How Perdiccas, Scheming Lieutenant of Alexander the Great, Tried to Seize an Empire


Perdiccas was a lieutenant of Alexander the Great and among his most relied on generals. After Alexander’s death, Perdiccas attempted to take an empire of his own, however his plans were eventually not successful. In this short article, we will check out how Perdiccas tried to take control of the huge empire that Alexander had actually developed, and why his aspiration eventually ended in failure.

The Rise of Perdiccas

Perdiccas was a Macedonian nobleman from a prominent household. He initially signed up with Alexander’s army as a bodyguard and rapidly increased through the ranks, turning into one of Alexander’s many relied on generals. After Alexander’s death in 323 BC, Perdiccas presumed the function of regent, ruling over the large empire that Alexander had actually constructed.

Perdiccas’ Scheme

Perdiccas’ strategy was to combine power and develop a combined empire ruled by himself. To do this, he would require the assistance of the other generals who had actually served under Alexander. He started by trying to win them over with allurements and pledges of power. He likewise formed an alliance with the effective Macedonian satrap, Antipater.

The Division of Alexander’s Empire

Perdiccas’ strategy rapidly faced difficulty when the other generals started to disagree on how to divide Alexander’s empire. Some argued for a unified state ruled by Perdiccas, while others wished to divide it into 4 different kingdoms. This dispute quickly intensified into civil war, with the 2 sides defending control of the empire.

The Battle of the Granicus

In 322 BC, Perdiccas led his army versus the forces of the other generals at the Battle of the Granicus. He was beat and eliminated in the fight, ending his hopes of developing a merged empire.

The Rise of Antipater

With Perdiccas out of the image, the other generals started to eliminate for control of the empire. Antipater became the victor, and he continued to divide the empire into 4 different kingdoms, with himself as the ruler of Macedonia.

The Aftermath of Perdiccas’ Ambition

Perdiccas’ enthusiastic effort to take an empire ended in failure. In spite of his efforts to win over the other generals with allurements and guarantees of power, they eventually picked to divide the empire into 4 different kingdoms.

The Legacy of Perdiccas

In spite of his short-term aspiration, Perdiccas left a long-lasting tradition. He was kept in mind as a brave and brave leader, whose aspiration and bravery in the face of hardship was an example to future generations.

The Lessons of Perdiccas

The story of Perdiccas functions as a cautionary tale of aspiration and power. It is a tip that even the most enthusiastic strategies can stop working, which nobody individual can manage a whole empire.


Perdiccas was a lieutenant of Alexander the Great and an enthusiastic leader in his own. His strategy to take an empire was eventually not successful, however his tradition as a brave and bold leader stays. His story functions as a pointer of the risks of aspiration and the significance of compromise.

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