Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku Chapter 3: Words beckoning ruin

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Translator – Cinnamon 


(Side: Yamato Takeru)

During our lifetime, one single word can make you get into a predicament.

Unforeseen verbal slips, misunderstandings or incorrect word usage.

They may be trivial, but depending on the weight of the words used, the result may change greatly.

Yes, even if it’s some casual words from a little sister.


Turning pure white and burning out of exhaustion. That is the me taking the fifth lecture for today.

Everyone in the class sent quiet glances in my direction.

I was forced to avert my eyes due to their swift attacks!

We may have a problem with bullying in this class teacher.

… Or perhaps not. You reap what you sow.

The source of my exhaustion was due to the events happening during lunch break.

How good it would be if I could turn back time.

Getting stuck in this predicament is due to my carelessness.
«Takeru Nii-san~»

After the lunch break came to a close, I returned to my classroom, reading manga which was being swapped around.

Then Nadeshiko, who I ate lunch with earlier, entered the classroom.

She seemed nervous, entering the upperclassmen’s’ classroom, from the way she surveyed the area.

I know exactly how it feels like wandering in the class of others.

It’s hard to get used to the awkward discomfortable feelings when entering.

«What’s up Nadeshiko?»

«I forgot to tell you this earlier. There’s a meeting for the QoL committee members later so we can’t go home together»

«Is that so? Alright, but couldn’t you just have sent me a mail instead?»

«…I’m bad at handling mobile phones. You knew that already right?»

Even though she looks like she does, she’s bad at handling electrical devices.

She can use the phone for calling, but typing a mail would take too much time.

«You guys are always heading home together right?»

The girls sitting nearby suddenly raised their voices.

Nadeshiko visits the classroom pretty often and the fact that she is my sister is well known.

«Yes, that’s right. I’m always together with Nii-san»

«I also have a brother, but we I’m not sure I want to be «that» close. How come you are so?»

«Even if you ask me, hmm. We have always been this way as far as I know»

Even though she explains it in that way, the truth is, us siblings has been this close ever since kindergarten.

The one closest to each other, the one knowing the best what the other is thinking.

We have a rather good relationship.

It’s not like we never quarrel with each other either. However, it’s not gotten to the point where the relationship has been bad for a long time.

«The truth is… Our relationship is not that of siblings»


She stated out of the blue and gathered everyone’s attention.

I was wondering what she would say, but didn’t she just say something outrageous?

«—I and Nii-san are in a relationship like that between man and woman»

«Could you stop saying dangerous things without hesitation like that!?»

Her gentle lovely smile she always shows, The «Nadeshiko Smile».

She’s either unaware or doesn’t know the significance of what she just said.

Nadeshiko’s statements sometimes have the ability to give people the chills.

In addition to that, the girls who joined our conversation was stuck dumbfounded.

«Let me see, in other words… What does it mean? You mean a forbidden relationship?»

«N-No way. There is no way. Yamato-kun, you aren’t forcing your sister to… do indecent thing, which cannot be mention, every night or?

A big misunderstanding!?

«I’m not touching my sister! I’m not a pervert either»

«Really? Your sister is a beauty after all. This is getting suspicious.»

«Just listen, you guys are misunderstanding big time»

Before the strange suspicions gets circulated, I warn Nadeshiko in hot haste.

«Nadeshiko, just listen to me, please don’t say anything that makes people make the wrong conclusions»

«…you mean a misunderstanding? What are you saying is a misunderstanding?»

«A-a relationship like that between man and woman makes it sound really sketchy»

«I’m genuinely looking at Nii-san as a «man» after all»

The words she returned with a bright smile was yet again problematic.

Furthermore, my classmates was getting really noisy.

«Yamato-kun has done it with his sister after all…»

«To think that he would be a bona fide «siscon». Also, after his sister entered the school, Takeru-kun’s rating have

dropped like a rock»

«Well, It’s still fine being a siscon, but to cross the line between a man and a woman…?»

Spurious rumors. I tried earnestly to explain to everyone in the noisy classroom.

«Wait a second! There’s a big misunderstanding here. I’m not a dangerous human alright!»


Nobody is willing to believe me!?

«…You’re a siscon indeed, Yamato-kun. Even though I admired you so much, this is too sad»

«After all we’ve seen of him and his siscon tendency, It can’t be helped that people has gotten their image of him broken»

«So this is the real Yamato-kun. A terrible disappointment»

«To think he was popular with the girls last year. His epoch has ended»

The favorable opinions of him from girls were dropping like the stock prices.

I can’t stand it, the way everyone is looking at me with suspicion lighting in their eyes.

«Nii-san. Why are you so flustered?»

She very person dragging me further down into abyss asked nonchalantly.

Her airhead-ness is really amazing.

«Chuckle* You are worrying too much Nii-san. Outsiders are just outsiders after all. There is nobody that can come between us or interfere with our relationship»

… You are planning on finishing me off right, Yamato Nadeshiko?

My position in this class is in jeopardy.

The situation is falling into dangerous levels.

«Without fear of any misunderstandings I can say this, I and Nii-san love each other from the bottom of our hearts»

«Your brother would be glad if you feared them and didn’t say anything. We are just normal siblings!»

Please tell me how that won’t spur any misunderstandings will you?

I do love Nadeshiko though, but please think about the surroundings.

«So. …Nii-san. If that’s your answer, I have something else planned»

No good, now I’ve incurred her wrath.

She blew her cheeks pouting.

The girl Yamato Nadeshiko was, just like namesake «Yamato Nadeshiko», neat and tidy, gentle in manner, a graceful lady.

However, she is a pain once you make her pout, getting extremely uncontrollable.

«You mean my simple statements put your position in class in jeopardy?»

«It already is. You knew that already didn’t you?»

She’s still planning on dragging me further into ruin, this sister of mine.

«It worries me seeing if Nii-san is not more aware of his love for me»

«…I’m already aware as it is, though I’m more aware of his creeping danger»

«Should I reveal our secret to everybody here?»

I cannot stop my sister’s rampage.

I had now idea what to expect so I had no other choice than to just stare blankly at her.

She put her index finger to her lips, faced my classmates and let out a bombshell announcement,

«—This is a secret between us, my breasts have become this large due to him massaging them!»

«I-I did not! Of everything being said, this one is definitely not true!»

I have not done anything so enviable.

It’s true that Nadeshiko’s assets are bigger than average, having a splendid figure.

A sister possessing both charm and attractiveness for each year gone by, turning into a beautiful girl.

«Y-Yamato-kun, doing that to your own sister! What a terrible human you are!»

The girls are drawing away from me…

«… To think that the figure of the school idol, Yamato Nadeshiko, was due to her brute older brother actions!»

«Don’t twitter it!? Everyone at school is going to know!»

If I don’t do something, not only will my position in class get worse, but will be unable to come to school any more.

Even under these circumstations, Nadeshiko will still be popular due to her beauty.

Her fans, a horde of boys, will be directing their murderously jealousy towards me though.

And my classmates are about to score a knockdown on me without mercy.

«Ah, it looks like time’s over»

It seems like lunch break has ended without me noticing it. The chime would probably sound at any moment.

Before Nadeshiko left for her classroom, she said:

«Well then Nii-san. Let’s meet again at home»

It’s over, the flow of time has saved me.

It was a mentally exhausting lunch break.

«Fufu, Nii-san, let’s take a bath later today as well okay?»

«Ah, sure»

Everybody stiffened saying «Eh!?» due to my casual reply.


I-I, just now, did I just follow the flow of conversation, agreeing?

Ah, awawa… I’ve finally done it.

«N-no that’s wrong. What I just said, Umm, It’s not what you guys are thinking»

Everybody drew away, silence returning to the classroom.

The worst part is that none of my classmates were reacting.

«Ah, well, everyone? T-to think you would fall for these jokes, it was just Nadeshiko fooling around yes. Don’t take it the wrong way, right guys?»

My bitter hoarse smile resounded desolately in the silent classroom.

«…*Sob* Anyone, please say something will you?»

The fact that there were no response was the scariest.

«He-y, the class starts now. Back to your sea— what is it? Why is it so silent here?»

The teacher responsible for the lesson muttered after seeing the mood.

After school, the fact that «Yamato Takeru bathes everyday with his sister Yamato Nadeshiko» was spread throughout the entire school.


My calm school days have ended… It’s over…

Before the cold looks from my surroundings, I felt the despair sinking into me.

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