The Branded Female Fencer – Character Introduction

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Character Introduction, Part 1~Alfilis, Anorun, Milie, Albert, Lisa
Name : Alfilis (she threw away her family name)
Age : 18
Height/Weight/Three Sizes : 174cm/64kg/90/62/94, She has black hair which reaches her collar and light brown eyes
Job : Fencer (Actually Magic Warrior)
Likes : Meat, something fluffy, sleeping while basking in the sun
Hates : Bugs with lot of legs
This story’s main character. When she was little she was reported to the Magician Association by the terrified villagers (though later it was known that the one reported her was her own parents) and when her life was almost taken, she was saved by Aldoryus who later became her master. Hereafter to seal her power, her master and she herself inscribed brands on her body. Though the brands placed a heavy burden on her body, with her steel-like self restraint and patience, she became able to conduct herself normally. Though she is ignorant of the ways of the world having lived in the mountains for a long time, she possesses a good sense, thus she became the “straight man”* and acts as the conscience in the party.
She has a physique close to the average male and has a trained body, but at the same time her strong-willed eyes and looks make her quite a beauty. Because she never paid any mind towards how others look at her, she doesn’t have self-awareness that she is pretty. Additionally, because in the past she was teased mercilessly by her fellow mercenaries about her height, it became her complex. Because of that she lost confidence in her appearance. Her speciality is the sword, but her teacher also taught her the basics of spear, axe, bow, whip, hand-to-hand combat, throwing techniques, iron ball, and dual swords thus she is able to use them slightly better than the average person.
Also she can use magic to certain extent. Actually, being able to use magic despite being sealed by brands is an astonishing thing, however even Alfilis herself doesn’t quite understand the details. Yet she can more or less imagine the disaster that would happen if she unleashed all her magic power. Also she has the tendency to be liked by animals, and that was another subject for Anorun’s teasing.
This story is about the growth of people, including hers.

Name : Anorun (Miranda)
Age : ? (She looks like in the second half of twenty)
Height/Weight/Three Sizes : 161cm/49kg/85/59/87, Shoulder length golden hair and blue eyes
Job : Sister (In the past, Warrior)
Likes : Alcohol, handsome men, bullying Alfilis
Hates : Her superior, squirming creatures
Despite currently being a Sister of Alneria church, she cannot use healing magic. However she is pretty skilled in anti-evil and defensive magic. In exchange for her inability to use healing magic, she is well versed in medicine — she can even play as simple doctor.
She has a frail and beautiful look, but actually her mouth is vulgar, a sadist and arrogant, and also malicious. As for her physical strength, Alfilis thought it was similar with hers but actually she has enough power to throw a grown man with a single hand.
It appears she has lived longer than a normal human, but the details of her personal history is unclear. However since she has experience in a demon king subjugation, she must have a befitting past…

Name : Milie (Miliazar)
Age : ? (She looks like 10 years old)
Height/Weight/ : 134cm/39kg, golden hair and green eyes
Job : Highest Founder (Master Bishop)
Likes : Lately the baked sweet at downtown, kids, current favourite game: kick the can
Hates : Nagging Archbishop (she called them ‘three idiots’), Dogs (after being chased in the past), ghosts (despite being the one who exorcises them…), carrot (after overeating it in the past)
Although she seems like ten years old kid, her age is unknown. From her words, she seems to have lived for a hundred years. And it seems she can change her appearance at will. Also it seems she is the only person Anorun couldn’t go against.
Her magical power was said comparable to 1000 average Sisters; she can heal any grievous wound in an instant and her binding magic is said to have the power enough to strangle a dragon to death. Additionally when she conducts purification, her surroundings will be enveloped with light — that’s how skillful she is as holy magic user.
She’s more sadistic than Anorun. However, because she is not assertive towards fighting, she rarely exhibits her power. She also rarely uses her healing magic since her opinion is that “there is no need for people to forcibly escape their fate”. She has cool-headedness as the church leader, but fundamentally her character is filled with affection. She is also the type of person who can easily feel lonely.

Name : Albert Phidelity Lazar
Age : 23 years old
Height/Wei : 184cm/81kg
Job : Holy Knight Elite Bodyguard Commander
Likes : Training, serious people
Hates : Alcohol, vulgar people

Miliazar’s guard and the commander of the Holy Knight Elite Bodyguard Order. He has an appearance popular with women, but is indifferent about it. If he has free time he will use it to train so Miliazar called him ‘muscle head’. Actually, he likes to retort.
Befitting the 31th generation of Lazar, he is the commander of the elite Holy Knight guards like his predecessor. Because the elite guard commander was chosen via a one-on-one fight for generations, this also means that everyone defeated their own father to reach this position.
A Lazar from five generations ago was praised as genius for taking the commander position at 23 years old, yet Albert completely overtook this record and became a commander at the age of 20. Also because Holy Knights need to able to serve as priests, he can use holy magic almost similar to an average priest.

Name : Lisa Fandland
Age : 14 years old
Height/Weight/Three Sizes : 154cm/45kg/78/53/80, waist long pink hair and pink colour pupil (bilnd)
Job : Sensor
Likes : Kukusu fruit juice, cats
Hates : People with thin presence, rain
Lisa always use ‘Lisa’ to refer herself.

The girl who talked to Alfilis at the mercenary guild. Her tone is polite but she has foul mouth.
As a Sensor and at her age, having received a C+ rank in the guild is exceptional. It was because she could directly hunt monsters or guard important people which quickly increased her rank, and there are also many instances where she was employed as a vanguard. Sensors show their true value in remote region reclamations and resource detection. Thus in the peaceful central region their main job consists of searching for humans or articles, and so the remuneration is insignificant. The reason she could reach her rank despite her age was that firstly, she started at the age of six, and secondly, her success probability crossed 90%.
In Mishia, she is very famous; almost no one there has not heard of her, and there’s even a local saying “if Lisa can’t find it, just give up”. However, her private life is a mystery — no one knew where she lived. She doesn’t have anyone who could be called her friend, and because she also doesn’t try to open up to others, in the guild she was treated as a mysterious and hard to approach individual.
That was why it was unknown why she proactively came towards Alfilis and co. and promoted herself. Her favourite phrases are “Are you stupid?”, “Shut up, lowlife”, “The worst” and various other poisonous phrases. And somehow those words were mainly targeted toward Alfilis…

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