’t refuse. Or rather, I was simply happy. And then we lived together, just the two of us, for around two years. In a remote region, in a place where he won’t be recognized as hero. He became a teacher in a village close to it and I waited for him every day while ploughing the field. Once a week we took a break and traveled to many places together. Every day I received lots of love…those were the best moments of my life. But at the same time, there was a deep despair in there. I noticed that I can’t bear a child.”

Anorun’s eyes became cloudy.

“Actually I planned to accept his proposal, however, before I accepted it I noticed it first…perhaps it is one of the compensations of my immortality. Even after half a year I still couldn’t tell him the truth. However, he always smiling, but in the contrary it made me even more painful. At that time, there was a Demon King subjugation request after a long time. At first I showed my disapproval, but our past comrades insisted. It was pretty strong Demon King, and it seems it has destroyed many countries. Even the neighbour’s strongest knight order was defeated. They planned to enter a counter offensive with the collective remnants of the defeated, and so they asked him to join.”
“Did he go?”
“Yes. He was unable to refuse. Because it was his hometown. But apparently it was the Demon King’s trap. In the end, only me and my comrades were able to reach the Demon King’s stronghold.”
“That’s ridiculous!”

Alfilis unintentionally screamed, but Anorun only closed her eyes, unperturbed. But at the same time she remembered how she screamed the same thing at that time.

“Well that’s true. Normally it’s ridiculous, but we didn’t plan to lose. Although there were also some troublesome monsters that waited for our arrival, we defeated them one after another. Our strength was outside of Demon Kings calculation. But we also made light of the Demon Kings. We didn’t expect the Demon King to not be the only one.”
“There is more than one Demon King?”
“Yes, there were six. Each and every one of them were stronger than the disgusting one we faced before. At that time, the Demon Kings felt the danger of the Hero’s strength and decided to temporarily cooperate. However, the Demon Kings were still defeated one by one, although our comrades also started to fall one by one. And in the end it was me and him, facing against the last two Demon Kings.”
“It was a high level battle where I completely only held him back. Even so, although it’s similar to a one against two, he still held the superiority. At that time the Demon King used cowardly means and took us by surprise. I tried to protect him, but at one moment the feeling of not wanting him to know about my immortality held me back.”

Anorun’s eyes became even darker, as if sinking deeper into an abyss.

“But he…he didn’t hesitate at all to protect me and died. Moreover, his dying words was ‘I am sorry I unable to protect you till the very end’!? Even if he didn’t protect me, I won’t die, I should be the one who protect him!”
Alfilis couldn’t find the words to console her. Tears started to well up in Anorun’s eyes.

“I properly killed the Demon Kings. Without leaving any trace behind. I pulverized it till none can tell their previous shape. But what I felt only emptiness. After that I fell into despair and started to mindlessly hunting monsters. And then, I think it was one time after I killed another Demon king, I used up all my energy and unable to move, at that time, I was picked up by the Highest Founder of the Alneria church I belong now. But even at that time I had no willpower in me, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I wanted to die, and in desperation I tried to do many things, but the Highest Founder didn’t allow me. Since I didn’t care anymore about my life, and I started to think that entering sisterhood for real is not that bad, I met the Lazar family that serve the church.”
“Different from the Hero, he is a frivolous man. I remember he touched my butt the first time we met. I slapped him without holding back, or rather, I had beaten him black and blue. However, the next day he came again to sexually harass me as if nothing had happened. And yet, he also unhesitatingly made a pass with other women…Really irritating, every time I met him, I became angry.
But it’s strange, when he was not there, I felt something wasn’t complete. I even thought ‘perhaps he likes me?’, but one day he suddenly married another woman. Do you know what he said to me back then? ‘Well, sorry! I’ve became bored of you!’ he said. I punched him with all my might, and right after that, I started the pilgrim mission that has been proposed to me since awhile back. Every time I remembered him in my journey I became irritated. But I don’t know why, in my 118 years of pilgrimage, I’ve never once forgotten his face. Well I’ve known the reason a while ago.”
Alfilis’s gaze stayed in Anorun as she listened to her story. Suddenly, Anorun started to tremble.
“Just a while back, Albert showed me his note… ‘Dedicated to the only Sister I loved from the bottom of my heart in all my life’ was written there. How he falls in love with me the first time we met. How my figure looked like someone who was asking for help in his eyes. How every time he almost died in battle field, his willpower to live would return when he remembered my face. How he didn’t want to see the me lonely and thus always tried to divert my attention even if he would become hated. How he was regretting the fact he couldn’t stay beside me until the very end, in order to leave descendants. And also the apology on how he can’t say he loved his wife and concubines from the bottom of his heart. …I was…I was…”
Finally, large drop of tears started to spill from her eyes.
“I didn’t understand anything at all! His consideration, his anguish, even his love toward me!! In my memories he always smiling! No matter how painful is it, no matter what kind of wound he bear, I was his first concern, and he won’t even show a pained look! And yet…And yet, I, in our 2 years of interaction, never once did I say anything kind to him, and in the end I even said ‘I don’t want to see your face ever again!’. Just…just what cruel thing I did…”

The tears flowing through Anorun’s cheeks didn’t stop. Although she was aware she currently looked unsightly, her tears didn’t stop, no, they couldn’t stop.

“(This is the first time I’ve felt sad because of someone dying. I always lied to everyone around me, and even to myself…and toward someone as cruel as me, I think even Alfi will scorn me. But, that can’t be helped…)”

Suddenly, Alfilis embraced her gently.


She put more strength in her embrace.

“You don’t have to hold it back anymore…Anorun.”
“I don’t have to hold back…?”
“Every human has the right to cry at time like this, right?”
“I am not human…”
“Yes, you are. And you’re also my friend, you know?”

Anorun didn’t even know what face she made, nor what kind of voice was coming out from her throat—she just wanted to cry until she was satisfied. Just crying like this, beside her friend. When was the last time she was able to cry like this, she wondered.
How long was it, Anorun’s tears still haven’t stopped. Right now she feels sad, and perhaps she will still feel regret in the future. But there was also a part of her who felt that she wanted to see many things with Alfilis. Alfilis’ face right now looked very gentle…

“(Ah, I remembered, everyone who loved me also showed such expression… Looking at such gentle Alfi, the gentle feelings also started to flow naturally from inside me…)”

Anorun wiped off her tears with her hand, and turned toward Alfilis.

“I’m sorry, Alfi, I cried a lot.”
“It’s fine. You supported me many times too. I was always on the side of the supported until now.”
“You’re not mistaking it with ‘causing trouble’?”
“Well, that might be true.”

Anorun poked Alfilis.

“Ah! It hurts! Your strength is ridiculous, so hold back a little!”
“Is that something you should say toward this weak me?”
“…You’re back to your usual self huh.”

Anorun was dumbfounded.

“(I wonder who is the older one now… This girl, is she really 18…?)”

While Anorun gave her a doubtful look, the target, Alfilis, looked back with a question mark over her head.

“Alright…today is my loss. And also, I want you to call me with my real name.”
“Can I use it in front everyone else?”
“I don’t mind though. Ah right…there’s no need for me to use alias anymore! It was alias given to me because I don’t want to be called with my real name after all. Do you know the origin? It was a slight twist from ancient language ‘something yet known=unknown’. It just a slight twist, irresponsible right? From now on I will use my real name! But I will only tell the full name to you.”
(TL: unknown=announ=ano(r)un)

“Hmm, is that a maiden’s secret?”
“Well not really. Listen, my full name is…”

Anorun, no, Miranda whispered her full name to Alfilis. And while at it, she also blows Alfilis’ ear. Alfilis who was surprised, screamed, while Miranda laughed loudly. As if on a signal, the two of them started to laugh together unstoppably.
And then…

“Good grief, finally she got over it! She really makes me worry! Perhaps this is the feeling of a big sister who has a handful of a little sister, or a parent who has a handful of a daughter.”

The one who observed all those events was Milie, the highest founder of Alneria church, Miliazard.

“As long Alfilis is still alive, there’s nothing to worry. No wait, looking at her condition she might be fine even after Alfilis died?”

Miliazard nodded, and consented by herself.

“After all she is…well I wonder what that old sly fox did. First let’s wrap up things on this side. Today’s haul was pretty good~”

While talking to herself, Miliazard walked alone in the town of Mishia which was dyed with the golden colour of sunset. She sighed while looking at somewhere far away. Noone know what’s inside her heart.

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