Alexander’s Funeral Carriage: The Greatest Heist in History?


Alexander the Great is one of history’s most famous conquerors, and his death in 323 BC was a momentous event. In the aftermath of his death, his funeral carriage was stolen in what many consider to be the greatest heist in history. In this article, we will explore the details of the heist and analyze its impact on history.

The Funeral Carriage

Alexander the Great’s funeral carriage was an elaborate chariot drawn by four horses and covered in gold, ivory, and other precious materials. It was a symbol of Alexander’s greatness and power, and a fitting vehicle to transport his body to its final resting place.

The Stealers

The heist was carried out by a group of men led by a man named Ptolemy. Ptolemy was one of Alexander’s generals, and he had grown increasingly jealous of Alexander’s power and influence. He saw an opportunity to take the funeral carriage for himself and seize power for himself.

The Plan

Ptolemy and his men planned the heist carefully. They waited for the funeral procession to pass by, and then they attacked. They overpowered the guards and stole the funeral carriage.

The Aftermath

The theft of the funeral carriage caused a great uproar in the ancient world. Ptolemy was seen as a traitor and criminal, and he was widely condemned. He was eventually forced to return the carriage to its rightful owners, but the damage had already been done.

The Legacy

The heist of Alexander’s funeral carriage has become a symbol of audacity and daring. It is seen as a bold and daring act that has become a part of history.

The Impact

The theft of the funeral carriage had a profound impact on the ancient world. It highlighted the fragility of power and the danger of ambition. It also showed that no one is untouchable, even the great Alexander the Great.

The Consequences

The theft of the funeral carriage had serious consequences for Ptolemy and his men. They were all punished for their actions and were forced to return the carriage. Ptolemy was exiled and never regained his power or influence.

The Legacy of Ptolemy

Despite the consequences of his actions, Ptolemy’s legacy is an enduring one. He is remembered as a daring criminal who was brave enough to challenge the powerful Alexander the Great. His legacy is one of boldness and courage, and his story serves as a cautionary tale for those who would seek to challenge the powerful.


The theft of Alexander’s funeral carriage is one of the greatest heists in history. It serves as a reminder of the fragility of power and the dangers of ambition. It also serves as a reminder that no one is untouchable, not even the great Alexander the Great. Ptolemy’s legacy as a daring criminal is an enduring one, and his story will continue to be told for generations to come.

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