Youhei Monogatari ~Junsuinaru Hangyakusha (Rebellion)~ Chapter 2 – Zenji Gang’s Young Head、Kyousui

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Translator: Doomr

Editor: AvidReader (With help from Kyureki)


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Doomr the slave here, presenting another chapter for you guys.

P.S. Cat made me do this with a whip in his hand…

P.P.S. A big thank you to AvidReader for finishing up the final touches for the chapter.

“What a violent welcome, geez!”

In response to the spear-wielding gatekeeper charging at him, Yuuto, without drawing his sword, twisted to the right and grabbed the spear as he avoided it.


Yuuto promptly kicks the gatekeeper’s side of the chin with a side kick. Naturally, without being able to avoid the kick, the gatekeeper lifted up from the ground. With a thud-like sound and a cloud of dust, he was knocked down to the ground.

“You’re defenseless!!”

Subsequently, the man holding the club took a stance, aimed at Yuuto’s head, and swung with all of his strength. However, against all expectations, Yuuto approaches and tackles the man to ram him down. The cudgel in mid-swing stopped, and with his balance destroyed, he staggered back.


Of course, not missing the chance to act, Yuuto brandished the stolen spear and swung with all his strength at the man’s face. The force of the impact caused the spear to bend and break at the grip section and sent the man flying several meters away.


“Just one more person…!”

The final person swung his fist around recklessly. However, such a wide swinging punch would not be able to hit Yuuto. After easily avoiding it, a sharp counter straight struck the man’s jaw.


Because of the concussion, the man crumbled down to his knees. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to stand. It was merely a few tens of seconds. Within that short time, Yuuto successfully made the gatekeepers of the village completely helpless, however…

“I’ve gone and done it now.”

Yuuto considered ‘It was self-defense, right?’ However, it didn’t appear to be so. Looking at the three collapsed gatekeepers, the gathered villagers at the gate were seething with anger. Within those villagers, some were carrying farming tools, and some were preparing for a battle.

Yuuto’s instincts told him that combat was unavoidable. At the worst possible development, Yuuto made a pained face. Heedless of that, however, the villagers slowly approached for the sake of saving their fellow villagers and for the sake of exterminating the evil that had appeared in their village.

Yuuto himself thought it was already impossible to avoid a confrontation and he placed a hand on the katana hanging from his waist. At that time…

“What the hell are you guys doing?!”

An ear shattering roar suddenly interrupted both parties. The villagers who heard that roar turned around at once. From where Yuuto was standing, it could be seen that the villagers were gradually parting to the sides.

From the front row of the villagers, the shape of a man appeared. He had shortly trimmed black hair, even shorter than the gatekeepers, and with eyes full of anger. Moreover, what attracted the eyes of Yuuto was the well-trained body that could be seen even with clothes worn.

“Gi… Boss Kyousui”

Or so the side kicked gatekeeper called the man that appeared. Kyousui met eyes with Yuuto and then changed the focus of his eyes to the gatekeeper. Looking at him for a short moment, Kyousui crouched in front of him, and…


“Fighting again? Dumbasses! You just charge at every single outsider dammit!”

As if an ear was going to be torn off, the gatekeeper’s ear was pinched. That looks like it hurts, upon seeing that, Yuuto’s back stiffened.

A little more and the man’s ear would be separated from him. Yuuto slowly stepped up. However, there was no visible anger. And he bent his posture, placing his hands on his knees, and bowed.

“Young traveler, would you be willing to forgive these gatekeepers of their impoliteness in light of me, Zenji Group’s young head, Kyousui Zenji?”

“N-no, I should be saying that. With the injuries on the gatekeepers…”

“Please do not mind, these guys’ heads are bad but they have sturdy bodies… Now, I’ll show you around inside the village.”

Changing completely from a while back and proceeding in such a courteous manner surprised Yuuto. Showing his back, Kyousui headed towards the gate, and Yuuto followed along.

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