Steam Gifting

You can also donate by gifting me a steam game.

My Steam ID : (CatVI) (Be sure to add me as a friend)

I decided to input this easy method because, even though I enjoy consoles more than PC. I have more games for my PS4, PS3, PS2, PS, PSP, VITA, WII U, WII, GC, N64, 3DS, DS, GBA, GBC each then my steam account (which has pitifully low amounts of games).

I also recently bought an ASUS ROG GL752  (…2 weeks before…they announced the 1080ti) as my replacement Laptop so I’ve become a bit more interested in PC Gaming.

Simply put, I’m collecting games on steam. So by gifting games I will deliver sponsored chapters.

Here are the details for donations,

  • Any game with a value of 60$ (meaning if the original price was 60$ but suppose there was a 75% discount sale) for 1 chapter.
  • For games worth less than 60$, but more than 5$ I’ll do 1 chapter after the total sum reaches 60$ for all those games combined. (Suppose I get a 20$ game, I won’t do a chapter immediately. But after I get 2 mor 20$ games, or 4 more 10$ games, or maybe 1 30$ game, 2 5$  game, I will do the chapter.)
  • For games below 5$, I’ll do a sponsored chapters after the total sum reaches 45$ for all those games combined. (Similar to number 2)
  • For any games (Whether priced at 60$ or even 20$) on my wishlist that I am gifted, I will do 1 chapter. This wish list will be posted on this site and not the one on steam.

Here are the details for the games to gift,

  • ANY GAME WILL DO. <- Just as stated, even if it is the game with the worst rating on steam, I’ll take it into account and add the value to the queue.
  • Of course games with better reviews are appreciated. Specially the games that are on discount sales. You might even get a sponsored chapter with a combined total of 30-35$ or even less.
  • Again, 1 game on my wishlist whatever the price = 1 chapter.

Things to keep in mind,

  • Games bellow base value of 30$ (29.99$ to be precise) will not be counted with the base value if the discount amount is more than 25%. Only the discount value will be counted. For games above or equal to 29.99$, base value is counted.
  • If you really do want to gift me a game, I suggest checking out my games list to see if I have that game already.
  • Again,  ANY GAME WILL DO.

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