The Branded Female Fencer – Prologue

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Translator : DarkAmethist

Editor : Reizen

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After a long time, the continent was conquered by demons who proclaimed themselves as demon kings. The hundreds or so demon kings continued to fight for dominance throughout the entire continent, and the days which were filled with struggle became common occurrences. Although there were also other races stronger than human such as elves, giants, and spirits, none stand against the demon kings as some were afraid of the demon’s menace while others simply despised conflicts and chose to live in seclusion. And thus, the human race,which didn’t have any significant power, resorted to live in the corner of the continent while being wary of demon kings and the demons.


Nevertheless, the human slowly began their counter offensive. With “cooperation” as their main concept, they succeeded in breaching the boundary between races and formed an alliance with other races like the elves and the giants. And by helping each other, after hundreds years of war, they finally were able to drive the demon kings out of the continent. The human race successfully reversed the position of human and demons, then proceeded to stand as the ruler of the continent.


However, after becoming the supreme rulers, internal disputes started to occurred between the humans. Dumbfounded by that fact, the elves, the giants, demi-races, and the spirits who had originally cooperated with human, erased themselves from the canal of history. And as if conflict could never cease to exist, another hundreds years of war began once again, but this time, it was among the human race.


As time passed, the age of wars was approaching its end.

Now, twenty years after the peace conference, which brought together various countries in the continent, although skirmishes didn’t completely disappear, and small scale wars were still fought in some places, the great wars which involve the entire continent were finally subdued. It can be said that currently the human were welcoming a period of peace. Even if that peace was only temporary, the humans enjoyed it to the fullest.


The historians later called that time period as the age of peace.

This story follows the journey of a single female fencer named Alfiris in this seemingly peaceful period. Where would her journey lead her to or what would she leave behind? Let us follow her footprints…





As she opened her eyes, she felt the pleasant sunlight which passed through the gaps in the trees’ canopy. It was one month after the mooi birds–the harbinger of spring had been sighted. This Falt forest, which was located in the middle of a plain—just a little to the south of continent, was wrapped up in an extremely pleasant weather. If that was not the case, even her who didn’t fuss over trivial things might had looked for a better place to stay.


“Ah, I’m sorry for using you as a pillow.”


The one looking at her with sleepy black eyes was a wolf which lived in this forest.


“Sister Anorun might laugh if she sees me using a demonic beast as a pillow…”


Sister Anorun was someone whom she met frequently at the town’s inn and had completely become her acquaintance. It seemed their destination was similar. For some mysterious reasons, the sister who moved in a straight line to the east while offering prayers at every town she passed by, and Alfilis who moved based on the direction that a tree branch randomly pointed to, ended up moving at a similar pace.


Three days ago when she left the town, the tree branch pointed at different direction than the highway.


“It’s better if you don’t go that way… since you don’t have sense of direction!”


The Sister said something like that. However, because Alfilis saw her grinning face while she took a sidelong glance to her, added with her own obstinacy, she still walked toward the forest and was lost as expected. The highway in that area was under maintenance, and although the monsters subjugation was pretty thorough so there was no dangerous monsters as long you didn’t enter too deep, the forest was still not a place for human to live.


“As expected, the waterhole near the river is a monster nest…”


Even though she knew that, she was still an adolescent girl and she could not resist the desire to take a bath after missing it for three days. Well, she did check the surrounding area first, but after filling her stomach with the ration she brought along, she had fallen asleep there. After hearing a beast’s growl, she woke up and found a three-meter long forest wolf in front her.


“Good thing you’re a lone wolf. If there were more it might had ended up badly. And I am also thankful to my master who taught me the negotiation technique against monster. Without it, I might still walking around the forest trying to find a place to sleep….Master, you’re the best.”


Last night, after she had defeated the forest wolf in a fierce fight, she gave it first aid. And in exchange, the wolf let her use it as a bed for the night. Monsters who lived inside the forest, especially the beast type monsters, usually obeyed the strong, and there were also some who wouldn’t forget a received favour. Additionally, forest wolves were quite gentle monsters, as long human didn’t invade their turf they wouldn’t actively attack human. Well, agitating that wolf was due to her own carelessness.

Anyhow, the technique to negotiate with monster, which consisted of first showing off one’s power and then giving them first aid or food, was actually pretty well known among some races. After she healed it, the forest wolf indeed looked at her with friendly eyes; and as she was tempted by its soft looking fur, she even used it as a pillow.


“Well it’s comfortable…but…it seems I’m really well liked by monsters. Or perhaps this child is used to people? Even so, why there’s no decent men around me, why?!?”


Remembering how she was almost kidnapped by bandits, and her frivolous mercenary comrades, she sighed. Then she turned her eyes at the forest wolf who was giving her her a dubious look,


“Perhaps you’re better than human…”


She said that in a joking tone as she fixed her outfit.


“Alright, I’m going. Sorry for disturbing your night.”


She brushed the wolf’s neck as she spoke. Nine out of ten human men would think the gentle expression she showed there was beautiful, however the monster didn’t see it that way and only felt pleasant because she brushed its neck.


“Alright! The closest town should be Izu I think? I’d better seriously aim for town this time… I’ve had enough with grass.”


Alfilis’s expression returned to that of an adventurer.


Yes, that’s right. Despite being a girl, Alfilis was still an adventurer who lived by swinging her sword. Although women who made a living with their swords couldn’t be said to be nonexistent in this monster-dominated world, it was still extremely rare. Additionally, they usually accompanied with of a knight brigade or a mercenary group. Although Alfilis looked like a knight at first glance, her conduct was that of a mercenary. She earned money through jobs like being bodyguard at relay stations, guarding caravans according to the guild’s request, and subjugating monsters. The money she earned was used as expenses for her journey.

Female mercenaries in this era were often considered as a vulgar profession since they also did prostitution work when they didn’t have any other jobs to do or in need of money. However, Alfilis didn’t do anything that would disgrace herself. The reasons being, other than the stern promise she had made with her master, her pride also didn’t allow it. Added with her knight-like behaviours, intellect and looks, and mostly the strong will in her eyes, even the men would hesitate to invite her for something like that. And perhaps, her height that was a bit too tall for women was also another factor.


And even if there were some who still dared to coerce her, she didn’t pay them any attention (actually when she was still ignorant of the ways of the world, she didn’t comprehend what kind of invitation that was). And in the case they still persistently called out to her, what awaited them was a tragic end: beaten black and blue until even a cloth that is used to wipe horses for one year was still better looking than them.


This and that happened, and it had already been one year since she started her journey. However, she still had yet reached her destination. She headed toward the East in accordance with her master’s will, toward Begulard.


“Master said ‘normally it will take around half a year’…Master is a liar…”


That being said, she didn’t even have the ability to read map properly (maps in this era were somewhat poorly made and only displayed a small area), added with her habit of loitering around. Therefore, she ended up following the thought ‘the East is where the Sun rises’ to reach her destination. Moreover, what her master meant by half a year was actually by travelling on a horse. Even her master didn’t expect her to travel from West part of continent to near the East part only on foot.


Though you could also say that ‘it can’t be helped’. Since the time she was picked up by her master when she was only ten, they had lived in seclusion deep inside a mountain for seven years. If not for the goodwill of the people she had met in her journey, she could had been sold at Taram as a prostitute around one week after she started her journey—that was how ignorant she had been. The fortunate fact that no disaster had befallen her was perhaps due her good nature. Or perhaps thanks to a certain meddlesome drunkard Sister.


“I’m certain Alfilis will come to this Izu village. How many times has she got lost and fought with monsters until now, I wonder? Well, I should tease her thoroughly~”


She said that while sitting in a bar, holding a tankard of strong alcohol. However, the day she can thoroughly tease Alfilis all-night was still five days away. It was after Alfilis had got lost once again then had been chased by monsters, and by the time she reached the village, she no longer had any energy to talk back.

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