Youhei Monogatari ~Junsuinaru Hangyakusha (Rebellion)~ Prologue 6 – Odor of Temptation and the Helpless Husbands(Last Part)

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Translator: TheCatWalk

Editor: AvidReader, bzk


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Kay guys, another chapter out. Please enjoy.

btw I talked with the Author in twitter the other day, here’s some stuff he said,

Words from the author : 「Credits to Kyureki for Translations」

「”To everyone reading Youhei Monogatari… Hello to the overseas readers of Youhei Monogatari ~Junsuinaru Hangyakusha (Rebellion)~. This is the author Shindou jr Kazuhiko. After being surprised seeing my novel being translated into English on a translation site, I emailed the site’s twitter. I was surprised when I found out that people overseas were reading my work and very happy. It hasn’t been that long since it started being published, but knowing that people overseas are reading it made me very excited. I’m still very inexperienced, but I will work hard to become an author that can entertain everyone. Please continue to support Youhei Monogatari ~Junsuinaru Hangyakusha (Rebellion)~

ーShindou jr Kazuhiko”」

He knew how to cope with the situation. Firstly, cutting off all the vines it was controlling won’t have much effect. In other words, if he could cut down the main trunk than it’s his win.


But the always bending thick and heavy vines were like a whip, always obstructing his advance. Even if he could dodge the fine points of the vines, they always bent and chased after Yuuto.


Furthermore, even if he could avoid that one, another one would swing towards him with a shrill sound. And there were 10 of these annoying vines. If he was careless then soon he would collapse and end up being nourishment for it.


“Oh my, little boy? If you just keep on avoiding me, there won’t be any progress, you know!!”


The vines mercilessly increased in speed. As the ten vines attacked him from all directions, Yuuto dodged them by narrow margins.


But, things were exactly as it said. Yuuto kept thinking. Let alone swinging his sword, the only thing he did was dodge. And, though he was successful in dodging, the attack of the vines soon started connecting. They left tears in his clothes, and bruises on his face.


‘This is bad, for now, I should…’


As there was no clear advancement of the situation, Yuuto felt that and in order to get away from the range of the vines, he quickly backstepped.


“I won’t let you run!”


Trying to stop him, the Alraune controlled one of the vines like a spear and shot it towards Yuuto, trying to pierce him.


“It’s coming!!”


But as if waiting for it, Yuuto kicked the ground and jumped into the air. After the vine spear passed below him he landed on in. With a quick sprint, he closed in at once with the main body.


He swung his sword down with all his might to slash at the crown of the Alraune. But just when there were only a few small centimeters, a sudden strike crashed into him from the left flank.




A creaking sound, as if his body was breaking. Unbearable nausea assailed him. But that wasn’t all. The main body blasted Yuuto off the vine. Yuuto without even being able to get into a defensive stance crashed back first into a tree. His body bent like an arrow, and he fell to the ground.


“You don’t give up, do you, little boy?”


An upside down scene reflected in his eyes which had blanked out. The Alraune grabbed Yuuto’s ankle with a vine and brought him before it’s eyes.


He was lifted upside down.


But Yuuto could do nothing to defend himself.


While putting on an anguished smile, he ended up imagining the figure himself turning into nourishment for the Alraune.


As that was happening, a necklace dangled down because of gravity. It was a beautiful necklace with a ruby-like red gem embed in it. The bewitching light from the necklace attracted the Alraune’s attention.


“Oh my, what a pretty necklace… Wonderful timing, maybe I should take it?”


The Alraune used a new vine to entangle the necklace, trying to rip it from his neck but then it saw.




And it felt it’s instincts telling it to immediately part with the necklace, throw away this human and get away fast. The human, Yuuto, was holding aloft a bottle filled with reddish brown liquid as if he would throw it this way in an instant.


“Don’t go calmly touching other people’s things!!”


With an angry voice filled with killing intent, he threw the bottle like a fired bullet at the Alraune. Of course, the Alraune could neither dodge it, nor could it use a vine to deflect it.


The bottle collided with the Alraune’s face, as it broke with a shattering sound. The liquid inside splashed all over the main body.






The power in the vines decreased as Yuuto’s body fell to the ground. Though he felt pain, with the Alraune’s scream he knew this was his chance.


The overkill herbicide he got from Ashidaka was strong enough to cruelly kill not only the ivy at the forest entrance, but also the greenery surrounding it. For Alraune who was a monster, it was more than enough, no, rather it showed the best possible effect.


The agonizing death screams gradually turned the once fascinating voice into that of an old woman’s. And the petals, alongside the whip-like vines, fell to the ground without any vigor.


Yuuto stood up and ran. He cut all the withered vines in his way. Soon he reached the main trunk. He yelled out like a brute and with a swing and cut the withering trunk in half.




He thrust the blade into the ground as he breathed haggardly. His knees grew weak, and he sat down on the ground. The vines holding up the men from the village had withered so they fell down.


Before long the men who regained their consciousness turned to shock as they realized the state of things. There were many kinds of reactions; those who couldn’t believe it, those who were

sighing saying that their wife would kill them.


Most probably, these guys while hunting were hypnotized by the Alraune’s pollen and then turned into its nourishment.




Yuuto who was amazed in many different levels, felt fatigue taking over his body, and finally, he collapsed on the ground.



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