My Pet Is A Holy Maiden Chapter 2 [The Summoning]

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CREDITS : Translator : Ashikaider

Editor : TheCatWalk

TLC : TheCatWalk


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The next night, Tatsumi had the same dream again.

Upon waking up and staring once again at that ceiling, Tatsumi recalled the dream.

As strangely realistic dream, yes. Realistic enough that he could even remember it to the details. And somehow, it was growing more realistic as days went by.

In a dim, basement-like room, the holy maiden was dedicated intently in her prayers as usual.

Yet in today’s dream, he saw how desperately she had been praying.

Floating on that snow white virginal skin were beads of sweat. Before long they began to drip from her face, hitting the stone floor below with a dripping sound.

Tatsumi could remember even that tiny details clearly.

“…Why…. Why do I keep having this dream….”  Tatsumi muttered while looking up at that ceiling.

To keep experiencing the same dream so frequently, there must be a reason.

It was a  very common pattern, as if someone was calling him, Tatsumi thought —It’s the so-called pre- summoning pattern.

But unlike light novels and comics, something so illogical can’t possibly be true.

To begin with, he had no reason to be summoned. Tatsumi had no advantages anywhere, as he was just a normal 16 year old boy.

Certainly, in many lights novels, a Princess from a different world calls a random hero to save the world. It was a common setting. But for it to happen to himself wasn’t something Tatsumi thought was possible.

Rather than that.

Tatsumi himself knew he could not continue grieving like this. He has to face forward and proceed with his life.

While telling himself that, Tatsumi sluggishly got out of bed.

Since he’d dropped out of school, he thought it’d be best if he went out and tried to find a part-time job. While he thought of this, he washed his face and changed his clothes.

He thought he should by a magazine of something from the convenient store to search for a part time job.

But as he thought of that, from the corner of his eye he saw to the now empty birdcage that Chiiko no longer dwelled in. As he did, the sadness and despair from when he lost her once again started to rise up in him.

The many enjoyable times Tatsumi had enjoyed with Chiiko kept on replaying in his mind repeatedly.

And then he realized, that Chiiko was gone forever.

Once this happened, it became useless for him to do anything. The sorrow from her loss overwhelmed him again, and now it was no longer possible to do anything.

Since Chiiko had passed away, he no longer had any appetite for meals. All he had was instant food that he had stocked up from the convenient store.

So once again today too, without doing anything else, Tatsumi had spent all of his time holed up in his apartment doing nothing at all.

He looked at the photos of his family and Chiiko that he saved on the screen of his phone. For some reason, along the way he had picked up the guitar that had been leaning against the side of his bed, and began to play it subconsciously.

The acoustic guitar1 was a memento of his late father. When he was younger, his father had played it for Tatsumi, and then gave it to him as a gift.

In his youth Tatsumi’s father had put together a band , and had earnestly aimed at being a professional guitarist. In the end, he had abandoned his dreams. But, ‘I was doing well at it’, had been a phrase his father liked to say.

His father also taught him how to handle it, and was able to play it to some extent. But of course, he didn’t have the ability to aim for professionals.

He began to strum it without any thought.

“….Now that I think about it, didn’t Chiiko accompany my playing with her chirping as if singing along….” Recalling this, once again a dark mood washed over Tatsumi.

In the past, when Chiiko was still alive and healthy, whenever he played the guitar like he was now, Chiiko matched his tune with her chirping, as if to sing along it.

While reminiscing those lost days, Tatsumi began to play calmly.

Suddenly, at that moment, a bright light began to emit from the surroundings of his bed. But atop of his bed only had pillows and the bedsheet, and had no such source to emit such a strong light.

Despite this, there was this sudden mysterious luminance phenomenon from his bed.

The reason for this was unknown, but none the less Tatsumi had to squint his eyes at the surge of radiance. Rather, he had no choice but to do that at the sudden appearance of the phenomenon.

As Tatsumi did that, the  light continued to dance wildly, and had begun to turn silvery. But he felt no heat from the light. Rather than heat, the somewhere dazzling light gave of a soft feeling of holiness.

And when all of the surrounding had turned completely dyed silver,  Tatsumi noticed something below him.

It appeared to be composed of geometric patters, with strange writing and symbols surrounding the patterns.

Patterns of light that shone even brighter than the dazzling light around him, with Tatsumi’s limited knowledge, he thought that it was strangely similar to magic circles.

But at that moment, the brightness overwhelmed him, and opposed to the radiance around him, Tatsumi’s mind fell into darkness.


Slowly, Tatsumi tried to open his closed eyes.

His surroundings appeared to be very dim. Could it still be early in the morning, perhaps before daybreak? This was the thought that ran through Tasumi’s mind.

He attempted to look out of the window that was by the top end of his bed. But instead of a window, he was greeted by a imposingly solemn stonemade wall.Also, an expensive looking ornate sconce was set in that wall, and had a lit candle atop it.

Wait, what? Since when did I have stone walls and wall sconces in this place?

Still groggy from sleep, Tatsumi tried to think.

After the loss of his family, he had moved into a small 2K apartment with Chiiko. Stilll– when Chiiko was with him – despite being otherwise alone, it was satisfactory enough for him. He had been happy enough there.

But in this room, there should not be a stone wall.  No, rather it was not just limited to Tatsumi’s room, as there were few houses in Japan that had stone walls.

If this place was not his room, then where was it?  While thinking that, Tatsumi sat up and checked his surroundings.

Checking around his bed, he discovered that not only were the walls made of stone, but all of the others including the floor and ceiling were as well.

At this this point, he began to wonder where he’d seen such a place before. He had seen something like this recently, hadn’t he?
Moreover, he’d seen it on a fairly regular basis.

Scratching the back of his head, Tatsumi began to look around the room again.

Suddenly something entered his line of sight.

Kneeling on the floor with open eyes, was a young woman who was staring at him fixedly.

She had long silvery platinum hair,  with beautiful eyes the color of rubies, and atop her head was a single lock of hair  standing up. It was the so called ‘ahoge’.2

With a look of complete and utter shock the young woman looked at Tatsumi. While being stared at so intensely, Tatsumi also subconsciously returned the gaze and stared at her.

And then, he realized.

He know this woman.

“…The holy maiden…In my dreams…?”

Yes. As it was in the dream he now had every night,  there before him was a girl that looked exactly like the holy maiden that had every night prayed with feverish intent in his dreams.

Taking a moment to reflect on things, he realized that the room he was in right now was similar to the one in the dream. Rather, it looked exactly like the basement room from his dream.

Then was this girl the same holy maiden he saw in his dream?

When he looked back at her… his body was suddenly attacked by a strong impact.

Tatsumi who was sitting collapsed on the bed face up as he couldn’t withstand the sudden impact.

Huh! What!? He lightly panicked. But then he saw strands platinum blonde hair dancing in front of his face.

A sweet smell filled his nose, and he realized that he had been embraced without warning.

It was at this moment that Tatsumi realized that he was being hugged by the girl who looked like the holy maiden.


The girl had pounced on him suddenly and give him a hug.

She clung tightly to him with her slender arms for awhile, and  then separated only a little and peered at his face.

Her red eyes and Tatsumi’s black eyes— they met at point blank range.

Sparkling tears filled her crimson ruby eyes. And yet, despite this, she smiled happily at Tatsumi.

“Finally… finally I get to meet… I was… I’m reunited with with…  you today… for oh so many years… I waited… Master.”

“What? Ha!? Now,  how… eh? Ma—master? Have we met before?”

“Oh yes… oh… it really is you…your appearance…your voice…. and this smell… no doubt…I didn’t forget… not even once…”

What he felt then was, the feeling of the girl’s tears dripping on his cheeks from her gem like eyes .

Feeling the tears on his cheek, Tatsumi finally realized what sort of situation he was in and their current posture and began to blush.

The two of them were hugging on top of his bed.

Due to her additional weight, they had fallen down and he felt the softness of her body against his own.

But she wasn’t heavy at all. Her height was close to that of Tatsumi’s, but she apparently weighed much less than he did.

And as expected, the thing he noticed the most were the two amazingly soft but huge mounds pushing into his chest. It was of course ‘that’ part that symbolized all women.

Every time she moved, her bosom softly tickled Tatsumi.

Now he began to notice some details he had not seen in his dreams before, such as her clothing.  It appeared to be of a single sheet of very thin clothe, wrapped around her body loosely.

At first it was dark and he didn’t notice, but now that their distance has shrunk a lot, he could faintly she her skin through the transparent clothes.

Involuntarily Tatsumi was completely drawn into the valleys of her bosom, and his line of sight was soon filled with this new sight. Although he could not see the soft, pink cherries at the top of her breasts, he could tell that the destructive power of her bust was definitely very high. In a scale of 100, it was at least 85 if not 90.

Why he was thinking of such things was most likely due to the fact that he was a healthy young man, and healthy young men were sad creatures. Of course the fact that he, Tatsumi, was thinking that in his current situation was a form of escaping from reality.

Looking down him, the young woman began to laugh softly. Whether she noticed Tatsumi’s line of sight was of course, another different matter.

“…To be able to meet with you again in this manner…I am very happy… Master!”

“Wait, what!? I’m what? What, where… What? You—your master? Me? Are you talking about me?”

“Yes, are you not my master?” she said while smiling and laughing from the bottom of her heart.

As he asked her before, it seems like this girl had met Tatsumi in the past.

But Tatsumi was nonplussed3. He had no memories of meeting such a girl before.

In the first place he had close to no previous experience with foreigners. He hadn’t even spoken to many on the street before, once or maybe twice, when they asked for directions or something.

And not to mention this ruby-eyed platinum haired beauty?  With such distinctive features, it was unlikely that he would have forgotten someone like her.

As if reading his mind, she continued to speak.

“Master may not remember me, because I am different from when Master knew me before.”

“What? What does that even mean? You’re different from when I knew you before?”

Involuntarily after seeing Tatsumi’s blank stare, she began to giggle. She released him from her embrace and sat on him as to correct her posture.

“Sorry for my late introduction. My name is Calcedonia Chrysoprase. I’m a priestess of the Doctrine or Saviav of the Largofiely kingdom.”

She said then, and retaining her seiza-like posture, bowed quietly.

“Huh..? Err.. My name’s Yamagata Tatsumi.”

“Yes, I know.”

The girl who had identified herself as Calcedonia smiled. Looking at her smile, it could be believed that most men in this world or any other would be totally captivated by it. It was such a smile of the finest quality to behold.

But with such a smile directed at him, Tasumi’s confusion grew even deeper.

Of course it was because she knew his name, but even more so because she spoke of some really strange words now.

At this point a thought began to form in Tatsumi’s mind. But before he could voice it, Calcedonia continued to speak.

“Master, you may not know the current me, but I know you…no, I remember you better than anyone else in the world….”

She began to stare at him with a sincere gaze. It was in this gaze that Tatsumi had a sense of Déjà vu.

In the past, he had been looked at by this gaze. And it was from a point blank position like this too

For example, from the top of his hand, or on his shoulder, or sometimes sitting on his knees.

For some reason, her stare is very similar to that of his beloved family member…


Involuntarily, the name spilled from his lips. And the moment that she heard it, Calcedonia floated on the most beautiful and grand smile that she had ever shown.

Anyone could see the feelings behind that beatific smile were those of great happiness, devoid of the tiniest bit of malice and hesitation.

“Yes…! Yes, that’s right!!  I’m…….I’m Chiiko!!! Master…I’m your pet! Your pet Chiiko!!”

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  1. The type of guitar you associate with country music, the type that doesn’t require speakers unlike, say, a bass.
  2. TN note: ‘stupid hair’, see below. Ahoge hair
  3. (of a person) surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react.
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