Weihenstephan: The Oldest Brewery worldwide?

Weihenstephan: The Oldest Brewery on the planet


Because 1040, Weihenstephan has actually been supplying Bavarians and the world with a few of the very best beer around. Weihenstephan is the earliest brewery worldwide, and it has actually been producing beer for over 1,000 years. This brewery has a long and storied history, and it is soaked in Bavarian culture. This post will check out the history of Weihenstephan, its developing procedure, and its existing location worldwide of craft beer.

History of Weihenstephan

Weihenstephan was established in 1040 by Benedictine monks at the Weihenstephan Abbey, situated in Freising, Germany. The abbey was developed on top of a hill and was the website of the very first brewery in Bavaria. The abbey was ruined in the Thirty Years War in the 17th century, however the brewery stayed and continued to produce beer. In 1803, the brewery was taken control of by the Bavarian federal government, and it has actually been owned and run by them since.

Developing Process

Weihenstephan is understood for its standard developing procedure. The brewery utilizes open fermentation tanks, which permit natural yeasts to be utilized in the fermentation procedure. This technique of developing leads to a more tasty and fragrant beer. The brewery likewise utilizes standard Bavarian active ingredients, such as hops, barley, and wheat. The water utilized in the developing procedure originates from the close-by Isar River, which is understood for its high mineral material.

Kinds of Beer

Weihenstephan produces a range of various beers, consisting of:

  • Weissbier– A wheat beer with a light, revitalizing taste and subtle tips of banana and clove.
  • Kellerbier– A dark, malty beer with notes of chocolate and coffee.
  • Lager– A traditional German-style lager with a crisp, tidy taste.
  • Bock– A strong, malty beer with a sweet, caramel-like taste.
  • Helles– A light-bodied, golden-colored beer with a moderate, somewhat sweet taste.

Acclaimed Beer

Weihenstephan has actually won many awards for its beer, consisting of the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. The brewery has actually likewise been acknowledged for its sustainability efforts, as it utilizes renewable resource sources for its developing procedure and has actually carried out a recycling program for its utilized grains.

Beer Garden

Weihenstephan is house to among the biggest beer gardens in Bavaria. The beer garden is open year-round and is a popular area for residents and travelers alike. Visitors can delight in a range of beers, conventional Bavarian food, and live music.

Brewery Tours

Weihenstephan provides trips of its brewery, that include an assisted trip of the developing centers and a tasting of the brewery’s beers. The trips are an excellent method for more information about the history and procedure of developing beer.

Present Shop

Weihenstephan has a present store situated on its premises, where visitors can acquire keepsakes, such as beer steins, rollercoasters, and clothes. The present store likewise has a range of beers offered for purchase, consisting of minimal edition and seasonal beers.


Weihenstephan’s beers are dispersed all over the world, consisting of the United States, Canada, and Europe. The brewery likewise has a strong existence in the craft beer market, as its beers can be discovered in specialized beer shops and craft beer bars.


Weihenstephan has actually worked together with a variety of breweries around the globe, consisting of Brooklyn Brewery in New York and Stone Brewing in California. These cooperations have actually led to some special and ingenious beers, such as a hazy IPA and a sour wheat beer.


Weihenstephan is a renowned brewery that has actually been producing beer for over 1,000 years. Its beers are renowned for their quality and taste, and it has actually won various awards for its beers. The brewery likewise has a long history and is soaked in Bavarian culture. Visitors to the brewery can take a trip of the brewery and delight in a beer in the beer garden. Weihenstephan’s beers are likewise commonly readily available, and it has actually teamed up with other breweries worldwide to produce special and ingenious beers.

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