Patreon Pledge

But for every 60$ that is donated into my Patreon I will do 1 extra chapter with the maximum of 2 extra chapters per week. That makes 8-9 Extra chapters and 4-5 regular chapters per month. But, if I get more donations than expected I might take a weekend off to sit down and do a marathon to clear the queue.

Donations can easily be made via a Patreon pledge with Paypal. And the best thing is that everyone will be able to personally see how much I am getting pledged, which is great.

The Pledging method is per month. I chose this because it will be easier for both me and patrons.

You can check the details here.

Be noted that monthly patrons will be charged the amount the pledge every month. There are a few key differences between per month and per creation. With per month campaignspatrons are charged a flate rate each month dependent on their pledge amount. Creators using this model will not be able to charge patrons for individual posts.

But of course, you can delete your pledge if you want to make a one time after the 1st of the next month. It will take just a few seconds to do it and you won’t be charged for the next month.

If you want to make one time donation without being charged every month, here is how. But of course, it would be appreciated if you would support Seijo down the road too.

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